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NAMES: David OLIVER of Ballyrea, Aurthur OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg, Galbraith LOWRY CORRY, Hon George Lord SHIRLEY, John MAXWELL, Andrew PRENTICE of Dublin, Joseph OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg. TOWNLANDS: Ballyrea; Ballinahonebeg; Laragh & Caranacaraff AKA Cornacarrow Parish of Augnamullen, Co. Monaghan.
Sharon Oddie Brown. November 10, 2007

1770 Oct 31 DEED: 282-336-183301
David OLIVER - Arthur OLIVER

A Memorial of  deed of assignment bearing date of thirtyeth day of July one thousand seven hundred and seventy between David OLIVER [1] of Ballyrea [2] in the Parish and County of Armagh farmer of the one part and Arthur OLIVER [3] Balinahone Beg [4] in Said Parish and County of the other part. Whereby the Said David OLIVER for the Consideration of the sum of three hundred and forty six pounds three shillings & eight pence to him the said David OLIVER did grant bargain sell alien & release unto Arthur OLIVER all his right & title in & to a lease for lives of the Lands of Laragh [5] & Carnacaraff [6] in the Co. of Monaghan which he holds under Galbraith Lowry CORRY Esq [7] . Also the mill of Creevy [8] with Eight acres of Land which he holds under the right Honourable George Lord SHIRLEY [9] also a part of the lands of Ballymogonan [10] in the Country of Dorone [11] which he holds by lease under John MAXWELL Esq. [12] To hold to the said Arthur OLIVER his heirs execs admons & assigns during the lives and years in said lease mentioned which said deed is witnessed by Andrew PRENTICE [13] of the City of DUBLIN Gent & this Memorial is also witnessed by the said Andrew PRENTICE & Joseph OLIVER [14] of Ballinahonbeg in County of Armagh. Arthur OLIVER [SEAL] ... sworn in Armagh 29 day of October 1770


[1] David OLIVER (prob 1725-Feb 1806), husband of Susannah WALKER. Curiously in spite of all the leases involving Ballyrea, he does not show up in the PRONI Freeholders Records with that particular holding. In fact the only David OLIVER to show up there is one at Bangor, Co. Down in 1813-1821.

[2] Ballyrea is a townland in the Parish of Armagh and the home of David OLIVER (d. 1806) and his wife Susanna Walker (d. 1808) as well as the David OLIVER (d. 1800) that I cannot place who I suspect is an uncle of the former David OLIVER.

[3] Arthur OLIVER I still cannot place him, but he also appears in leases dealing with the SEAVER family & Ballinahonebeg. There also seems to be some sort of relationship to Joseph OLIVER of Ballynahonebeg, David OLIVER of Ballyrea, Benjamin OLIVER of Lislooney (and connected to leases of Ballinahonebeg) as well as an Andrew OLIVER (need to follow up re: which one?)

[4] Ballinhonebeg, Parish of Lisnadill, Co. Armagh. There are many OLIVER family members whose names show up in connection to Ballinahonebeg.

[5] Laragh is a townland in the Parish of  Aghnamullen, Co. Monaghan. (NOTE: There are other townlands named Laragh, but this one fits the description of being the Laragh beside Cornacarrow where David OLIVER (1725-1806) first signed a set of leases in 1764 to establish  mills.

[6] Carnacaraff AKA Cornacarrow is at the point where the Owenagh River flows from the south into Lough Eglish. It is a townland on the northern border of the townland of Laragh, Co. Monaghan. See Map:

[7] Galbraith LOWRY CORRY, b. 11 July 1706, d. 1769. Son of Robert LOWRY & Anna SINCLAIR. He married Sarah CORRY, daughter of Colonel John CORRY & Sarah LESLIE. Galbraith Lowry-Corry was baptised with the name of Galbraith Lowry. He held the office of High Sheriff of County Tyrone in 1733. He held the office of High Sheriff of County Monaghan in 1743. He held the office of Member of Parliament (M.P.) for County Tyrone between 1748 and 1768. On 1764 his name was legally changed to Galbraith Lowry-Corry. He lived at Aheniss, Co. Fermanagh  Their son Amar LOWRY-CORRY became the First Earl of Belmount. SOURCE: http://www.thepeerage.com/p12957.htm#i129569 ..

[8] Creevey This is the townland known as Creevy (OLIVER) in the Parish of Donaghmoyne , Barony of Farney, Co. Monaghan. I need to learn more – why the townland bore the name “OLIVER”. It is about 2 km north of  Carrickmacross between the N2 & R180 ON THE SOUTHERN BORDER OF Donamoyne Parish. SEE: Ordnance Survey Map #35. It was a property of the Shirley family (SEE: PRONI: D/3531)

[9] Hon George Lord SHIRLEY NOTE: Need to look at PRONI Shirley papers. Absentee landlord SEE: http://www.shirleyassociation.com/NewShirleySite/NonMembers/Ireland/loughfea.html

[10] Ballymogonan. Possibly Ballymagowan, Parish of Clogher, CO. Tyrone.

[11] Dorone – I am guessing “Tyrone”.

[12] John MAXWELL Esq. Probably John MAXWELL of Fellows Hall (see Deed dated 1769, April 20). It is likely that one of his daughters married a HAMILTON, given the name James MAXWELL HAMILTON mentioned in the marriage jointure of 1804. There are also earlier MAXWELL-HAMILTON marriage links. The MAXWELLS of Fellows Hall show up in a lineage posted at: http://www.stirnet.com/HTML/genie/british/mm4ae/MAXWELL03.htm

[13] Andrew PRENTICE. of Dublin, Gent. He shows up in many leases

[14] Joseph OLIVER of Ballinhonebeg. (Prob. born 1726 & died between 1789-1796)  If he is a son of William OLIVER and brother of David OLIVER then he was probably born 1726 (1st Armagh records) and died between 1789-96. Conjecture about death date is based on 1789 April 15 DEED # 505-49-322470 (which since he signed he would not be the son of David OLIVER (1725-1806) who would only be 5 years old in 1770.) Also pertinent is the 1796 April 1 DEED# 510-33-328019 (where he is described as “late of Ballinahonebeg.)


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