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See also Olivers of Mullinture. NAMES: mentioned in order of appearance: John KANE, William OLIVER, George COCHRAN, William COCHRAN, Joseph OLIVER, John MOSSON, George McCULLAGH, William SCOTT. TOWNLANDS: Tyrearly, Parish of Lisnadill; Mullinture, Parish of Eglish.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 25, 2007
Updated November 14, 2007


1771 Sept 17
DEED: 287-474-187934


A memorial of an indenture of mortgage bearing date the twenty fifth day of June one thousand seven hundred seventy one made between John KANE [1] of Tyrearly [2] in the County of Armagh Farmer of the one part and William OLIVER [3] of Mullinture [4] in the said County Farmer of the other part.. Recites that whereas The Right Honourable James Earl of Charlemount [5] did by lease bearing date the first day of January one thousand seven hundred and sixty six  Demised unto the said John KANE his heirs and  assigns all that part and parcel of the Town and Lands of Tyrearly containing forty nine acres three roods and eleven perches English statute measure situate in the Manor of Charlemount and County of Armagh to hold unto the said John KANE his heirs and assigns from the first day of November then last past for and during the natural life and lives of John KANE and Alexander KANE [6] second son of John KANE and George COCHRAN [7] son of William COCHRAN [8] Younger and the survivor of them at the yearly rent of thirty one pounds  two shillings and eight pence halfpenny which deed witnessed that the said John KANE in consideration of the sum of thirty six pounds one shilling did grant sell release and confirm to the said William OLIVER his heirs and assigns for and during the lives  in said recited lease mentioned all the said Lands and Premes in said recited lease contained with all the Estate right of title of him & said John KANE to the said Premes to have and to hold all and singular the said recited land and premes unto the said Wm OLIVER his heirs and assigns for and during the natural lives of  the said John KANE Alexander KANE and George COCHRAN provided that if the said John KANE shall pay to the said Wm OLIVER the said sum of thirty six pounds  one shilling with [?] Interest for the same on the first day of July then next following then the said indenture to be void. Which said indenture is witnessed by Joseph OLIVER [9] of the County of Armagh, Linen Merchant John MOSSON [10] of the Town and County of Armagh Gent and George McCULLAGH [11] of said County Linen Merchant and this memorial is witnessed by the said Joseph OLIVER and the William OLIVER [SEAL] . Signed and sealed by the above named William OLIVER  in the presence of Joseph OLIVER  and John MOSSON. The above named John MOSSON maketh oath that he saw the above named John KANE  duly execute the indenture of mortgage whereof the above is a memorial and also saw the above named William OLIVER  sign seal this memorial  and that he this Dept is a subscribed  witness to said indenture  and Memorial and that  the name John MOSSON subscribed as a witness to said Indentured Memorial  is this Dept’s name  and in his own proper handwriting  John MOSSON. Sworn before me at a General Assizes held at Armagh for the County Armagh  this 17th day of September 1771. Will SCOTT [12]


[1] John KANE of Tyrearly  A Farmer.

[2] Tyrearly AKA Tirearly is a townland in the Parish of Lisnadill on the western side of a clustering of townlands that all involve OLIVER leases

[3] William OLIVER of Mullinture, Farmer. He is probably the bachelor who died in 1779 and whose profession was that of linen draper (as well as farmer). NOTE: A will probate is what I am using to make this link since the name and place match up. According to Deed 375-10-247623, he died a bachelor. He was a brother of Mary who married DOBBIN, John of Tullymore & Andrew of Newtownhamilton.

[4] Mullinture, Parish of  Eglish., Co. Armagh.

[5] James, Earl of Charlemount.

[6] Alexander KANE second son of John KANE

[7] George COCHRAN son of  William COCHRAN the younger.

[8] William COCHRAN the younger (presumably son of William COCHRAN)

[9] Joseph OLIVER, linen merchant of Co. Armagh – is it possible that he the Joseph OLIVER of Ballynahonebeg and therefore possibly also a brother of David of Ballyrea? He could also be a son of John OLIVER of Tullymore, and therefore a nephew of William OLIVER of Mullinture.

[10] John MOSSON, Merchant of Town & County Armagh. He witnessed other deeds: 1781, Nov 7 & 1785, Aug 10.

[11] George McCULLAGH. A George McCULLAGH married a Margaret OLIVER in 1750. This may be the same one. SOURCE: National Archives 2007 notes on Armagh Marriages. NOTE: his connection to the linen trade. NOTE: An OLIVER-McCULLAGH deed that I noted in the townland index of 1739-1820 DEED: 543-105-357205 cannot be found under that number. TO DO: recheck the name index.

[12] William SCOTT It is of interest that LDS has a record of a William SCOTT who married an Isabella OLIVER in the Presbyterian Church of Drumbo, County Down. in 1720. Worth Checking out! A William SCOTT was also one of the Derry fighters in 1689 from Co. Monaghan. Both a William & a John SCOTT are mentioned in a 1718 DEED: 38-403-24787. A John SCOTT of Umgola is mentioned in a 1796  DEED: 510-33-328019 concerning OLIVERs as well as a 1797 DEED: 506-95-328017.




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