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NAMES: Francis EVANS of City of Dublin; Rev. George PHILIPS; Jane PHILLIPS née JACKSON; Frances JACKSON; Rev John JACKSON; Edward BEVER; Mary SHERIGLEY; Abraham SHERIGLEY; Samuel BEVER; Falliot SHERIGLEY of Windmill House & garden part of Felbrim, Parish of Kinsale; William COLEMAN; George PARK; James DODD; Christopher TAYLOR; John BRISCOE; George BRADWELL; Hugh Gillespie PEAFIELD; WIlliam WILSON; John GARSLIN; William SHANAGHAN; John McCABE. OTHER PLACES: Mabestown, Parish of Kinsale; Baron Mills; Clondalkin.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 30, 2011

Updated Oct 31, 2011. Footnote on Francis EVANS.

Book 317, page 121, #211217 

Indented Deed dated 15 Feb 1777
Transcribed thanks to Dawn Lowe. Footnotes by Sharon Oddie Brown.



Between Francis Evans[1], City of Dublin, Esq

The Reverend George Phillips[2], City of Dublin,

Jane Phillips[3] otherwise Jackson, his wife, and

Frances Jackson[4], Spinster, of the first part


And The Reverend John Jackson[5] of Clonsagh, County Dublin, Cleric, Guardian of Edward Bever[6], a Minor, eldest son of Mary Athenhurst[7] otherwise Sherigley, Deceased, who was the Widow of Samuel Bever[8] Esq and the Daughter of Abraham Sherigley[9] Esq, both Deceased, who was the eldest son of Falliott Sherigley[10] Esq thereinafter named, of the second part


Reciting said Frances Jackson and Francis Evans for considerations mentioned in said Deed and with the consent of George Phillips and Jane his wife granted and confirmed to John Jackson his heirs and assigns all that houses and gardens and 93 acres part of Felbrim[11] formerly in the possession of said Folliott Sherigley the Windmill House and Garden part of Felbrim formerly in possession of William Coleman[12] George Park[13] and Field Meadow part of Felbrim containing 14 acres formerly in the possession of James Dodd[14] the 6 acres part of Felbrim formerly in the possession of James Doyle[15] Everknock[16] part of Felbrim with the House, Garden and 32 acres of land formerly in the possession of Christopher Taylor[17] … and 36 acres formerly in the possession of John Briscoe[18] … part of Felbrim containing 36 acres formerly in the possession of George Bradwell[19], the Moores[20] part of Mabestown [21]containing 64 acres in the possession of John Briscoe part of Mabestown Chappel Field containing 98 acres formerly in the possession of Hugh Gillespie Peafield[22] part of Mabestown containing 45 acres formerly in the possession of William Wilson[23] said lands situate in the Barony of Coolock, County Dublin and also 4/5 of Barons Mills[24] otherwise Redmills near Chapelizod containing 2 leather mills 2 Tuck mills 1 Paper Mill 1 Corn mill and 6 acres of land, also meadow and mills of Clondalkin[25] situate in County Dublin to hold to John Jackson his heirs and assigns forever and it was by said Deed declared said grants to John Jackson were made in Trust for the use of it was purchased with the money of said Edward Bever, the minor.


Witnessed by John Garslin,[26] City of Dublin, Gent

William Shanaghan[27], City of Dublin, Writing Clerk


Francis Evans:  Seal

Frances Jackson:  Seal


John Macabe[28], Deputy Register



[1] Francis EVANS of Dublin

  • b 15 Dec 1784 parents Francis Evans & Alicia Ogle. He was located at Mountjoy Square in Dublin and married to Hannah Anne Gardiner. He also married 1st Harriet Locke of Walthamstow, Essex, Eng who d. 1821. SOURCE: Email Oct 31, 2011 Jan Waugh.
  • (Estate) Evans (Belgarrow) - In the early 18th century the Evans family settled in Ballinrobe, barony of Kilmaine, county Mayo, but by the middle of the century had moved to Dublin. In the 19th century the main branch of the family was established at Rockfield, county Westmeath. In the 1830s the Evans' county Mayo estate was mainly in the parish of Killasser, barony of Gallen and may have come into the possession of the family following the marriage of Francis Evans with a daughter of John Gardiner of Farmhill, barony of Tirawley. The house Dove Hall, also known as Belgarriff House, was situated on their estate and was leased to a Mr Strogen in the early 19th century. A new house was built in the early 1870s before the sale of the Evans' estates in counties Westmeath, Monaghan and Mayo. Standish O'Grady McDermott of Cloongee, parish of Templemore, barony of Gallen was agent to his father in law John Ogle Evans. http://www.landedestates.ie/LandedEstates/jsp/search.jsp?q=gardiner

[2] Rev George PHILIPS (1703-1790), married Jane JACKSON Jan 22, 1759. SOURCE: .The Irish Genealogist.  The Rev. George PHILLIPS. Admitted TCD 1 Mar. 1720/1 aged 17; b. near Dublin B.A. 1725; M.A. 1728. Of Donoughmore, Co. Wicklow. M. 22 Jan. 1759 Jane, dau. of the Rev. Jackson, Preb. of Wicklow. Vicar of Rathcoole, Co. Kildare. Will dated 2 Dec. 1790, pr. 4 Dec. 1790. No evidence yet discovered of any children of the marriage

[3] Jane PHILIPS née JACKSON (?-aft 1777). She was a sister of Rev John JACKSON (1712-1787) and daughter of Rev. John JACKSON (1688-1751) and Anne CASTLETON aka CASTLETOWN.

[4] Frances JACKSON. There is a Frances JACKSON, daughter of Rev. John JACKSON (1688-1751) and Anne CASTLETON aka CASTLETOWN who married an unnamed DICKSON, but I doubt it could be her. I would suspect that she was already married by 1777. SOURCE: Clogher Clergy.

[5] Rev John JACKSON (1712-1787) married Cordelia CASTLETOWN. SOURCE: Clogher Clergy. . 1783,- John Jackson, coll. Oct. 28 (D.R.) He Was son of Rev. John Jackson [who Was son of Rev. Daniel J., V. of Santry, V. of  Santry and Preb.,  Wicklow, by a dau. of Alderman Castletown, of Finglas (see Adams's  Santry) was b. in Dublin, ed.  by Dr. Shaw, Dublin ; ent. T.C.D. Feb. 14,  1732/3, aged 18, B.A. 1737, M.A. 1740. He was, I think, C. Cloghran  Swords 1742, V. do.  1745, V. Coolock 1745-60 and Preb. Nurney and P.C  Great Council, Ladytown and Sheilockstown, Kildare, 1764-87, holding  it with the Archdeaconry for four years. He Was also Preb. Tullycorbet  1771-83, He benefited under the Will of his uncle, Rev. Daniel J.,  of  Santry, and in accordance with the wish of his grandfather, Rev. Daniel J.  (Sen.) as stated in his Will, he built the schoolhouse at  Santry  in  1756.  He d.  m 1787 and Was bur. at  Santry 21 Oct., 1787 (Par. Reg.) In his Will  made 6 May, 1785, proved 1787, he left his wife, Cordelia, 100 per annum  for life, with 100 and furniture ; books to  Armagh Library ; 10 to the  poor of Santry ; mentions his sister, Jane, m. to Rev. George Phillips, of  Rathcoole (M.L. July 24, 1759) and his sister Frances Dickson and his  "  friend and relative," Dr. Jonathan Shipley, Bishop of St.  Asaph. Rev.  G. Phillips, Rev. Robert Sheuston and Mr. Henry Betagh were named  Exors. 

[6] Edward BEVER, son of Mary ATHENHURST otherwise SHERIGLEY.

[7] Mary SHERIGLEY (?-bef 1777), daughter of Abraham SHERIGLEY seems to have married firstly Simon BEVER and then ATHENHURST.

[8] Samuel BEVER – presumably the father of Edward BEVER and deceased husband of Mary.

[9] Abraham SHERIGLEY, deceased, son of Falliot SHERIGLEY

[10] Falliot SHERIGLEY

[11] Townland of Felbrim, 177 acres in the Parish of Kinsale, Barony Coolock, Co. Dublin

[12] William COLEMAN

[13] George PARK

[14] James DODD

[15] James DOYLE

[16] Everknock part of Felbrim

[17] Christopher TAYLOR

[18] John BRISCOE

[19] George BRADWELL

[20] The Moorse, part of Mabestown

[21] Mabestown, a townland which now has  only 44 acres in the Parish of Kinsale, Barony Coolock, Co. Dublin

[22] Hugh Gillespie PEAFIELD

[23] William WILSON

[24] Barons Mills otherwise Redmills near Chapelizod. NOTE; The Parish of Chapelizod includes part of Phoenix Park.

[25] Clondalkin, parish of Clondalkin, Barony of Uppercross, Co. Dublin

[26] John GARSLIN, Gent of City of Dublin

[27] Wiliam SHANAGHAN, City of Dublin, Writing Clerk

[28] John McCABE, Deputy Register



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