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NAMES: David OLIVER & Susannah OLIVER née WALKER of Ballyrea, Thomas WALKER of Ballydonagh, Co. Antrim, Leonard WALKER, Francis WHILLA aka WHITLA, Elinor WHILLA aka WHITLA, George WHILLA aka WHITLA, Francis STEEL, William STEEL, Isabella Leonard WALKER, Edward IRWIN of Dublin, John SHEPHERD of Dublin, Thomas LLOYD of Dublin. TOWNLANDS: Ballyrea, Co. Armagh; Ballydonaghy, Parish of Camlin, Co. Antrim
Sharon Oddie Brown. November 10, 2007
Updated April 11, 2008 - Leonard WALKER footnote.
Updated November 23, 2009 What I had transcribed as WHILLA is probably WHITLA. SOURCE: 2009 Nov 22 email Vicki Strickland
NOTE: This makes me even more curious about the WALKER-WHITLA connection.

1778 Nov 20 DEED: 336-478-225906
OLIVER, David & wife - WALKER, Thomas

This deed is significant as it indicates where to look next for connections to Susannah OLIVER née WALKER, wife of David OLIVER. It would also make sense to look at records for WALKERs in both the Deeds Registry as well as St. Marks, Armagh City.



NOTES: Indented Deed of Release between David OLIVER [1] and Susannah OLIVER [2] otherwise WALKER his wife of Ballyrea [3] in the County of Armagh farmer of the one part and Thomas WALKER [4] of Ballydonagh [5] in the County of Antrim farmer of the other part. Whereby after reciting as is herin related the said David and Susannah OLIVER in obedience of the last will and testament of Leonard WALKER [6] deceased and in consideration of the sum [of the sum - sic] of one hundred and ten pounds sterling assigned released confirmed and made over unto the said Thomas WALKER his heirs exons admons and assigns all that and these the farm tenement and parcel of land called part of Ballydonaghy containing by estimation twenty eight acres and one rood English measure be the same more or less late in the possession of Thomas WALKER deceased situate lying and being in Parish of Glenavy [7] , Manor of Killuta and County of Antrim aforesaid To hold unto the said Thomas WALKER his heirs, exons and assigns for and during the lives of Francis WHILLA [8] Elinor WHILLA [9] son and daughter of George WHILLA [10] and Francis STEEL [11] son of William STEEL [12] and the survivor of them and for so much of the term of forty one years commencing first November 1740 as should remain unexpired being the lives and years in the grant lease of said premises made by Lord Baron CONWAY [13] to Isabella Leonard WALKER [14] deceased as by same may appear [etc] Witness Edward IRWIN [15] of the City of Dublin and John SHEPHERD [16] of the same, Gent & Thomas LLOYD [17] of the said City. Thomas WALKER [SEAL]


[1] David OLIVER (1725-Feb 1806), husband of Susannah WALKER. Curiously in spite of all the leases involving Ballyrea, he does not show up in the PRONI Freeholders Records with that particular holding. In fact the only David OLIVER to show up there is one at Bangor, Co. Down in 1813-1821.

[2] Susanna OLIVER née WALKER. There is an internment record at St. Marks for a Susanna OLIVER of Ballyrea dated March 24, 1808. This matches with the newspaper account: Belfast Newsletter March 29, 1808: At Ballyrea, near Armagh. During the course of a long life, she fulfilled the duties of a daughter, wife and parent with undeviating propriety: as she lived beloved and esteemed so will her death be long regretted not only by her family and friends but by the neighbouring poor, to relieve whose distress her heart was always alive and hand open.

[3] Ballyrea is a townland in the Parish of Armagh, County Armagh.

[4] Thomas WALKER of Ballydonagh in the County of Antrim farmer

[5] Ballydonagh AKA Ballydonaghy, Parish of Camlin, Co. Antrim

[6] Leonard WALKER He is listed in the Antrim Deputy Check Book of 1776 as the freeholder of Ballydonaghy as well as resident there. SOURCE: PRONI D/1364/L/1. He is likely the same Leonard WALKER of Glenavy, Co. Antrim who shows up in the Armagh Probate Records with a will dated 1777. He is a good candidate to be the father of Susanna WALKER. There is no record in the Index of Irish Wills by Enneclann. There is a graveyard at Ballydonaghy

[7] Parish of Glenavy, Manor of Killuta. I don't know where this is.

[8] Francis WHILLA. I could not find WHILLA in either the Enneclann Will indeces nor in PRONI Freeholders lists. Son of of George WHILLA and probably Frances STEEL Francis WHITLA – son of George and Elinor WHITLA of “Gobrana” in Glenavy.  Francis was born approx 1733. He later owned the property “Glendonna”.

[9] Elinor WHILLA Daughter of George WHILLA and ? Elinor WHITLA was born late 1720s or 1730s to George and Elinor Whitla of “Gobrana”.

[10] George WHILLA Father of son Francis & daughter Elinor WHILLA George WHITLA – born “Gobrana” abt 1689 and died there in 1762.

[11] Francis STEEL

[12] William STEEL. The name occurs often in PRONI Freeholders Lists, but not in relation to Ballydonaghy.

[13] Lord Baron CONWAY

[14] Isabella Leonard WALKER No record in Enneclann Will indeces. I suspect a connection to an earlier GERVASE WALKER, son of Thomas WALKER & Isabel ABELL, who was born Abt. 1566 in Kilmore,  Armagh, Ireland, and died 15 Sep 1677. SOURCE: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, International Genealogical Index

[15] Edward IRWIN of the City of Dublin

[16] John SHEPHERD of the City of Dublin Gent

[17] Thomas LLOYD of the City of Dublin


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