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NAMES: Robert SIBTHORPE of Newtown, Co. Louth; Thomas BRADFORD & Samuel BRADFORD of Cavananore; Samuel COULTER & John COULTER; James BREAKEY; Isaiah BREAKEY jr & sr. of Milford, Co. Monaghan; James DICKIE; Robert DICKIE of Clonaleenan; Martha COULTER née COWEN; Right Honourable Elizabeth Dowager Boyne; Anthony FOSTER; William KELLY.
Sharon Oddie Brown. November 1, 2009
Transcription, thanks to Wendy Jack. Annotations by Sharon Oddie Brown.
Updated May 6, 2010 Notes on Dowager Boyne.


NOTE: This deed is significant because it is the first one where I have seen significant BREAKEY names in the same document as COULTERs. In 1781, an Elizabeth BREAKEY (1758-1844) married the Thomas BRADFORD (1739-1790) who was the son of John BRADFORD & Barbara COULTER.  Her father was William BREAKEY and her mother was Elizabeth BIRCH. It is most likely that this was a second marriage for William BREAKEY and that the sons mentioned in the deed beneath were from his first marriage to Martha MITCHELL.


SNAPSHOT. Robert Sibthorpe leased to Thomas & Samuel BRADFORD 133 acres 1 rood & 24 perches of Cavananore '"formerly enjoyed by Samuel and John Culter"for the "Lives of James Breakey and Isaiah Breaky sons of Isaiah Breaky of Millford in the county of Monaghan and James Dickie eldest son of Robert Dickie" - and also making reference to an earlier lease from Right Honble Elizabeth Dowager Boyne that also included Martha Culter (aka COWEN).


Deed: 332-386-225118

Sibthorp To Bradford & anor


Regd. 2d Octr. 1780 at  ½ after 10 oClock in the forenoon

To the Regr. appd. for Registering Deeds and so forth.

A Memorial of an indented Deed of Lease bearing date the sixteenth day of ffebruary one thousand seven hundred and seventy nine Whereby Robert Sibthorpe[1] of Newtown[2] in the County of Louth Esqr. for the Considerations therein Mentd did Demise and set unto Thomas Bradford[3] and Samuel Bradford[4] both of Cavananore[5] in the said County Gentn. all that and those the Town and Cavananore aforesaid Containing one hundred and thirty three acres one Rood and Twenty four perches (more of less) Situate in the Manor of Roache Barony of Dundalk and County aforesaid in as full and ample manner as the same was formerly Enjoyed by Samuel and John Culter[6] and as now possed or Enjoyed by the said Thomas and Samuel Bradford Except as therein is Excepted To hold the said premes with all and every their appurtenances unto the said Thomas and Samuel Bradford their heirs Exors Admors and Assigns from the first day of November last for the life and Lives of James Breaky[7] and Isaiah Breaky[8] Sons of Isaiah Breakey[9] of Millford[10] in the County of Monaghan and James Dickie[11] Eldest son of Robert Dickie[12] of Clonoleenan[13] and the Survrs. and the Survr. of them and for the Term of Forty one years from the first day of Novr. last Subject never the less to a Lease already made of the said Lands to the said Thomas & Samuel Bradford and Martha Culter[14] Widow by the Right Honble Elizabeth Dowager Boyne[15] as to one undivided Third part thereof they the said Thomas & Samuel Bradford paying thereout the rent of Ninety one pounds fourteen shillings & seven pence with six pence in the pound receivrs. fees during the Life of the said Elizabeth Dowager Boyne and from and after her Decease the yearly rent of one hundred and Nine pounds Seven shillings and Ten pence with the aforesaid fees to be paid by half yearly payment during the Continuance of the Lives hereby Granted above all Taxes (Quit and Crown Rent Excepted) in which said Deed are several other Covenants and agreements. and the same is witnessed by Anthy Foster[16] of Dundalk Esqe. and Robert Dickie of Clonaleenan Gentn. both in the County of Louth. and this Meml. is Witnessed by the said Robert Dickie and by William Kelly[17] of Dublin Gentn. Thomas Bradford (Seal) Signed and sealed in presence of us Robert Dickie Will Kelly The above named Robert Dickie maketh oath that he saw the Deed of which the above writing is a Meml. duly Executed by the parties thereto and also saw the sd. Thomas Bradford duly sign and seal the said Meml. and Delivered the said Deed and Memorial to Mr. William Kelly Dep Regr. the 2d day of October 1780 at or near half after Ten oClock in the forenoon Robert Dickie Sworn 2d day of Octr. 1780 Will Kelly Dep Regr.



[1] Robert SIBTHORPE was an MP for Co. Louth and a local landlord. He served in India for some time. SOURCE: http://www.bomford.net/IrishBomfords/Chapters/Chapter15/Chapter15.htm  NOTE: He was a landlord involved in many transactions involving these related families.

[2] Newtown I am guessing this would be the Newtown in the Parish of Louth, Co, Louth. There are at least two others.

[3] Thomas BRADFORD (Abt 1739-1790) son of John BRADFORD and Barbara COULTER

[4] Samuel BRADFORD (ABt 1739-1818) son of John BRADFORD and Barbara COULTER

[5] Cavananore SEE: Cavananore

[6] Samuel and John CULTER aka Samuel COULTER and John COULTER brothers. I don`t yet know their parent`s names, but Samuel was the father of Barbara BRADFORD née COULTER and John would have been his brother.

[7] James BREAKY – one of the four sons of Isaiah BREAKEY & Sarah GIBSON.

[8] Isaiah BREAKY – one of the four sons of Isaiah BREAKEY & Sarah GIBSON.

[9] Isaiah BREAKEY Sr. I suspect this is the Isaiah BREAKEY (born between 1734-1742) who was a son of William BREAKEY and Martha MITCHELL.

·         He lived at Millmore House at Aughnamullen, married Sarah GIBSON; worked as a bleacher. SOURCE: Full Circle.

·         "It was Isaiah BREAKEY who was chiefly concerned with bleaching in Aughnamullen. He lived at Millmore House. His wife was Sarah GIBSON. He built the bleach mill at Lisnagalliagh on property leased from Ker the estate (AUGHNAMULLEN). Col. KER had the water rights of LOUGH SKEAGH. Isaiah BREAKEY constructed a very expensive millrace from the lough and developed the land for a bleach green. Thomas BREAKEY says that the bleach-green stretched from the 'Mill up to VELDON's CROSS' a distance of half a mile.`His brother Obadiah was partner. ``Thomas BREAKEY says that Col KER was fostered by the Isaiah BREAKEYs of MILLMORE HOUSE during his minority. When he came of age, for some reason or another not disclosed, he blocked off the water to the LISNAGALLIAGH mill and ruined Isaiah's enterprise. The linen then had to be brought to Queens Co. for bleaching" FOOTNOTE: This is hard to credit when the CREEVE mills were fully operational at the time but perhaps they were anxious to bleach the linen bought in BALLYBAY by their own process." SOURCE: At the Ford of the Birches.

·         [His father William] built the house now occupied by Thomas Henry at the Church for his son Isaiah and the year after, Derry Big House (as it was called) for  his son Obadiah. Said house is now occupied by John McCreery. Those  two men bleached the linen that was manufactured near here. The flat lands of Greenvale reaching up to near Veldon's cross were covered with linen. All the Greenvale Mills were built by Isaiah Breakey. It can honestly be said our Huguenot ancestors brought the knowledge of manufacturing and bleaching linen to this country.”“Father’s uncle, Isaiah BREAKEY of MILLMORE HOUSE (as it is now called) had four sons.” ... “It was Captain Johnstone who gave the house [MILLMORE HOUSE] its present name. Isaiah BREAKEY called it SALLYVALE, others MILFORD, and people this side GREENVALE.” SOURCE: The Memoirs of Thomas Cathcart Breakey Volume 1, circa 1900

[10] Millford, in the townland of Latton, Parish of Aghnamullen, Co. Monaghan. Thanks to the Marilyn Breakey web site: Map survey, property of Robert Montgomery, surveyed by Josh Fleming in 1796, indicates Millford is in the townland of Latton, Co. Monaghan. NOTE: There is considerably more detail about this family and this location as well as a map on Marilyun`s web site: http://homepages.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~breakey/IBGM_.htm

[11] James DICKIE (1771-1835) of Killen. He married Euphemia PATERSON and they had 13 known children.

·         SOURCE: DICKIE Will transcription at NIA IWR/1835/F/478

·         SOURCE: Family tree of the DICKIE family, 1993 at Dundalk library.

[12] Robert DICKIE (abt 1740-1825). He married Mary REID (or Grizzel REID – there are two names in various sources)  and they had 9 known children.

·         DICKIE Beneath this stone lieth the remains of Robert D. of Clonaleenan who departed this . . . February . . . aged 80 years. Also the remains of Mary Dickie who departed this life of the 2.th day of January 1827 aged 83 years. Also of their daughter Eleanor who died in 1802 aged 2. Years. Elizabeth who died 12 Dec 1837 aged 74 years. And Mary who died 16th June 1862 aged 86 years. SOURCE: Kane Graveyard, Co Louth

[13] Clonoleenan, Parish of Creggan, Co. Louth. 311 acres. It is bounded by Barronstown to the east, Carrickastuck and Annaghvacky to the north, Shanmullagh to the west and Derryfalone to the south (amongst others).

[14] Martha CULTER aka COULTER née COWEN (d aft 1791), widow of John COULTER of Cavananore (brother of Barbara COULTER who married John BRADFORD)

[15] Right Honble Elizabeth Dowager Boyne. I cannot conclusively prove who she was, there are not many prospects to choose from. The 1st Viscount of Boyne was Gustavus HAMILTON (1642-1723) and he married Elizabeth BROOKE (-1721). Since she predeceased him, I think that we can rule her out as a prospective “dowager”. The only other prospective Elizabeth was Elizabeth HADLEY the first wife of Frederick HAMILTON, 3rd Viscount Boyne (1718-1772). He was the son of Hon Gustavus HAMILTON and Dorothea BELLEW (given the 1734 mention of a BELLEW connection to Cavananore, this is especially interesting). Gustavus died in 1733 and his son Frederick married four years later when he was only 19 years old. His guardian tried to overturn this marriage, after all poor Elizabeth was indeed poor being the daughter of Benjamin HADLEY a blacksmith from Tullamore, Kings County, but he didn’t succeed. On 25 August 1737 when Frederick and Elizabeth married at Chapelizod, Co. Dublin, Elizabeth’s married name became HAMILTON. In spite of her husband’s efforts to have the marriage “set aside” and in spite of a second marriage which he entered into while she was still alive, Elizabeth HADLEY became known as Viscountess Boyne on 20 April 1746. There is no record of children from her marriage, although there were several children resulting from Frederick’s second “marriage”. Since Robert SIBTHORPE was already leasing Cavananore in 1779 to Thomas & Samuel BRADFORD, I would assume that there was also an earlier HAMILTON-SIBTHORPE lease that involved Cavananore. I would also assume that the lease for Cavananore might have reverted either to one of her husband’s HAMILTON relations or else to one of his posthumously legitimized heirs (there was a court case after his death to settle on behalf of his eldest son). At least that is where to focus next for a paper trail.
SOURCES: G.E. Cokayne; with Vicary Gibbs, H.A. Doubleday, Geoffrey H. White, Duncan Warrand and Lord Howard de Walden, editors, The Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom, Extant, Extinct or Dormant, new ed., 13 volumes in 14 (1910-1959; reprint in 6 volumes, Gloucester, U.K.: Alan Sutton Publishing, 2000), volume II, page 267. Hereinafter cited as The Complete Peerage. SOURCE: http://www.thepeerage.com/p14771.htm

Additional information on the Hadley family:
1755 Benjamin Hadley of Tullamore, King's County, made a deed 28 Oct.1755, for his dau. Elizabeth alias Hamilton, transferring to her all hisplate, linen goods etc.
Elizabeth ma. Frederick Lord Hamilton, Viscount Boyne 25 Aug. 1737.Among those present were her father Benjamin, her brother Thomas,Lieutenant O'Hara, John Walsh etc.
Benjamin Hadley died in 1761 aged 90 (d.o.b. ca. 1671) SOURCE: http://heathcock.org/genealogy/ps04/ps04_276.html

[16] Anthony FOSTER

[17] William KELLY Deputy Registrar.



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