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According to HENRY WILLIAM OLIVER 1807-1888:His Descendants by Henry Oliver Rea, Isabella OLIVER was the youngest daughter of Stephen OLIVER of either Tattykeel or Corchoney and Anne BEATTY (daughter of Capt. BEATTY of Moneymore).
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 25, 2006


1781 June 23 Isabella OLIVER to Andrew Dilworth


 Richard by Divine Providence Lord Archbishop of Armagh, Primate and Metropolitan of all Ireland. To our beloved in Christ, the Rector and Curate of the Parish of Derryloran in our Diocese of Armagh, Greeting WHEREAS Andrew Dilworth of Mullagherry in the Parish of Donaghmore in the County of Tyrone and Diocese of Armagh farmer of Derryloran and Isabella Oliver of Cookstown parish and County aforesd Spint being contracted and promised to each other in Holy Matrimony (as alleged) do earnestly desire Marriage to be had and solemnized between them: Therefore we give and grant to you or either of you, in whom we very much confide, our Licence and Authority to solemnize the said Marriage with all due Speed between the said Andrew Dilworth and Isabella Oliver provided that the same be done in the Face of the Church of the Parish of Derryloran aforesaid, between the Canonical Hours by the Express Consent of their Parents or Guardians, (if any they have) and that there is not any just Cause or Impediment to hinder the said marriage by Reason of any Precontract, Consanguinity, Affinity or other lawful Cause whatever. In Testimony whereof, we have caused the Seal of our Cosistorial  and Metropolitan Court of Armagh, to be affixed to these Presents.

Dated the 23 Day of June1781

Jns Maculla DRegt



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