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NAMES: Samuel SMYTH of town of Monaghan; Joseph BARTLEY of town of Monaghan, reedmaker; James HUNT; John ELLIOTT; George KIERAN; Richard CROSS; William NOBLE; John WARREN. OTHER PLACES: Clonniss Street, Monaghan; Mullaghmonaghan; Mullaghadun.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 15, 2009


DEED 347 406 233659

1782 October 26



This is an intriguing deed because of the reference to "in consideration of the said BARTLEY furnishing and providing him with sufficient clothing diet and lodging from the above date during his natural life." The BARTLEY family (subject to several variant spellings) was a family that generated a significant number of business and family connections with the core family tree that I am pursuing (relations of Sir Thomas JACKSON).
SEE: file:///C:/Users/Sharon/Documents/Webstuff/theSilverBowl2/familytree/BartleyTree_1-4.htm


To the register appointed by act of Parliament for registering deeds wills and conveyances and so forth.


A Memorial of an indented deed of assignment bearing date the 26th day of October 1782 made between Samuel SMYTH[1] of the town of Monaghan farmer of the one part and Joseph BARTLEY[2] of the town of Monaghan reedmaker of the other part. Witnesses that the said Samuel SMYTH in consideration of the sum of five shillings sterling to him and hand paid by the said Joseph BARTLEY in consideration of the said BARTLEY furnishing and providing him with sufficient clothing diet and lodging from the above date during his natural life has granted bargained sold transferred assigned conveyed and made over unto the said Joseph BARTLEY all his the said Samuel SMYTH's right title and interest in a lease of a tenement in Clonniss street[3] in the said town of Monaghan with the houses and appurtenances thereunto belonging usable field in Mullaghmonaghan[4] and three fields in Mullaghadunn[5] in as full and ample manner as then possessed by said SMYTH together with all his household furniture of any kind whatsoever and all his corn hay turf potatoes and stock of cattle and all bonds notes money debts and effects of every kind whatsoever then in his custody or his possession or that was their due or owing to him to hold to the said Joseph BARTLEY his heirs and assigns forever. Which deed is witnessed by James HUNT[6] Senior John ELLIOTT[7] and George [KIERAN?][8] all of the town and County of Monaghan and this Memorial witnessed by the said John ELLIOTT and the said George [KIERAN?] Joseph BARTLEY. Seal. Signed sealed and delivered in the presence of John ELLIOTT George [KIERAN?]. The above named John ELLIOTT maketh oath that he saw the above named Samuel SMYTH and Joseph BARTLEY duly execute the above Memorial of deed of aforesaid where of the above writing is a Memorial and saith he also saw the said Joseph BARTLEY duly sign and seal the said Memorial and that the name John ELLIOTT Subscribed as a witness to the said deed in Memorial is a deponents proper name and hand writing John ELLIOTT. Sworn before me at Monaghan of the County of Monaghan the 29th day of October 1782. By virtue of a commission to me directed for taking affidavits in the County and I know the deponent. Richard CROSS[9]. Justices William NOBLE[10]. John WARREN[11].

[1] Samuel SMYTH of the town of Monaghan farmer

[2] Joseph BARTLEY of the town of Monaghan reedmaker

[3] Clonniss Street? Hopefully a local person can help me with where this might be.

[4] Mullaghmonaghan is a townland of 92 acres in the Parish of Monaghan, Co. Monaghan.

[5] Mullaghadun is a townland of 115 acres in the Parish of Monaghan, Co. Monaghan.

[6] James HUNT Senior

[7] John ELLIOTT

[8] George [KIERAN?]

[9] Richard CROSS

[10] William NOBLE

[11] John WARREN




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