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NAMES: Robert SIBTHORPE of Newtown; Robert DICKIE of Clonaleenan; Alexander McCOMBE; Rev. Alexander McCOMBE; Elizabeth Lady Viscountess Dowager BOYNE; John WARBURTON of Dublin; John KENNEDY; John MURPHY; William KELLY.
Sharon Oddie Brown June 26, 2011.


ROD Reference:  Book 349, Page 169, No. 233427

Transcription thanks to Wendy Jack. Footnotes by Sharon Oddie Brown.

No. 232427

Sibthorpe to Dickie

Regd. 7th. Octr. 1782 at ¼ after five in the afternoon


To the Regr. appointed by Act of Parliamt. for Registg. Wills Deeds and Soforth

A Memorial of an Indented Deed of release bearing date the Seventh day of October one thousand Seven hundred and Eighty two Between Robt. Sibthorpe[1] of Newtown[2] in the County of Louth Esqr. of the one part and Robert Dickie[3] of Clonaleenan[4] in sd. County Gent of the other part Whereby the said Robt. Sibthorpe for and in Consion of the Sum of two hundred & Seventy Seven pounds Nine Shills. & Sixpence Sterg. to him in hand paid by the said Robert Dickie on the Pfection of said Deed as & in Consideratn. of the Surrender of a Lease for three lives or Sixty one years of the premises therein after demised bearing the first day of October one thousand seven hundred and Seventy nine made by the sd. Robt. Sibthorpe to the Said Robert Dickie & of the rents & Covts. therein Mentd. did demise grant Set and to farm let release and Confirm unto the Said Robert Dickie his heirs and asss. in his possion by Virtue of a Lease for a year therein recited All that part of the Lands of Clonaleenan aforesd. then in possion of the said Robert Dickie Contg. by Estimn. Eighty one Acres two Roods & twelve perches plantn. Measure be the Same more or less, with the Houses Buildings Improvemts. ways Easements & Appurces to the said premises belonging together with that part of the Bog of Clenaleenan hereto & then in the possion of the Said Robt. Dickie Meared by a Carrickastuck & Anavackey and five Acres of the Bog of Derryfeelone next adjoining his the Said Robert Dickies holding in Clonaleenan for his use amd for the use of his undertents. to be Consumed on the premises only all which said premises are Situate lying & being in the Manor of Roach Barony of Dundalk & Co. of Louth aforesd. Excepting and always reserving out of said Demise all Bog timber Limestone Mines Minerals and Royalties whatsoever with Liberty for him the said Robt. Sibthorpe his heirs and asss. with workmen Horses Carrs & carriages to dig search for and Carry away the same paying reasonable Damage for what prejudice shall be thereby done to the Soil with Liberty also for him the Said Robert Sibthorpe his heirs and Asss. and his and their agents Servts. and Attendants to hunt and Foul on the Said Demised premises or any part thereof at fit & proper Seasons To hold Said Demised premises with the Appurts. (Except as before Excepted) unto the Said Robert Dickie his heirs & Asss. from the first day of May last past for & during the the Natural Life and Lives of James Dickie & Joseph Dickie Sons of the Said Robt. Dickie the Lessee and Alexandr. McCombe[5] son of the Revd. Alexandr. McCombe[6] of Ozierhill[7] in the Co. of Armagh and the Survrs. and Survr. of them and for and during the Natural Life & lives of all and every Such other person & persons as by Virtue of the Covts. for Renewl. therein after Mentioned Should for ever be added or inserted to the Time and Term of said Demise at and under the yearly rent of thirty five pounds one Shillg. during the Natl. Life of Elizth. Lady Viscountess Dowager Boyne[8] by half yearly paymts. and from and after the Death  of the Said Dowager Lady Boyne then at and under the yearly Rent of Forty four pounds one Shilling Said rents to be paid above all Taxes (Quit & Crown rent only Excepted) in which Said Deed of release is Contained Covts. for Renewl. for ever on payment of one pepper Corn by way of Fine if Demanded which Said Deed of release is witnessed by John Warburton[9] of the City of Dublin Gent. and John Kennedy[10] Clerk to John Murphy[11] of the Same City Gent atty and this Meml. is Witnessed by the Said John Kennedy and John Warburton late pursuivant of the Court of Exchequer Gent. Robt. Sibthorpe (Seal) Signed and sealed in the presence of John Warburton John Kennedy. The above named John Kennedy maketh oath he is a subscibing witness to Deed of which the above writing is a Meml. and also to this Meml. and Saith that he saw the above named Robert Sibthorpe duly Execute the said Deed and the above Meml. respectively and saith that he saw the above named Robt. Dickie duly Execute the above Meml. and Saith the name John Kennedy subscribed as a witness to the said Deed and the above Meml. is of Depts. proper handwriting and Dept. delivered the said Deed and the above Meml. to Mr. Wm. Kelly[12] Depy Regr. the Seventh day of October 1782 at a quarter after Five oClock in the afternoon John Kennedy Sworn the 7th day of October 1782 Will Kelly Dep. Regr.


[1] Robert SIBTHORPE was an MP for Co. Louth and a local landlord. He served in India for some time. SOURCE: http://www.bomford.net/IrishBomfords/Chapters/Chapter15/Chapter15.htm  NOTE: He was a landlord involved in many transactions involving these related families.

[2] Newtown - I am guessing this would be the Newtown in the Parish of Louth, Co, Louth. There are at least two others.

[3] Robert DICKIE (abt 1740-1825). He married Mary REID and they had nine children.

[4] Clonaleenan , Parish of Creggan, Co. Louth. 311 acres. It is bounded by Barronstown to the east, Carrickastuck and Annaghvacky to the north, Shanmullagh to the west and Derryfalone to the south (amongst others).

[5] Alexander McCOMBE, son of rev Alexander McCOMBE.

[6] Rev. Alexander McCOMBE Rev Alexander McCOMBE born in Rathfriland, Co. Down. SOURCE: The Creggan Presbyterian Congregation Kevin McMahon. Journal of the Creggan Local History Society. Vol. 10. 2001-2002. He was ordained in 1734, at the Fews Barracks, about three miles from Creggan Church. He leased nearly 460 acres in the townland of Altnamakin as well as 66 acres at Tullyvallen. He was the youngest of 7 brothers and over 6 feet tall. He bathed every morning in a nearby stream, breaking the ice to do so in the winter. During the early part of his ministry, he preached at Creggan in the morning and then travelled on foot to Dundalk – nine miles away – for the evening service. He also kept a malt kiln and mill to grind barley. His two story home was built on Altnamackin and named Osier Hill. In 1743 when the Freeduff meeting hall was burned to the ground, his testimony figured predominantly in the ensuing enquiry.

[7] Ozierhill,Altamackin, Co. Armagh

[8] Elizth. Lady Viscountess Dowager Boyne. I cannot conclusively prove who she was, there are not many prospects to choose from. The 1st Viscount of Boyne was Gustavus HAMILTON (1642-1723) and he married Elizabeth BROOKE (-1721). Since she predeceased him, I think that we can rule her out as a prospective “dowager”. The only other prospective Elizabeth was Elizabeth HADLEY the first wife of Frederick HAMILTON, 3rd Viscount Boyne (1718-1772). He was the son of Hon Gustavus HAMILTON and Dorothea BELLEW (given the 1734 mention of a BELLEW connection to Cavananore, this is especially interesting). Gustavus died in 1733 and his son Frederick married four years later when he was only 19 years old. His guardian tried to overturn this marriage, after all poor Elizabeth was indeed poor being the daughter of Benjamin HADLEY a blacksmith from Tullamore, Kings County, but he didn’t succeed. On 25 August 1737 when Frederick and Elizabeth married at Chapelizod, Co. Dublin, Elizabeth’s married name became HAMILTON. In spite of her husband’s efforts to have the marriage “set aside” and in spite of a second marriage which he entered into while she was still alive, Elizabeth HADLEY became known as Viscountess Boyne on 20 April 1746. There is no record of children from her marriage, although there were several children resulting from Frederick’s second “marriage”. Going from other deeds, since Robert SIBTHORPE was already leasing Cavananore in 1779 to Thomas & Samuel BRADFORD, I would assume that there was also an earlier HAMILTON-SIBTHORPE lease that involved Cavananore. I would also assume that the lease for Cavananore might have reverted either to one of her husband’s HAMILTON relations or else to one of his posthumously legitimized heirs (there was a court case after his death to settle on behalf of his eldest son). At least that is where to focus next for a paper trail.
SOURCES: G.E. Cokayne; with Vicary Gibbs, H.A. Doubleday, Geoffrey H. White, Duncan Warrand and Lord Howard de Walden, editors, The Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom, Extant, Extinct or Dormant, new ed., 13 volumes in 14 (1910-1959; reprint in 6 volumes, Gloucester, U.K.: Alan Sutton Publishing, 2000), volume II, page 267. Hereinafter cited as The Complete Peerage. SOURCE: http://www.thepeerage.com/p14771.htm

Additional information on the Hadley family:
1755 Benjamin Hadley of Tullamore, King's County, made a deed 28 Oct.1755, for his dau. Elizabeth alias Hamilton, transferring to her all hisplate, linen goods etc.
Elizabeth ma. Frederick Lord Hamilton, Viscount Boyne 25 Aug. 1737.Among those present were her father Benjamin, her brother Thomas Lieutenant O'Hara, John Walsh etc.
Benjamin Hadley died in 1761 aged 90 (d.o.b. ca. 1671) SOURCE: http://heathcock.org/genealogy/ps04/ps04_276.html

[9] John WARBURTON of Dublin

[10] John KENNEDY of Dublin

[11] John MURPHY of Dublin



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