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Names in order of appearance: Robert JACKSON, Arthur OLIVER, Sarah SEAVER, Charles SEAVER, Thomas VERNER, Henry HALL, Elinor HALL, Edward TIPPING, Benjamin OLIVER, John BURGES. See also: OLIVER-JACKSON-SEAVER
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 26, 2007
Updated: August 5, 2017


1782 Sept 7


DEED: 360-236-242429 

NOTE: In my initial transcription - I was unsure whether the surname was LEAVER or SEAVER, but Armagh probates and other deeds make it clear that is was definitely SEAVER.


NOTES: Between Robert JACKSON [1] of Town & Co. Armagh Gent of he one part & Arthur OLIVER [2] of Ballinahone begg [3] in said Co. & Sarah SEAVER [4] widow of Charles SEAVER [5] late of Ballynahonebegg aforesaid deceased of the other part. Robert JACKSON was paid £850 by Arthur OLIVER & Sarah SEAVER & did set over to Arthur OLIVER & Sarah SEAVER all that the lands of Ballynahonebegg in Parish of Armagh possessed by Thomas VERNER [6] Esq. The executor of Benjamin OLIVER [7] deceased. The said Sarah SEAVER & other so assigned by Henry HALL [8] & Elinor HALL [9] to the said Robert JACKSON ... lands made over to Robert JACKSON by Edward TIPPING [10] Esq. Which belonged to Michael SEAVER and all Estate right title and interest term of years.. etc. Witness Henry HALL of Aughereny [11] & Co. Tyrone. Benjamine OLIVER [12] of Lislooney [13] , Co. Armagh. John BURGES [14] of Armagh, Gent. Arthur OLIVER [SEAL] Sworn Aug 6, 1784.


Ballinahonebeg borders on Farmacaffley - a townland recorded in the Hearth Rolls of 1664 as being leased by Andrew OLIVER. Ther was continuity of OLIVERs leasing lands in the area for several centuries thereafter.

[1] Robert JACKSON. NOTE: I will add his data later after I have completed the JACKSON side of this story.

[2] Arthur OLIVER (abt. 1744- abt. 1798)

·       SEE: 1738 February 6 Arthur and Benjamin OLIVER shared: all that part or parcel of land in the townland of Lissluny in the Estate of Woodpark and Manor of Caledon then in the possession of the said Arthur OLIVER and Benjamin OLIVER together with one acre of Turf  Moss then in their possession in the Moss of Cavanapole

·       SEE: 1770 April 26 he was a witness to a deed involving David OLIVER. It involved 100 acres on the west side of the townland of Laragh, Co. Monaghan as well as some water rights.

·       SEE: 1770 July 30  David OLIVER of Ballyrea, Co. Armagh sold his lease rights for Lands of Laragh & Carnacaraff. - both in Co. Monaghan - as well as the Mill at Creevey (also Monaghan) with 8 acres of land and lands in Ballymogonan in Co. "Dorone" to Arthur OLIVER of Balinahone Beg, Co. Armagh. NOTE: Ballymogonan in Co. "Dorone" is probably  Ballymagowan, Parish of Clogher, Co. Tyrone.

·       SEE: 1770 October 31  echoes 1770 July 30 .

·       SEE: 1782 Sept 7  Robert JACKSON was paid £850 by Arthur OLIVER & Sarah SEAVER & set over to Arthur OLIVER & Sarah SEAVER all the lands of Ballynahonebegg in Parish of Armagh possessed by Thomas VERNER. Thomas VERNER was the executor of the deceased Benjamin OLIVER – who I believe was the Benjamin OLIVER (1717-1770), father of Arthur & Benjamin. NOTE: I am curious about whether there may have been a marriage relationship between the OLIVERs and SEAVERS.

·       SEE: 1784 Feb 10 [refers to] Deed of partition made between Sarah SEAVER & Arthur OLIVER 15 Nov 1783 that Sarah SEAVER (executor etc) would have ½ of all rents and fines issuing out of the part of said premises held by Thomas VERNER Esq. And also ½ rents and fines of part in possession of Arthur OLIVER called the bleach green and half of her late husband’s legacy

·       SEE: 1789 April 15 – he was a farmer at Ballinahonebeg. Robert WILSON the younger in consideration of £5 sterling to be paid by Arthur OLIVER did sell transfer and make over unto the said Arthur OLIVER his exec ... all the liberty of Beetling, Washing & rubbing cloth at said mill of Ballinahonebeg which his father Robert WILSON the elder hd resd to hold to the said Arthur OLIVER.

·       SEE: 1793 February 13 He held a lease to Ballinahonebeg jointly with Sarah SEAVER.

·       SEE: 1853 April 16. This will recites the abovementioned lease of 1788 Feb 6

[3] AKA Ballinahonebeg also known as Ballynahonebeg is a townland in the Parish of Lisnadill bordered by Farmacaffley, The Kennedies, Ballyards, Moneypatrick. Umgola touches at the northern tip. All these townlands are significant with respect to several other OLIVER leases.
[4] Sarah SEAVER. Wife of Charles SEAVER. Sarah SEAVER had a will probated 1792.His wife's name was Sarah Hewetson. SOURCE Email July 10, 2009 from BG Wright: This information is found in the FHL film no: 1279330, Item 15, Title of record: Seaver Family which was compiled by Philip Crossle "in the year 1909". Also, there is a pedigree chart of the Seaver Family on the FHL film no: 259178, Transcript No: T822  which is where I originally found this information.
[5] Charles SEAVER. NOTE: In 1762, a will for a Charles SEAVER was probated. NOTE: A Nicholas SAVER was registered in the 1663 Hearth Rolls Records at Ballyaghy. I would expect him to be a relation if not also an ancestor.
[6] Thomas VERNER. I have not done any work on this, but VERNER is a name that crops up in many leases both in Armagh & Monaghan.
[7] The mention of Benjamin OLIVER deceased is interesting given the Benjamin OLIVER of Lislooney who was the witness. The deceased Benjamin OLIVER was the father of the second Benjamin OLIVER, and also of Arthur OLIVER. Also of note, is a William OLIVER of Lislooney DEED 24787 from Nov 23 1723.
[8] Henry HALL
[9] Elinor HALL. NOTE: I wonder if she night have been an OLIVER or a JACKSON.  There are unaccounted for “Elinor OLIVERs”.
[10] Edward TIPPING. The TIPPING family was one of  the landlord families that the JACKSONs had other dealings and intermarriages with . SOURCE: 1830 Sept 2nd lease concerning Elizabeth JACKSON (grandmother of Sir Thomas JACKSON) mentions: Edward Tipping of Mounthill in the County of Armagh Esquire and Catherine Tipping otherwise Hall his wife. SOURCE: A Historical & Statistical Account of the Barony of Upper Fews . John DONALDSON “About the year 1733 several landed proprietors in the Parish of Creggan – to wit Edward TIPPING, Alex HAMILTON, James McCULLAGH, Adam NOBLE, and Randle DONALDSON, Esquires invited Presbyterians to settle on their prospective estates
[11] Aughereny. NOTE: This is a townland that does not show up in modern lists, but it would seem that Clogher Parish would be a reasonable inference as to its location.
[12] Benjamin OLIVER (abt 1717-abt 1770). He was a brother of Arthur OLIVER. SOURCE: Deed 1853-10-214  Refers to Lislooney lands formerly in the possession of Benjamin & Arthur OLIVER . The only son of this Benjamin OLIVER was James OLIVER (abt 1800-aft 1853)  SOURCE: Deed 534280  April 1824 mentions James OLIVER of City of Armagh, merchant a son of Benjamin OLIVER who had a lease on lands in Lislooney.
[13] Lislooney is a townland in Tynan Parish – significantly, it is very close to Derryhaw (another townland frequently referred to in OLIVER leases of the time).
[14] John BURGES?



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