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This is the will of my 5th Great-grandfather, George JACKSON of Liscalgot & Urcher. I have a scan of the original from a family collection, and it is used with permission. The will is brief - all on one page. I will add more on George - his son - as I work my through other documents.
Sharon Oddie Brown, June 26, 2006


In the Name of God Amen, I George Jackson [1] of Creggane [2] in the County of Armagh, Schoolmaster Being Sick and Weak in Body but God be Praised of Sound Mind Memory and Understanding do make and publish this last Will and Testament in Manner and form following. Hereby revoking all former or other wills by me at any time heretofor made  I Give and Bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Shea [3] the sum of five shillings sterling. To my daughter Ann Johnston [4] the sum of five shillings sterling. To my daughter Sarah Griffin [5] the sum of five shillings sterling. To my daughter Margaret Jackson [6] the sum of Twenty two pounds fifteen shillings Sterling. To my daughter Alice Jackson [7] the sum of five shillings Sterling. To my daughter Mary Gillmer [8] the sum of shilling sterling. To my daughter Jane Groszett [9] the sum of five shillings sterling. To my son David Jackson [10] the sum of one pound sterling. To my son-in-law Richard Johnston [11] the sum of one pound sterling. To by them laid out in some Memorial as a Testamony of their departed father and friend. To my son John Jackson [12] the sum of five shillings Sterling. All the rest residue and remainder of my Money Goods Effects and Chattles Whatsoever and Wheresoever After Payment of my just Debts, funeral Expenses and the Legacies herein before mentioned I Give and Bequeath to my wife Margaret Jackson [13] and my son George Jackson [14] to be equally divided Between my said wife Margaret and my said son George share and share alike. And of this my Will I hereby constitute and Appoint my son David Jackson and my son-in-law Richard Johnston sole executors.  In Witness thereof I have hereunto Sett my hand and Seal this 30th day of July In the year of our Lord One thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty two.


Signed Sealed Published and declared by the said George Jackson as his last will and testament in presence of us Who in his presence and presence of each other have Subscribed our names as Witnesses hereto


Thomas Ball [15]

John Kerfoot [16]


George Jackson [SEAL]


Be it remembered that it is my will that my son George Jackson do make good my daughter Margaret Jackson’s dividend of Twenty two pounds fifteen Shillings Sterling out of his one half of my Money Goods Effects & Chattles Left him by Me

George Jackson[SEAL]

[1] George JACKSON (1718-1782). He died on September 3rd, a little over a month after writing the will.

[2] Creggane is the Parish of Creggan, Co. Armagh.

[3] Elizabeth SHEA? This is interesting because the family tree as it was handed down has his daughter Elizabeth JACKSON marrying an unnamed WORTHINGTON. The SHEA name is likely connected to the Thomas SHEA mentioned in a 1792 Indenture.

[4] Ann JACKSON married Richard JOHNSTON.  This would be interesting to track further. There is an indenture of 1792 between David JACKSON & Richard Johnston of Shanrue (Probably Shanroe, a townland in the parish of Forkhill, Barony Orior Upper) in the County of Armagh, Farmer. This is likely her husband.

[5] Sarah JACKSON married Phil GRIFFIN. I am operating on a hunch that their son (whose name is yet to be properly confirmed with verifiable data) was actually Phillip George GRIFFIN,  the father of John Gilmore GRIFFIN and Frederick Richard GRIFFIN who married (amidst scandal) the sister of Sir Thomas JACKSON, Mary JACKSON. It is possible that the following dates apply to Sarah JACKSON: (SOURCE: Newry Commercial Telegraph: Vital Statistics - SURNAMES indexed - Issue dated 3 March 1828) Died. On Friday the 29th ult. aged 54, SARAH, wife to Mr. P. Griffin of this town, after a long and painful illness which she bore with that patience and resignation ever characteristic of a pure conscience. She was an affectionate wife, a kind and indulgent mother, and is sincerely regretted by all who knew her worth. Transcribed by Alison Causten. On this basis, I would guess her death date to be Feb 29, 1818 and her birth date to be 1774 - if this is her.

[6] Margaret JACKSON – obviously not yet married. In the family tree as I received it, she would later marry an unnamed SHEA. I wonder if the two sisters were mistaken in an earlier iteration of the tree as it was compiled in the early years. In this case, she may have married the WORTHINGTON that was supposedly the husband of her sister Elizabeth.

[7] Alice JACKSON, also not yet married. The tree that I inherited has her married at some point to an unnamed LOY. Interestingly, there is a Pat LOYE who may be an ancestor of this LOY who is buried in Creggan Cemetery – the oldest stone unearthed. He died in 1685.

[8] Mary GILLMER. I have her husband as a J. GILLMER. Interestingly, given the pattern in the family of marrying cousins, there is a John GILMORE (GILLMER) who was born the 26th Sept. 1764 at 8 o'clock A.M. according to an entry in the family Bible at Gilford Castle. He became the father of Samuel GILMORE (father of 8 children at Liscalgot including Eliezer GILMORE) but the name of his wife is unknown to me. The likelihood of link here is high, albeit only on the hunch level at this time.

[9] Jane GROSZETT. I had the name of her husband as GROGART. The image I am working from is unclear, but the name definitely begins with “Gr” and there may be a “g’ or a “z” then “ett”. Other sources, should they be found, might help to clear this up. Interestingly, Mattie SKUCE also has the name GOSZETT, so I am changing my family tree reference to this on this basis.

[10] David JACKSON (died Feb 13, 1796 according to a scrap of paper in the handwriting of Mattie SKUCE). It may be that there was a link already to Aughavilla, Co. Leitrim as this was also on the scrap of paper. I do not have a birth date for him yet. He was my 4th great-grandfather and he married Margaret BRADFORD – the feisty redhead who allegedly burned the deeds to lands lost by the previous generation out of exasperation with her husband’s preoccupation with them.

[11] Richard JOHNSTON. I do not know who this is – yet. He may be related to the “JOHNSTON of the Fews”. I will work on this as it is interesting because of other connections including the governess to the GILMORE family in the mid-1800s who was a JOHNSTON as well – and going by her photo quite likely a relative of the JACKSON family.

[12] John JACKSON –did marry, but I do not know whom. Nor do I know if he had children. It is likely. It is also possible that these will turn out to be the JACKSONs of Tullyvalley – just a hunch. Or perhaps they will turn out to be the line in Dublin.

[13] Margaret O’LAUGHLIN wife of George JACKSON allegedly descended from the Royal House of Tara (didn’t everyone descend from royalty? – Joke!)

[14] George JACKSON became a solicitor in Dublin.

[15] Thomas BALL (1727-1798). In his later years, at least, he was an absentee landlord living in Somerset, England. His great-grandfather, Thomas BALL (1642-1674) was one of the first landlords in this family owning lands in Creggan Parish. His grandson was the Thomas P. BALL - aka Thomas Prideaux BALL (1796-1869) who resided at Urker in the 1828 Census. A Thomas BALL also owned Cavananore and Carnbeg – both lands connected to the extended family. An Indenture dated 9 July 1787 shows land leased to David JACKSON of Liscalgot by Thomas BALL.

[16] John KERFOOT lived at Urcher as did Widow KERFOOT, Joshua KERFOOT & George KERFOOT.



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