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Names in order of appearance are: Sarah SEAVER, James BRADFORD, James SWANZY, Richard SEAVER, Charles SEAVER, Wm GEOGH, Robert JACKSON. See also: OLIVER-SEAVER-JACKSON
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 26, 2007
Footnote updated July 11, 2009


1784 Feb 10

SEAVER -BRADFORD DEED: 360-85-241557

see also DEED: 360-236-242429


NOTES: Sarah SEAVER [1] of Ballinahonebegg [2] , CO. Armagh widow of the one part and James BRADFORD [3] of Armagh in said County, Merchant of the other part.. James SWANZY [4] of Aveluagh [5] , Co. Monaghan was the executor of Richard SEAVER [6] who in a lease 27 September 1782 demised to Sarah SEAVER & Arthur OLIVER [7] of Ballinahonebeg - 1/3 part of the townland of Ballinahonebeg as was lately held by Charles SEAVER [8] & his undertenants containing 92 acres ... [refers to] Deed of partition made between Sarah SEAVER & Arthur OLIVER 15 Nov 1783 that Sarah SEAVER (executor etc) would have ½ of all rents and fines issuing out of the part of said premises held by Thomas Verner Esq. And also ½ rents and fines of part in possession of Arthur OLIVER called the bleach green and half of her late husband’s legacy ... Witnessed that the said Sarah SEAVER for £400 sold to James BRADFORD the lands in her part of the partition. Witness Arthur OLIVER of Ballinahonebeg, Co. Armagh linen merchant. Wm GEOGH [9] of Armagh, weaver. Robert JACKSON [10] of Woodvale [11] , Co. Armagh, Gent. James BRADFORD [SEAL]


[1] Sarah SEAVER. Wife of Charles SEAVER. Sarah SEAVER had a will probated 1792.His wife's name was Sarah Hewetson. SOURCE Email July 10, 2009 from BG Wright: This information is found in the FHL film no: 1279330, Item 15, Title of record: Seaver Family which was compiled by Philip Crossle "in the year 1909". Also, there is a pedigree chart of the Seaver Family on the FHL film no: 259178, Transcript No: T822  which is where I originally found this information.

[2] Ballinahonebeg also known as Ballynahonebeg is a townland in the Parish of Lisnadill bordered by Farmacaffley, The Kennedies, Ballyards, Moneypatrick. Umgola touches at the northern tip. All these townlands are significant with respect to several other OLIVER leases.

[3] James BRADFORD. The BRADFORD name is linked to the JACKSONs of Creggan. NOTE: A James BRADFORD shows up in the 1663 Hearth Rolls at Drumennis, Parish of Kildarten. Currently, the townland appears to be in the Parish of Mullaghbrack.

[4] James SWANZY?

[5] Aveluagh, Co. Monaghan I don’t know where this townland might be – it does not match with contemporary names. It may be Avalreagh, Parish of Clontibret This would fit closely with another townland name Avebreagh, Co. Monaghan  where a will was probated for Richard SEAVER from - probated in Armagh 1770. NOTE: The Monaghan-Armagh connection here is interesting.

[6] Richard SEAVER: Father of Matthew or Michael SEAVER. Died before 1772. SEE Deed: 190992.

[7] Arthur OLIVER. He seems to be related to Benjamin OLIVER of Lislooney. More work on deeds and other resources is needed.

[8] Charles SEAVER. According to the 1782 DEED: 242429, Sarah SEAVER was his widow. NOTE: In 1762, a will for a Charles SEAVER was probated. NOTE: Need to find her maiden name. It could be JACKSON or more likely OLIVER. NOTE: A Nicholas SAVER was registered in the 1663 Hearth Rolls Records at Ballyaghy. I would expect him to be a relation if not also an ancestor.

[9] Wm GEOGH of Armagh, weaver. I know nothing more – except that his signature is on other deeds.

[10] Robert JACKSON. NOTE: I will add his data later after I have done the JACKSON side of this story.

[11] Woodvale?



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