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NAMES: John BARTLEY of Coothill; George BARTLEY, Dr. of Monaghan; Agnes BARTLEY of Magherra, Co. Derry; Letitia BARTLEY; Blayney Owen MITCHELL; Henry MITCHELL; OTHER PLACES: Dunrimond aka Dunraymond; Lossett.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 15, 2009


DEED 358 444 241732

1784 June 7



Regd 25th June 1784


A memorial of an Indented Deed of Assigmnt bearing date the Seventh day of June One Thousand Seven Hundred and Eighty four and made Between John BARTLEY[1] of Coothill[2] in the County of Cavan Mercht of the one part and George BARTLEY[3] of the town and County of Monaghan Doctor of Physick of the Other part Whereby after recitd that Agnes BARTLEY[4] of Maghery[5] in the County of Derry Widow was Intitled unto the Towns and Lands of Dunrimond[6] and Losset[7] Situate in the Parish of Kilmore and County of Monaghan by Virtue of a Lease of Nine Hundred and ninety nine years and that the said Agnes did by Indented Deed[8] Bearing date the first day of December One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Eight for the Considerations therein Mentd Grant Bargain Sell Assign and make over unto the sd John BARTLEY and Letitia BARTLEY[9] his wife one undivided fifth part of the Lands of Dunrimond and Losset To hold  the sd fifth part of the sd Lands to the Sd John & Letitia their Heirs  and Assigns for and during  the residue & Remainder of the Sd Term of Nine Hundred and Ninety nine years Subject as therein is mentd and also Reciting that the sd Letitia BARTLEY was Dead and that the Sd John BARTLEY obtained administn of Goods and Chattles Rights and Credits of the Sd Letitia out of the Consistorial Court of the Diocess of Clogher he the sd John BARTLEY did by the said Indented Deed of which this is a memorial for the Consdn therein Mentd Grant Bargain Sell Assign and make over unto the sd George BARTLEY All that and those the sd undevided  fifth part of the sd Lands of Dunrimond & Losset To hold the same unto the sd George BARTLEY his Executors Admors Assigns for the rest residue and remainder of the sd Term of Nine Hundred and Ninety nine years yet Contains a Covenant for further assurances and the said Deed and this Memorial as to the Execution thereof by the sd John BARTLEY are Witnessd by Blayney Owen MITCHELL[10] of the City of Dublin Attorney at Law and Henry MITCHELL[11] Brother to the said B. O. MITCHELL – John BARTLEY (seal)

[1] John BARTLEY (1798-1871) of Coothill in the County of Cavan Mercht SOURCE: At the Ford of the Birches p 137: 2nd Ballybay graveyard inscription, 11: of Corbyfin, d. 30 Mar 1871 a 73; husb of Letitia, father of Francis Alexander.

[2] Coothill, Parish of Drungoon, Co. Cavan

[3] George BARTLEY of the Town of Monaghan Esq. I suspect that he was the George BARTLEY (1752-1800), husband of Christina METGE and son of Robert BARTLEY and possible Jane McCLELLAND.

[4] Agnes BARTLEY. I do not know how she fits in – although I suspect a connection to the Rev Joseph BARKLEY of Magherra, Co. Derry whose father was James BARKLEY and  but a James BARKLEY and an Agnes BARTLEY were both mentioned in the 1791 DEED: 440 473 284746.

[5] Maghery, Parish of Maghery, Co. Derry aka Londonderry.

[6] Dunrimond Parish of Kilmore, Co. Monaghan.

[7] Losset There are four townlands named Losset. Going by BARTLEY holdings registered at the time of Griffiths (James BARTLEY & Margaret BARTLEY), I would suspect the Paris of Kilmore, Co. Monaghan is the appropriate one.

[8] DEED 1778 Dec 1 – NOTE: I don’t think I have seen this deed.

[9] Letitia BARTLEY SOURCE: At the Ford of the Birches p 137: 2nd Ballybay graveyard inscription, 11: d. 24 Apr 1882 a 88; wife of John of Corbyfin; mother of Francis Alexander

[10] Blayney Owen MITCHELL aka Blayney-Owen MITCHELL b.Jan1751; d.23Feb1817 Well known Dublin attorney. His ancestry traces back to Sir Edward BLAYNEY SOURCE: http://keithblayney.com/Blayney/Edward1.html In a Belfast Newsletter article August 1792, his Dublin address is given as: 5, Dominick St., Dublin

[11] Henry MITCHELL Esq., of Drumreaske b.1766 d.26Jul1830 married Mary JOHNSTONE in 1787. She was the daughter and heiress of John JOHNSTONE Esq., of Killabeel, Monaghan SOURCE: http://keithblayney.com/Blayney/Edward1.html



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