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NAMES: Joseph OLIVER, of Kennedies, Parish of Armagh, Co. Armagh, Gent; William BRYAN of City of Dublin, Esq.; Arthur DENNIS; Henry RICHARDSON, City of Dublin, Gent; Patrick REILLY, City of Dublin. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Enagh, Parish of Lisnadill.
NOTE: The mystery here is how the OLIVERs had all these leases in this area and yet seemingly had no part in the success of the mills at Milford in the early 1800s.

Sharon Oddie Brown. December 15, 2007

1784 Nov 23


Townland Register: 1739-1810



Deed of assignment between William BRYAN [1] of the City of Dublin Esq. & Joseph OLIVER [2] of the Kennedies [3] in the Parish & Co. of Armagh Gent of the other part.  BRYAN did for the consideration of £450 Ster paid by said Joseph OLIVER grant the upper held [or half] townland of Kennedies containing 97 acres  formerly in the possession of Arthur DENNIS [4] & his undertenants lying and being in the parish & co of Armagh  together with one acre of turf bog in the townland of Enagh [5] in said Co.  as the same were occupied and enjoyed by said Arthur DENNIS and his undertenants and then held and enjoyed by the said William BRYAN and his undertenants ... for remainder of term of 21 years  granted by a lease dated Sept 1, 1783 under College and Corporation of Vicars Choral & Organist of the Church  of said Patrick Armagh. Witness Henry RICHARDSON [6] , City of Dublin Gent & Patrick REILLY [7] of said City.


[1] William BRYAN of the City of Dublin Esq. The In a lease of 1775 September 8, a John BRYAN (yeoman of Dublin) was a witness to a lease involving the Andrew OLIVER of Newtownhamilton and lands in Monaghan.

[2] Joseph OLIVER of the Kennedies, Gent. The townland of the Kennedies is on the northeastern border of Ballynahonebeg and is part of the land now occupied by the town of Milford. The road to Monaghan runs through it. On its northern border, is the townland of Tullymore. All these townlands had a significant number of OLIVER-related leases connected to them and also had connections to bleachworks and mills (which given the number of OLIVERs who were described as “drapers” is significant). I am guessing that the 97 acres would be north of the road to Monaghan.

[3] Kennedies, Parish of Lisnadill, Co. Armagh (now incorporated into the town of Milford) is a townland of about 203 acres. Interestingly in the Freeholder records at PRONI, the only names listed for the Kennedies are Gray, Gillespie, Johnston, Levinstone  and Livingstone – not OLIVER.

[4] Arthur DENNIS I don’t know who he is.

[5] Enagh, Parish of Lisnadill, Co. Armagh, a townland that abuts the townland of the Kennedies. Although there is a slight chance this could be the Enagh townland in the Parish of Tynan, it is more likely Lisnadill because of proximity.

[6] Henry RICHARDSON, City of Dublin Gent. I note that a John RICHARDSON of Donaghmore, Co. Tyrone was also a witness to the aforementioned 1775 lease.

[7] Patrick REILLY, City of Dublin



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