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NAMES: Paul Isaac VATEAU of Dundonald, Co. Down; Peter VATEAU aka de VATEAU, VOTO, VAUTEAU; Samuel JACKSON of Dundonald; David FITZGERALD; Timothy FITZGERALD; John FORSAYTH; Peter JACKSON of Dublin; John MOORE - Registrar. OTHER PLACES: East Side of George Lane, Dublin.

Sharon Oddie Brown. December 18, 2011
NOTE: This deed requires more than the usual level of caution with respect to the “facts” in the footnotes. I have identified sources to the best of my ability, but it is a mystery to me why so many sources have such differing names for the VATEAU women. It leads me to suspect that there is more than one VATEAU-JACKSON marriage. I have explored some of this possibility in the footnotes.





Book 372, pg. 25, #247369

Transcribed by Dawn Lowe; footnotes by Sharon Oddie Brown


A Memorial of a Deed of Assignment bearing date 12 July 1785 made between


Paul Isaac Vauteau[1] of Dundonald in the County of Down Gent, surviving Executor of Peter Vauteau[2] late of the City of Dublin Gent deceased, Samuel Jackson[3] of Dundonald aforesaid Esq and Sarah Jackson otherwise Vauteau his wife of the first part


David Fitzgerald[4] of the said City Merchant acting executor of Timothy Fitzgerald[5] late of said City Silk Weaver who was Sving Trustee named in the last Will and Testamt of the said Peter Vauteau of the second part


and the Commrs named Constituted appd and Empowered in by and in pursuance of Sevl acts of Parliament passed in this Kingdom the first made the 31st year of the reign of his late Majesty King George the Second entitled an act for making a wide and Conect? Way street and passage from Essex Bridge to the Castle of Dublin and for other purposes therein mentioned. Another made in the 33rd year of his said late Majesty's reign for amending the aforesaid act another act made in the Eighth year of the reign of his present Majesty King George the Third for the further amending the said first mentioned Act One other act made the Seventeenth and eighteenth years of his said present Majesty's reign entitled an act to Direct the application of five thousand pounds granted to the said Comrs One other act made in the twenty first and twenty second years of his said present Mat's reign entitled an act for the improvement of the City of Dublin by making wide and Convt passages through the same and for regulating the Coal trade thereof and one other act made in the twenty third and twenty fourth years of his said present Majesty's reign entitled an act for continuing and amending the said last  mentioned of the third part which recites that a Jury therein mentioned found that the Representative of Peter Vauteau was possessed of an house on the East side of George Lane[6] in the Coy? Of the City of Dublin in Tenure of Richard John and Alexander Kilburne[7] under the Dean and Chapter of Christ Church for a Term of years of which 36 years were to come from the twenty ninth Day of Sept then last at the yearly rent of six pounds twelve shillings and eight pence and they did assess and award the sum of three hundred and ninety eight pounds eleven shgs and six pence to be paid to the said Representative of Peter Vauteau for the aforesaid house and for his Estate Right title Term and Int therein and by said Deed of Assignment in consideration of said 398 pounds 11 shillings and 6 pence to the said Paul Isaac Vauteau Samuel Jackson and Sarah his wife in hand paid by the said Commrs with the Consent of the said David Fitzgerald testified as therein mentioned and in consideration of five shillings to the said David Fitzgerald then also paid by the said Comrs they the said Peter Isaac Vauteau Samuel Jackson Sarah his wife and David Fitzgerald did grant and make over to the said Commrs and their successors the aforesaid House and Premises with the appurtenances to hold unto the said Comrs and their successors for all the Remr of the Said Peter Isaac Vauteau Samuel Jackson Sarah his wife and David Fitzgerald Terms or Term therein to Come and Unexpired which said Deed and this Memorial is witnessed by John Forsayth[8] of the City of Dublin Writing Clerk and Peter Jackson[9] of said City Gent Samuel Jackson: SEAL. Signed and sealed in presence of John Forsayth Peter Jackson.


The above named John Forsayth maketh oath that he is a Subg witness to the Deed of which above is a Memorial and to the above Memorial and same the above named Samuel Jackson by Virtue of a Letter of attorney Annexed to said Deed the names and acknowledge the Seals of the said Paul Isaac Vauteau and Sarah Jackson to said Deed and also said Samuel Jackson Sign his own name to and duly Execute Said Deed and Memorial and Dept delivered Said Deed and Memorial to W. John Moore Deputy Regr the 26th day of July 1785 at or near three o'clock in the afternoon. John Forsayth Sworn before me the 26th day of July1785

Jno Moore[10] Depy Regr

[1] Paul Isaac VATEAU aka de VATEAU of Dundonald. LDS records include a Paul Isaac VATEAU b abt 1715 in Dublin, died 1817 Ohio. Since a life span of 102 is a little suspicions, I would not put too much stock in such  birth date. He was apparently a son of a John VATEAU born in England about 1665. There was a son named Paul still alive in 1732, so it is possible that this is him – the son of John Jacob VOTAW aka VATEAU. This would make him a nephew of the deceased. Given that other family members went to America and the deceased Peter VATEAU had no sons, this makes sense.

[2] Peter VATEAU (1700-1778).  A source that verified and tied many pieces together is: Ireland's Huguenots and their refuge, 1662-1745: an unlikely haven.  Raymond Hylton Sussex Academic Press. 2005. Peter VATEAU aka Pierre VATEAU was born abt 1700 in London and died 15 April 1778 in Dublin. His parents were Isaac VATEAU (VOTAW) who died in 1733 & Mary Magdalen VAUTRIN (KUTRIN). His father was a leather tawer (chamoiseur) and it seems that his son carried on the trade since Sir Arthur Vicars Index to the Prerogative Wills of Ireland has a 1778 entry for Peter VAUTEAU, Fade Street, Dublin, tanner. This would be a logical fit for the JACKSONs of Dundonald since at least some of them were known to be in the leather trade. He seems to have done well for himself: In 1758 Pierre had acquired the lease to five somewhat ancient houses in the portion of the Dean and Chapter of Christchurch Cathedral, lying between Bride street and Little Ship Street. Here became a Freeman of the Merchant Guild in 1727 and an elder at French Patrick's, leaving a bursary of 30 pounds per annum for the preaching of a special sermon at St. Luke's Church every Wednesday evening. His wife Madeleine née Bureau passed on 26 January 1787 at which time the family died out.

[3] Samuel JACKSON  There is a Samuel JACKSON b abt 1737 in Carrickfergus, Co. Antrim who married a Hester de VATEAU aka VATEAU. I doubt if he is the same person. The history here is quite murky and not totally to be trusted.  Sources and allegations about VATEAU-connections to Samuel JACKSON in this time frame and place include:

·       DESCENDANTS OF EDWARD III. A Continuation of the Marquis de Ruvigny's. The Plantagenet Roll of the Blood Royal, There are no sources given and the description is quite suspect. This source has a Samuel JACKSON as a son of Joseph JACKSON (1690-abt 1766) and allege that he  died in Augusta co, VA and that he married ca 1760, in Augusta Co, VA, a Martha VATEAU (born ca 1739, Dublin). Even at this, it is likely another VATEAU-JACKSON marriage.in 1760 in Virginia.

  • According the www.thepeerage.com, this Samuel JACKSON was a West Indian planter. He lived at Stormont, Belfast, County Antrim, Ireland. This is the Samuel JACKSON who married a Hester de VATEAU and had two daughters born at Stormount, Belfast. He was an East India merchant.
  • One site (I misplaced my notes) had the Samuel JACKSON, supposedly a son of Dr. Joseph JACKSON who married a Martha VATEAU born about 1739 in Dublin.
  • John Burke, Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland, Vol I fith edition, London 1875, page 217: THE REV MARK CASSIDY, A.M. b 1 Aug 1777, scolar of Trinity Dublin, 1797. He m. 1808, Henrietta, dau (by his wife, Martha VATEAU, the only child and heiress of Paul-Peter-IsaacVateau, a Huguenot refugee, who had settled in Dublin) of Samuel JACKSON, Esq. of Stormount, near Belfast, a West Indies Planter; and by her (who died 14 Dec 1855) he had issue:
  • Then there is the version at:: Ancient family of Cleland; being an account of the Clelands of that Ilk, in the county of Lanark; of the branches of Faskine, Monkland, etc. which asserts: Rev. John Cleland (134). — Prebendary of Armagh. Born 1755; married 1805 Esther, daughter and co-heiress of Samuel Jackson, of Stormont, by his wife, Margaret Vateau, of a Huguenot family.
  • Stormont was first used c.1830 as the name of the house and estate of Rev. John Cleland, replacing the original estate name, Mount Pleasant.  In 1859 the house was replaced by Stormont Castle. It is in the townland of Ballymiscaw. SOURCE: Stormount, Co. Down.


[5] Timothy FITZGERALD

[6] East side of George Lane, Dublin

[7] Richard, John & Alexander KILBURNE

[8] John FORSAYTH of Dublin

[9] Peter JACKSON of Dublin

[10] John MOORE Deputy Registrar



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