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NAMES: Alexander WADDELL of Lisnaveane; Mary Ann FOSTER aka McCLENNAN aka ARMSTRONG; Dr. George BARTLEY; John McCLEARY of Monaghan; Thomas WRIGHT; Joseph SMITH; John MOORE. OTHER PLACES: Balindaragh & Brackley, Co. Armagh.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 8, 2009
Updated footnote July 14, 2009


1786 Jan 6

DEED 375 92 249577


NOTE: Many of the names on this deed are just out of my grasp. I suspect that Wendy Jack will be able to make sense of many of them when she has time to look at it. At that time, I will add in whatever I learn to the footnotes.


Sixth day of January 1786 and made between Alexander  WADDELL[1] of Lisnaveane[2] in the County of Monaghan Gent of the first part. Mary Ann FOSTER[3] otherwise McCLELLAN otherwise ARMSTRONG now of the town and County of Monaghan aforesaid widow of the second part and George BARTLEY[4] Esq. Dr. of physic and John McCLEARY[5] merchant both of the said town and County of Monaghan of the third part. Whereby after reciting among other things that the said Alexander  WADDELL was entitled to the lands of Lisnavean and Cordevliss situate in the Barony of Cremorne and County of Monaghan aforesaid and also that the said Mary Ann FOSTER was entitled to that Form of Land in the Town Land of Balindaragh[6] containing 17 acres two roods English measure together with half an acre of turf bog English measure in the upper half town land of Brackley[7] situate lying and being in the parish of Mullaghbrack Barony of Fews and County of Armagh and also that a marriage was intended shortly to be had and solemnized between the said Alexander  WADDELL and Mary Ann FOSTER they the said Alexander  WADDELL and Mary Ann FOSTER did by the said indented articles in consideration of the said marriage and of the other considerations therein mentioned grant bargain sell assign transfer and make over unto the said George BARTLEY and John McCLEARY all that and those the said lands of Lisnavean Cordevlish and all the said Form of Land in the said lands of Balindaragh together with the said half acre of bog in the upper half town land of Brackley. To hold the same unto the said George BARTLEY and John McCLEARY and the survivors of them his heirs exors admors and admon to and upon the several uses trusts intents of purposes therein particularly mentioned and which said indented articles contain several other covenants and agreements and the same as to the Execution thereof by the said Alexander  WADDELL and Mary Ann FOSTER and the Memorial as to the execution thereof by the said Alexander  WADDELL are witnessed by Thomas WRIGHT[8] of the town and County of Monaghan merchant and Joseph SMITH[9] of the city of Dublin gent. Alexander  WADDELL. [Seal] Signed and sealed in presence of Thomas WRIGHT Joseph SMITH. The above named Joseph SMITH maketh oath that he is a subscribing witness to the indented articles of which the above is a Memorial and said he saw the said duly executed by the above named Alexander  WADDELL and Mary Fowler FOSTER and said he saw the said Alexander WADDELL sign and seal the above Memorial and that the name to Joseph SMITH subscribed to said article and Memorial as a witness is deponent's name and proper handwriting and saith he [del___?] said deed and Memorial to John MOORE[10] Esq. Deputy register of 3 January 1786 at or near 12 o'clock at noon. Joseph SMITH. Sworn 31 January 1786. John MOORE at the registrar [?]

[1] Alexander  WADDELL (1731-1799) I have two children attached in the family tree and I presume they were with a previous wife.

[2] Lisnaveane 205 acres in the Parish of Tullycorbet. At the time of Griffiths, the WADDELLS still retained considerable holdings.

[3] Mary Ann FOSTER otherwise McCLELLAN otherwise ARMSTRONG

[4] George BARTLEY(1753-1800) Esq. Dr. of physic. Husband of Christina METGE. They had six known children

[5] John McCLEARY merchant

[6] Balindaragh aka Ballindarragh, Parish of Kilclooney, Co. Armagh.

[7] Brackley, Parish of Kilclooney, Parish of Armagh (there is another on in the Parish of Keady, but this is most likely).

[8] Thomas WRIGHT

[9] Joseph SMITH

[10] John MOORE Esq.



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