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NAMES: Original JACKSON of Godmanchester; George JACKSON - Higney Grange Farm; Sarah JACKSON; Rev. John DOWSING; Elizabeth JACKSON; George PALMER - Water Newton; John JACKSON; Michael GARNER - Kings Ripton; Owen FANN - Huntingdon; Rev. Horace HAMMOND; William FELLOWES - Ramsey, Cambridgeshire; ASKHAM?; John BROMHEAD; Elizabeth DOWSING; Sarah DOWSING; John PEARS - Holbeach, Lincolnshire; John KEY (?); Michael Holm HALL. OTHER PLACES: Woodwalton aka Wood Walton; Sawtry.
Sharon Oddie Brown. November 16, 2011
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“Original Jackson” will: Cambridgeshire Archives

This is the same Original JACKSON whose grave memorial is at the Church of St. Regimus, in the Parish of Water Newton. SEE footnote #3 for my rationale that the Original Jackson of Godmanchester is the same as the Original Jackson of Water Newton.


2nd - 3rd May 1788

Reciting R4/2/13[1] and R4/2/15[2], the will of the late Original Jackson[3] whereby he devised his real estates in Godmanchester[4], Woodwalton[5] and Sawtry[6] equally between his second son, George Jackson[7] of Woodwalton, gent, since deceased, his daughters, Sarah[8], wife of Rev. John Dowsing[9] of Middleton, Norfolk, clerk, and Elizabeth[10], since deceased, wife of George Palmer[11] of Water Newton[12], flourman, subject to the payment of certain mortgages etc, and the decrees of the Court of Chancery for the sale of all the real Estates of Original Jackson in 6 lots. Now John Jackson[13] of Godmanchester, Esq; eldest son and heir at law of the late Original Jackson, Michael Garner[14] of Kings Ripton[15], farmer, and Owen Fann[16] of Huntingdon[17], gent, devises in trust and executors named in the will of the late George Jackson, George Palmer, administrator with the will annexed of George Jackson, Rev. John Dowsing and Sarah, his wife, and Rev. Horace Hamond[18] of Harpley, Norfolk, clerk, only son and heir at law of the late Rev. Dr Hamond[19], to William Fellowes[20] of Ramsey[21], Esq; £4,220 paid to the account of the Accountant General of the Court of Chancery in the Bank of England for the credit of the causes Dowsing and others v Jackson and others & Dowsing and others v Askham[22] and others, Lot 2 the messuages in the tenure of John Bromhead[23], the pieces of pasture and meadow ground called Green Close, Little Meadow, Harris's Meadow, Martin's meadow, Falkner's Meadow, Black Hedge Hill and Church Field[24] (193 acres 3r 34p) in the tenure of Elizabeth Dowsing[25] and 4 cottages in the occupation of William Drage, Richard Mosley, Edward Andrews and John Markham, all in Woodwalton[26]. Enclosed: Copy of Exemplification of Easter Term, 1 George 1 [1715], a common recovery, Sir William Blackett and John Bullock Esq; v Sir John Marshall. 15 messuages, 5 woods, 15 gardens, 200 acres of land, 60 acres of meadow, 200 acres of pasture, 30 acres of wood, 100 acres of gorse heath and 1,050 acres of marsh in Woodwalton, a moiety of the Manor of Woodwalton and a turn in the presentation to the Advowson of the Parish Church of Woodwalton. R4/3/3.

SEE also: Huntingtonshire Archives: R8/7/2  Office Copy of the Will23rd September, 1769Of Original Jackson of Waternewton, Esq., Among other things, to his daughter, Sarah, wife of Rev John Dowsing of Middleton, Norfolk, his right of presentation to the Rectory of Woodwalton, and one third part of all his messuages, lands etc., in Godmanchester, Woodwalton and Sawtry, subject to the payment of £1,000 to his granddaughter Sarah Dowsing[27], on the death of her mother. To his son, George Jackson, Higney Grange Farm[28] and one other third part of his lands etc., in Godmanchester, Woodwalton and Sawtry, subject to the payment of £1,000 to his granddaughter, Sarah Jackson, on the death of her father. To his daughter, Elizabeth, wife of George Palmer of Waternewton, flourman, the other third part of his lands etc., in Godmanchester, Woodwalton and Sawtry, subject to the payment of £1,000 to his granddaughter, Sarah Palmer, on the death of her mother.

Huntingtonshire Archives: R8/7/158th - 9th April 1789Of Lease and Release. Rev.Hamond of Harpley, Norfolk, clerk, only son and heir at law and sole executor of his late father, the Rev.Dr.Hamond, who was a mortgagee in fee of the hereditaments, John Jackson of Godmanchester, Esq, eldest son and heir at law of the late Original Jackson, Michael Garner of Kings Ripton, farmer, and Owen Fann of Huntingdon, gent, devisees in trust and executors named by the will of George Jackson of Woodwalton, gent, deceased, second son and devisee named in the will of the late Original Jackson, Rev. John Dowsing of Middleton, Norfolk, clerk, administrator of his late daughter, Sarah, and Sarah, his wife, one of the daughters and devisees of the late Original Jackson, with the consent of George Palmer of Waternewton, flourman, administrator with the Will annexed of the late George Jackson, on the renunciation of Garner and Fann, and at the request of John Pears[29] of Holbeach[30], Lincs, grazier, to John key[31] the younger of Holbeach, gent, trustee for Pears. In futher pursuance of the Order (/8) and for £5,210 paid into the Bank of England by Pears. The capital messuage called Michel Holm Hall[32] with appurtenances, close of pasture land called Castle Hill or Hills (9 ac 2r . 8p .), piece of pasture called Dixons Close (3r. 3p) , piece of pasture called Barrow field (24 ac. Ir. 24.), piece of pasture land called Long Pightle or Pightles and Penny Place (13 ac .Or. 26p.), piece of arable land called Little Stocking or Nether Stocking (6 ac. 3r. 31p.), piece of arable land called Houses Close or Howses Close (9 ac. 3r. 30p.), piece of arable called Circum Holmes (22 ac. Or. 24p. ), piece of arable called Spunge Close or Spong Close (9 ac. 2r. 6p), piece of arable called Little Mudge Close or Little Magee Close (9 ac. Or. 25p. ), piece of arable called Great Mudge Close or Great Magee Close (36ac. 1r.29p.), piece of woodland called Barrow Wood (4ac. 3r. 13p.), piece of pasture called Little Barrow Field (5ac. 2r. 38p.), piece of pasture called Great Hill Close, (20ac. or. 24p.), piece of pasture or arable called Great Cunningtons Close or Cunnington[33] (12ac. 2r. 22p.), piece of pasture called Cottages Close (16ac. 3r. 24p.), piece of arable called Hill Close (8ac. Or. 38p.), piece of woodland called Thrift Fen or Thrift Wood (19ac. 3r.33p. ), piece of pasture called Church Close (35ac. Or. 34p.), piece of pasture called Upper Round Field (17ac.), piece of pasture called Nether Round Field (15ac. 2r. 10p.), and a piece of pasture called Bozares or Crank Close (3ac Or. 7p.), all in Woodwalton, and now or late in the tenure of James Mann[34] and Elizabeth Dowsing, and the 4 tenements or cottages in Woodwalton, now or late in the occupations of Edward Titman[35], Sarah Dean[36], William King[37] and George Burton[38], which contain altogether 301ac. 1r. 19p. and from Lot No.1 of the real esate of the late Original Jackson.

Norfolk Record OfficeNorfolk Record Office Admission of Original Jackson of Godmanchester, merchant, to property in Thornfield and Mill Lane in manor of West Walton, on surrender of Henry and Robert Goodwin. 30 Sept 1745.

TO be sold pursuant to an order of the High Court of Chancery before John Ord, Esquire, one of the Masters of the said Court, at his chambers in Lincoln’s Inn, the Freehold Estates of Original Jackson, Esquire, deceased, situate at Woodwalton and Godmanchester in the County of Huntingdon, and now let to several tenants at 1000l a year and upwards. Particulars of the said Estates may be had at said Master’s Chambers. [March 1786]

[1] 31st October-1st November 1768 Copy of Mortgage  (By lease and release) Jackson now of Water Newton, Esq; to Rev. Horace Hamond of Harpley, Norfolk, DD. £6,000 as in R4/2/11.

[2] 11th January 1770 Copy of a Deed of further charge. Reciting R4/2/13 Original Jackson to Dr Hamond a further sum of £2,000.

[3] Original JACKSON (1697-1771). This is the Original JACKSON buried at Water Newton. I am basing this on two pieces of information and one observation. Firstly, the fact that his daughter married a George PALMER of Water Newton. Secondly, the National Archives R4/2/13  31st October-1st November 1768 which states in a lease and release: "Jackson now of Water Newton, Esq; to Rev. Horace Hamond of Harpley, Norfolk, DD. £6,000 as in R4/2/11". Finally, the observation that the name “Original” is not that common. This is another one of those convergences which also makes me think that Original JACKSON may be related to the Duddington JACKSONs – they had land at Castor, less than two miles from Water Newton.

[4] Godmanchester is just south of the town of Huntingdon, Co. Cambridgeshire. It is about 6 miles south of Sawtry & Wood Walton

[5] Woodwalton is about 2 miles south-east of Sawtry, and about 6 miles north of Godmanchester. This land was demised to original JACKSON Dec 23, 1751 by William MARSHALL. NOTE: It would be worth finding out more about him since in the line of Duddington JACKSONs  there are a number of MARSHALL connections and it is possible, if not likely that Original JACKSON is connected to that line. SOURCE: (There are more citations than this one)

Copy of Assignment.  R4/2/7  15th August 1752

Contents: Reciting that on the 23rd December 1751, William Marshall of Windsor Berks, Esq, only son and heir of William Marshall of Woodwalton, Esq; deceased, demised to Original Jackson of Godmanchester, gent, for a term of 1000 years, his manor of Woodwalton, his donation to the Advowson of Woodwalton, his lands etc; in Woodwalton and Little Raveley and his lands in Essex and Cambridge to secure the repayment of £600 and interest: and that Jackson has since contracted to purchase from Marshall the manor, the donation and the lands in Woodwalton and Sawtry. Now Jackson to James Palmer of Brampton, gent, trustee for Jackson and Marshall. The manor the lands etc, as in the above mortgage for the residue term of 1,000 years.

[6] Sawtry is just off the A1 highway, about 6 miles north of Godmanchester and about 2 mile north west of Sawtry.

[7] George JACKSON (b. aft 1729 - d. 1783)

[8] Sarah JACKSON (b 1730 – d aft 1788) married Rev. John DOWSING

[9] Rev. John DOWSING of Middleton Norfolk

[10] Elizabeth JACKSON (1733- bef 1788) married George PALMER. I suspect that she died sometime after her father (1771) and obviously before this document.

[11] George PALMER, flourman of Water Newton.

[12] Water Newton is on the A1 highway, just south west of Peterborough. It is less than 2 miles from Castor, lands held by succeeding generations in the Dudddington JACKSON line.

[13] John JACKSON (1729-)

[14] Michael GARNER

[15] Kings Ripton is on Sawtry Way about 4 miles north east of Godmanchester.

[16] Owen FANN (1715-1795). He was a gentleman and coroner of Huntingdon. At Huntindon after a painful and tedious illness aged 80, Owen FANN, gent of that place, attorney at law, a master extraordinary in chancery, and coroner for the hundred at [???]  SOURCE: The Gentleman’s Magazine Volume 77.

[17] Huntingdon is a town just north of Godmanchester.

[18] Rev. Horace HAMMOND d. 1786 – of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge (D.D. 1755), rector of Harpley and Great Bircham. Norfolk 1744-1786. NOTE: National Archives: Copy of Mortgage  R4/2/13  31st October-1st November 1768  Contents: (By lease and release) Jackson now of Water Newton, Esq; to Rev. Horace Hamond of Harpley, Norfolk, DD. £6,000 as in R4/2/11.

[19] Rev. Dr. HAMMOND

[20] William FELLOWES. NOTE: The Fellowes family bought the Manor of Ramsey in 1737; Edward Fellowes was created Lord de Ramsey in 1887, and the family have held the manor ever since. As well as records of the Fellowes estate itself, the family has deposited many earlier (though post-Reformation) records of the estate which they inherited.
SOURCE: http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/a2a/records.aspx?cat=011-r_1&cid=-1#-1

Deeds copies and other papers  R4/2/1-27  [n.d.] Contents: Relating to the purchase by William Fellowes in 1788 of an Estate in Woodwalton, formerly a part of the Estate of the late Original Jackson, and the Causes in Chancery over Jackson's will.

[21] Ramsey, Cambridgeshire

[22] ASKHAM?

[23] John BROMHEAD. NOTE: I do not know who he was, but it is likely significant that a Rachel BROMHEAD married Charles William JACKSON (1797-1819) of Stamford, one of the Duddington JACKSON line, and that their marriage was recorded in the Huntingdon Record Office.

[24] I am guessing that the following are all part of Woodwalton: Green Close, Little Meadow, Harris's Meadow, Martin's meadow, Falkner's Meadow, Black Hedge Hill and Church Field

[25] Elizabeth DOWSING – I suspect she is related to the Rev. John DOWSING.

[26] National Archives: R4/2/19 Morrow of All Saints 29 Geo 111 [1788]. William Fellowes v Palmer, Dowsing and his wife, John Jackson, Hamond, Garner and Fann. £600. One messuage, 4 cottages, 4 barns, 4 stables, 5 gardens, 5 orchards, 100 acres of land, 250 acres of meadow, 250 acres of pasture and common of pasture in Woodwalton.

[27] Sarah DOWSING daughter of  John DOWSING & Sarah JACKSON.

[28] Higney Grange Farm

[29] John PEARS

[30] Holbeach, Lincolnshire

[31] John KEY?

[32] Michael Holm HALL

[33] Cunnington – NOTE: Connington is also where Rachel BROMFIELD who married Charles William JACKSON (1797-1819)  came from. It is about 4 miles south east of Godmanchester.

[34] James MANN

[35] Edward TITMAN

[36] Sarah DEAN

[37] William KING

[38] George BURTON



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