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NAMES: Joseph OLIVER of the Kennedies, Co. Armagh sold his lease of 97 acres in the Kennedies as well as a bog in Enagh, Co. Armagh for ₤600 for 21 years to John HUGGINS. WITNESSES: John BURGES of Armagh, Gent; Thomas IRWIN of Caledon, Co. Armagh; Robert LIVINGSTON.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 25, 2006
Footnotes added. December 19, 2007
Updated from photocopy of Deed, June 19, 2008

1788 November 7

Deed 403-346-267727




·                     1784 Nov 23 DEED: 364-182-243811 OLIVER-BRYAN

·                     1794 Apr 13 DEED: 486-226-307430  Joseph OLIVER - William CURRY

·                     1807 May 6 DEED: 597-288-406861 LEE-OLIVER


To the register to the registrar appointed for the registering of all wills deeds conveyances and so forth.

A memorial of an indenture bearing date the seventh day of November one thousand seven hundred eighty eight between Joseph OLIVER[1] of Kennedies[2] in the County of Armagh Gent of the first part & John HUGGINS[3] of  Glenart[4]  in the County of Tyrone Gent of the other part. Whereby the said Joseph OLIVER for the consideration of  of the sum of six hundred pounds in hand paid to said Joseph OLIVER by Jno HUGGINS the rent whereof is thereby acknowledged [?] Grant Bargain Sell unto the said John HUGGINS his executors administrators and assigns all that and those the upper Townland of Kennedies Containing ninety-seven acres or thereabout with one acre of turf bog in Enough[5] all in the County of Armagh and all the Estate right and the Title of said Joseph OLIVER of in and to the same  to hold for the Residue of Twenty-one years and for all future renewals to be obtained by the  said Joseph OLIVER and his Executors admons and assigns from the Vicars Choral and Organists of Armagh & their [?] Provided always that the said Joseph OLIVER his Heirs administrators and assigns shall pay to the said John HUGGINS his heirs administrators assigns the said from with all interest [?] that then said to deed to be void and of no effect which said deed of this memorial are witnessed. John Burges[6] of Armagh Gent and Thos IRWIN[7] of Caledon in the Co of Tyrone Gent.

Josh Oliver[SEAL]

Signed and sealed in presence of

John Burgess

Thomas Irwin

The above named John Burgess maketh oath that he was present and did see the above named Joseph Oliver and John Huggins duly sign and execute the deed of which the above writing is a memorial and says he also saw the said Joseph Oliver duly sign and execute the above memorial and that the deponent is it subscribing witness to said deed and memorial and that the name John Burgess there to subscribe to as a witness to said deed and memorial is the proper name and handwriting of this deponent sworn before me this eighth day of November 1788 at Armagh in the County of Armagh by virtue of a commission to me direct it and I know deponent

Robert Livingston[8]



[1] Joseph OLIVER of Kennedies in Co Armagh Gent. This Joseph OLIVER was probably a son of William OLIVER – probably of Farmacaflley and brother of David, William, Benjamin & Elizabeth OLIVER. He was born 11 Feb 1726/27 probably at Ballyrea, Co. Armagh and died Bet. 1794 - 1796 in Ballynahonebeg, Co. Armagh.  He probably married Jane OATS in 1764, the daughter of Thomas OATS. After his death, his three children, John, Mary & Elizabeth, rented his property at Ballinahonebeg to John SCOTT. That seemed to be part of a continued winding down of assets.

[2] The townland of the Kennedies is on the northeastern border of Ballynahonebeg and is part of the land now occupied by the town of Milford. The road to Monaghan runs through it. On its northern border, is the townland of Tullymore (where other OLIVERs lived). All these townlands had a significant number of OLIVER-related leases connected to them and also had connections to bleachworks and mills (which given the number of OLIVERs who were described as “drapers” is significant). I am guessing that the 97 acres would be north of the road to Monaghan.

[3] Jhn HUGGINS of Glenart in the County of Tyrone Gent. Jhn HUGGINS (AKA HIGGINS) of Glenart in the County of Tyrone Gent. Monaghan. NOTE: I do not know of any family connection, but in 1742, an Ann OLIVER married a Luke HIGGINS. SOURCE: National Archives Marriage Index.

[4] Glenart in the County of Tyrone. Possibly Glenarb, Parish of Aghaloo, Co. Tyrone.

[5] Enough AKA Enagh, Parish of Lisnadill is a townland adjacent to the Kennedies. It is also a townland where OLIVERs held leases up till the late 1800s.

[6] John Burges of Armagh Gent

[7] Thomas IRWIN of Caledon in the Co of Tyrone Gent. NOTE: In 1829, a Mary OLIVER married a Robert IRWIN SOURCE: Index of Marriages at NA.




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