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NAMES: William BARTLEY of Lossit; Robert BARTLEY, son of William; David GILLESPIE of Drummuck; Catherine GILLESPIE granddaughter of David; George BARTLEY; John ELLIOT; James COULTER of Killymount; John McMORRAN. OTHER PLACES: Glenrich.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 15, 2009



DEED 538 279 358137

1789 February 3


To the register appointed by act of Parliament for registering all deeds conveyances and so forth.


A Memorial something marriage articles made and concluded upon by and between William BARTLEY[1] of Losset[2] in the County of Monaghan on behalf of Robert BARTLEY[3] his son of the one part and David GILLESPIE[4] of Drummuck[5] in the County of Monaghan aforesaid on behalf of Catherine GILLESPIE[6] his granddaughter of the other part and bearing date the third day of February 1789. Recites that a marriage was intended to be solemnized between the said Robert BARTLEY and the said Catherine GILLESPIE and recites that the said William BARTLEY was then possessed of part of the lands of Losset containing by estimation 18 acres or thereabouts and reciting that the said William BARTLEY for the considerations in said deed mentioned did sell assign transfer and make over to the said Robert BARTLEY his heirs and assigns the one third part of said lands of Losset being six acres Irish plantation measure commonly called Loughill with the appurtenances to the said Robert BARTLEY his heirs and assigns paying the yearly rents and performing the covenants according to his part, but that the said William BARTLEY is to enjoy the said premises during his natural life then at his decease the said 6 acres to be delivered up to the said Robert BARTLEY his heirs and assigns during the term therein mentioned of 999 years reciting that said premises and every part thereof shall be given to the heirs of such a marriage lawfully begotten on the body of the said Catherine GILLESPIE but that the said Robert BARTLEY show have it in his power to leave said lands to any child or children of said marriage as she should think proper and that in case the said Catherine GILLESPIE should survive the said Robert BARTLEY the said Catherine GILLESPIE should enjoy said premises during her natural life, and reciting that the said Robert BARTLEY was then possessed of part of the town and lands of Glenkrich[7] the County of Monaghan that the said Catherine GILLESPIE and the heirs of her body lawfully begotten should enjoy said lands during the lives there in being receded that the said [Survivor?] GILLESPIE did in consideration of said marriage agree to pay on demand demised to the said Robert BARTLEY the sum of £100 as a marriage portion with the said Catherine GILLESPIE in which lands there are other clauses of covenants and is witnessed by George BARTLEY [8]late of the town of County Monaghan Dr. of physic and John ELLIOT[9] of the town and country of Monaghan aforesaid gent this Memorial is also witnessed by the said John ELLIOT and James COULTER[10] of Killymount[11] in the County of Monaghan linen Draper Robert BARTLEY. [SEAL] Signed and sealed in the presence of us John ELLIOT James COULTER. The above named John ELLIOT aged 50 years of age something maketh oath and says he is a true witness to the deed whereof the above writing is a Memorial and saw the same duly perfected by the perfecting parties thereto and is also a subscribing witness to this Memorial and I saw them same duly signed and sealed by the said Robert BARTLEY and saith that the name of John ELLIOT subscribing as a witness to said deed and this deponent's proper name and hand writing John ELLIOT sworn before me at Monaghan in the city of Monaghan this 27th day of July 1801 by virtue of a commission to me directed for the taking of affidavits in this County and I know the deponent. John McMORRAN[12].

[1] My best guess is that he is the William BARTLEY, son of George BARTLEY & Margaret ORR.

[2] Losset There are four townlands named Losset. Going by BARTLEY holdings registered at the time of Griffiths (James BARTLEY & Margaret BARTLEY), I would suspect the Paris of Kilmore, Co. Monaghan is the appropriate one.

[3] Robert BARTLEY, son of William BARTLEY

[4] David GILLESPIE NOTE: DEED: 166  269  111466 dated 1754 has a mention of a David GILLESPIE of Drummuck. A will was probated in 1799 for a David GILLESPIE of Ballybay.  In 1762, a deed was probated for an Alexander GILLESPIE of Ballybay. Also a John GILLESPIE of Derryvally. I don’t know if there are any connections here.

[5] Drummuck Parish of Ballybay, Co. Monaghan

[6] Catherine GILLESPIE

[7] Glenkrich – I suspect this is Glencorick, 140 acres in the Parish of Ematris, Co. Monaghan.

[8] George BARTLEY I suspect this is the George BARTLEY (1753-1800) huisband of Christina METGE and son of Robert and possibly Jane McCLELLAND

[9] John ELLIOT

[10] James COULTER. NOTE: I do not know how he connects, but there is a COULTER-BARTLEY connection. A linen merchant named John COULTER married a Jane BARTLEY (daughter of Hugh BARTLEY and possibly Agnes WILSON) and some of their children were recorded as being born at Bartleys Grove, Losset.

[11] Killymount NOTE: I haven’t a clue what this townland might be.

[12] John McMORRAN



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