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NAMES: Robert SIBTHORPE of Dunany; Susannah BAILIE of Clonaleenan; WIlliam POLLOCK; Richard KINDRICK; George BANON; Charles BANON; Robert BANON; John BANON; James COULTER of Carrickastuck; John MURPHY; George TWIBILL of Dublin.
Sharon Oddie Brown. June 26, 2011


ROD Reference:  Book 406, Page 549, No. 267399

Transcribed thanks to Wendy Jack. Footnotes by Sharon Oddie Brown. 

Sibthorpe to Bailie

Regd 7th March 1789 at 12


To the Regr. appd by act of Parlt. for Regr. Deeds Wills & so forth –

A Meml. of an Indre bearing date the nineteenth day of Decr. one thousand Seven hund. and eight eight and made Beween Robt Sibthorpe [1]of Dunany[2] on the Coy. of Louth Esqr. of the one part and Susanna Bailie [3]of Clonaleenan in the Coy. of Louth aforesd. Spinster of the other part Whereby the sd Robt Sibthorpe for the Considons therein mentd. did demise grant set & to farm lett release and Confirm unto the sd Susanna Bailie her Heirs & assigns all that part of the Lands of Carrickastuck then in the posson of Wm Pollock[4] and his Undertenants and which is marked No 2 the Map or Survey lately made of the Manor of Roach for sd Robt Sibthorpe by Richd Kindrick[5] Land Surveyor Contg forty four Acres and thirty perches plantation Measure be the same more or less with all houses Gardens & Appurs. thereunto belongg Situate in the Manor of Roach Barony of Dundalk and Coy of Louth aforesaid To hold the sd premes with the Appurs Except as therein Excepted unto the sd Susanna Bailie her Heirs & Assigns for and during the natural life and lives of Geo Banan[6] & Chas. Banan[7] Sons of Robt Banan[8] therein named and of John Banon[9] Nephew of Sd Robt. Banan and the Survrs. & Survr.of them Subject Nevertheless to such Interest as sd Wm Pollock then had in sd premes during the life of Jas Coulter[10] of Carrickastuck aforesd Yeoman at the yearly Rent of eight pounds Sixteen Shillings and eight pence during the life of sd Jas Coulter and at forty pounds fourteen Shills. & ten pence for every year after in which sd Indre there is Covt. of Renl. for ever on payment of a pepper Corn as a fine at the fall of every life which said Indenture and this Meml. as to the exon thereof by the sd Robt Sibthorpe is witnessed by John Murphy[11] & Geo Twibill [12]both of the City of Dublin atteys at Law & as to the Exon thereof by the sd Susanna Bailie is also winessed by the sd John Murphy & Geo Twibill. Robt Sibthorpe (Seal) Signed & Sealed in presence of Jno Murphy Geo Twibill The above named Geo Twibill maketh Oath that he is a Subsg Witness to the Indre of which the above Wg is a Meml and saw the same duly Executed by Robt Sibthorpe & Susanna Bailie the Executing parties thereto and saith he is also a Subsg witness to the above Meml and saw the said Robt Sibthorpe Sign and Seal the same and sayth that the name Geo Twibill Subsd as a witness to sd Deed & the above Meml. is this Depts. proper name and handwr and that he Delivd sd Deed and Meml. to John Moore Gent Depy Regr. at the Regrs. office lower Castle Yard Dublin the Seventh day of March 1789 at or near twelve oClock in the forenoon Geo Twibill Sworn the 7th. of March 1789

Jno Moore Dep Regr.


[1] Robert SIBTHORPE was an MP for Co. Louth and a local landlord. He served in India for some time. SOURCE: http://www.bomford.net/IrishBomfords/Chapters/Chapter15/Chapter15.htm  NOTE: He was a landlord involved in many transactions involving these related families.

[2] Dunany, a townland of 619 acres in the Parish of Dunany, Co. Louth.

[3] Susannah BAILIE (1773-1832) of Clonaleenan, She was a daughter of David BAILIE, and a granddaughter of John BAILLIE (1692-1777) & Dorothy SMITH. She married Paul PARKS (abt 1767-1845). He was a Co. of Louth revenue officer. SOURCE: ROD Reference: Book 734, Page 306, No. 500642

[4] William POLLOCK

[5] Richard KINDRICK, Land Surveyor.

[6] George BANON, son of Robert BANON.

[7] Charles BANON, son of Robert BANON.

[8] Robert BANON

[9] John BANON, nephew of Robert BANON

[10] James COULTER, yeoman of Carrickastuck. I would assume that this is the James COULTER, son of Charles COULTER and father of Charles and Henry COULTER. In other deeds, he is referred to as James COULTER, the elder.

[11] John MURPHY, Attorney at Law, Dublin.

[12] George TWIBILL, Attorney at Law, Dublin.



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