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Notes only. Names mentioned: Wm. OLIVER of Ennislare, linen draper; William OLIVER jr; James OLIVER, linen draper;. Frances OLIVER of Ennislare; Thomas WHALLEY of Dublin. This would concern the OLIVERs who were directly related to the Killynure branch.
Sharon Oddie Brown October 13, 2007
Updated November 28, 2009 WHALEY footnote


1790 Mar 10 DEED: 485-366-307174 OLIVER- WHALEY


NOTES: Wm OLIVER [1] of Ennislare [2] in parish & Co. Armagh & Francis OLIVER [3] of Ennislare ... Thomas WHALEY [4] of Dublin had leased on 10 Mar 1790 to Wm. OLIVER abt 31 acres of Ennislare “meared and bounded on the north by Farmacaffly [5] on the west by Townland of Err [6] . Witness William OLIVER & James OLIVER [7] both of Ennislea [8] , linen drapers. William OLIVER jr. [9] was the witness


[1] William OLIVER of Ennislare – I am assuming this is William OLIVER who married  Elizabeth STEEL in 1757 and was the father of the Francis & William jr. mentioned in the deed. He would probably have been the son of another William OLIVER – the one who shows up in Parish Registers as the father of David OLIVER.

[2] Ennislare, Parish of Lisnadill, Co. Armagh is on the southern border of Farmacaffley.

[3] Francis OLIVER of Ennislare is a daughter of William OLIVER and Elizabeth STEEL. SOURCE: Gravestone of her brother Benjamin OLIVER. A will for a Frances OLIVER, spinster of Enagh was probated January 14, 1837. It is most likely her as it seems she never married.

[4] Thomas WHALEY? I took very fast notes of : "WHALEY, Richard. incl Farimmacsetaney als Farinmcouth ...Enislare ... Ballyscandle. 1 Nov 1707 fro 21 years"SOURCE: Abstracts from the rentals of the archbishops of Armagh, 1615-1746 copied by T.G.F. Paterson. He may be the scoundrel described here:   http://www.irelandseye.com/irish/people/famous/whaley.shtm NOTE: It might help to see if there is a WHALLEY-OLIVER deed for Mar 10, 1790.

[5] Farmacaffley, Parish of Lisnadill is a townland that the OLIVERs have inhabited already for more than a hundred years – first records in the Hearth Money Roll  of the 1660s.

[6] Err? To the west is the townland of Ballyards on the maps that I have.

[7] James OLIVER of Ennislare? Linen draper. He could be either a son of William sr. or a brother – or neither. He does not show up in other corroborating records in either case. There is a brother of Benjamin OLIVER (1765-1831) mentioned in the 1931 will of Benjamin OLIVER.

[8] Ennislea. This is probably Ennislare as I can find no townland named Ennislea.

[9] William OLIVER jr. I am assuming he is the son of William OLIVER & Elizabeth STEEL.



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