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NAMES: Charles JACKSON of Dublin; John OLDHAM; Patrick CALLAGHAN; John WARREN of Carroduff, Dublin; Lawrence PEARSON; Terence KELLY. PLACES: Lands of Castleknock, Dublin.
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 15, 2011


Book 495, page 326, #322696

Transcribed by Dawn Lowe


Indented Deed of Assignment

Dated 30 May 1790


Between Charles Jackson[1], City of Dublin, Gent, of the first part, and

John Oldham[2], City of Dublin, Gent, of the second part


Reciting by lease of 7 July 1780 William James[3], City of Dublin, Gent, demised to Patrick Callaghan[4], City of Dublin, Distiller, the Town and lands of Castleknock, we acres, 1 Rood, 13 Perches in the Parish of Castleknock[5], County Dublin, to hold to Patrick Callaghan, his heirs and assigns for 31 years from 29 Sept then last past at the yearly rent of 30 pounds payable half-yearly and that by one other Indre of lease dated 18 March 1782 John Warren[6] of Carroduff[7], County Dublin, Esq, demised to said Patrick Callaghan all that part of the lands of Castleknock therein and herein after particularly mentioned to hold to Patrick Callaghan and his heirs and assigns for 61 years from 1 May then next at the yearly rent of 26 pounds 3 shillings 3 pence and that said 2 leases and the Premises were were by mesne aforementioned vested in said Charles Jackson party thereto who agreed to dispose of his interest in the lease to said John Oldham for 285 pounds 5 shillings … In consideration of said 285 pounds 5 shillings which the said Charles Jackson was paid by said John Oldham he the said Charles did grant … make over to John Oldham his heirs and assigns all that part of the Town and lands of Castleknock which was demised by William James to Patrick Callaghan by the herein mentioned lease which contains 12 acres 1 Rood 13 Perches situate in the Parish Castleknock, County Dublin, and also that part of the lands of Castleknock which was demised to Patrick Callaghan by said John Warren by said lease situate in County Dublin formerly in possession of said John Warren containing 11 acres 2 Rood 4 Perches … annexed to said lease and measuring and bounding as in said map particularly described to hold said Premises so demised by said William James to said Patrick Callaghan unto John Oldham, his heirs and assigns from 25 March then last for remainder of the term of 31 years from thence … subject nevertheless to the payment of respective yearly rents.


Witnessed by: Laurence Pearson[8], City of Dublin, Gent

Terence Kelly[9], City of Dublin, Gent


Charles Jackson:  Seal


Delivered to William Moore, Gent, Deputy Register, County Dublin

Registered 19 May 1796

[1] Charles JACKSON, Gent, City of Dublin. I don't know which one he might be. I only have one that fits the time frame, but not enough to link him definitively.

[2] John OLDHAM, Gent, City of Dublin

[3] William JAMES, Gent, City of Dublin

[4] Patrick CALLAGHAN, Distiller, City of Dublin

[5] Castleknock, Dublin. NOTE: This is where Morgan School is – the school that Thomas JACKSON (1841-1915) attended. It is also where the JACKSONs of Santry had lands. This connection deserves more exploration.

[6] John WARREN of Carroduff, Co. Dublin

[7] Carroduff, Co. Dublin

[8] Lawrence PEARSON, Gent, City of Dublin

[9] Terence KELLY, Gent, City of Dublin



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