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NAMES: Samuel COULTER(1755-1801) of Carnbeg; Anne DICKIE (1772-1803); Robert DICKIE of Clonaleenan. This is the marriage agreement between Samuel COULTER and Anne DICKIE daughter of Robert DICKIE.
Sharon Oddie Brown. August 26, 2008

1792 December 26 COULTER DICKIE


Articles of Agreement made the 26th day of December in the year 1792 between Samuel COULTER[1] of Carnbeg[2] in the County of Louth of the first part; Robert DICKIE[3] of the County of the second part; and Anne DICKIE[4] eldest daughter of the said Robert DICKIE of the third part.  Whereas a marriage is intended to be shortly had and solemnized between the said Samuel COULTER and Anne DICKIE, and now this indenture witnesseth that in consideration of the said intended marriage and also of the sum of 250 pounds sterling paid by the said Robert DICKIE to the said Samuel COULTER as the marriage portion of the said Anne DICKIE at or before the execution of these presents ( the receipt whereof the said Samuel COULTER acknowledged doth hereby for ever release and discharge the said Robert DICKIE his executors and administrators there from and from every part thereof).  He the said Samuel COULTER hath covenanted and agreed; and doth hereby for himself his heirs and assigns covenant and agree to and with the said Robert DICKIE and Anne DICKIE respectively and with their respective executors administrators and assigns that in case the said marriage shall take effect and the said Anne DICKIE shall survive or outlive the said Samuel COULTER her intended husband they are and in such case she the said Anne DICKIE and her assigns shall and may receive immediately on the death of him the said Samuel COULTER the full sum of 9 pounds sterling payable out of the money or personal effects left by the said Samuel COULTER at his decease or immediately to be raised as hereinafter mentioned by distress or otherwise out of such freehold or Chattel Estate in lands as the said Samuel COULTER shall at his death be possessed of or intitled to and also shall & may have and receive yearly and every year during the life of her the said Anne DICKIE to her and their own sole use and benefit the full and clear and annuity or sum of eighteen pounds sterling the said annuity be paid into equal gales half yearly on the first day of May and first day of November in cash yearly during the life of the said Anne DICKIE the first gale to be paid on the first of the said day and shall happen next after the Decease of the said Samuel COULTER and the said annuity and sum payable immediately on the death of the said Samuel COULTER and every gale of the said annuity if not paid within 15 days after the same shall be due as aforesaid to be payable and received by distress as usual in case of rent in arrear out of all and singular or with the consent of the said Anne DICKIE an assigned and covenant part of the freehold or other lands whereof the said Samuel COULTER shall at the time of his death be seized or possessed together with all costs charges or expense attending the receiving or paying of the same said sum and annuity to be in Live of all Dower thirds or Provision which the said Anne DICKIE might otherwise claim or be entitled to out of all or any part of the Estate or effects real or personal of the said Samuel COULTER whereof he shall be seized or possessed at his death or at any time during the said marriage. In witness whereof the said parties have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written


In the presence of

First duly stamped

Joseph Coulter Jr.

James Dickie



Samuel Coulter [SEAL]

Robert Dickie [SEAL]

Anne Dickie [SEAL]

[1] Samuel COULTER of Carnbeg. (1755-1801). He was the son of Thomas COULTER (1709-1769) of Carnbeg and Jane SMALL (1724-1783). He was known for his extensive library, including significant numbers of volumes on or about the Irish language. His son Thomas was known to seal his letters with United Irishmen symbols – I suspect the seals came from his father and would be indicative of his sympathies at the time. It seems that Samuel COULTER valued his Gaelic ancestry. Unfortunately, when he died, his children were all very young and his wife, Anne DICKIE, died a mere two years later leaving five children aged ten and younger who were then cared for by his brother, Joseph COULTER and his young wife Jane Irwin. SOURCE: A Man who can Speak of Plants

[2] Carnbeg, Parish of Dundalk. The land was in COULTER hands for a few generations.

[3] Robert DICKIE of Clonaleenan, Co. Louth. He married Mary REID (1744-Jan 1827). It is quite possible that she was related to the READ of Read’s farm that shows to the west of Carnbeg in the 1764 map.

[4] Anne DICKIE (1772-1803). After her death, her children were cared for by Joseph COULTER and Jane IRWIN.



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