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This Indenture is between David JACKSON (d.1796) of Liscalgot, Co. Armagh ( my g-g-g-g-grandparent) and his brother-in-law Richard JOHNSTON (husband of Anne JACKSON) and Thomas BALL (the landlord). It concerns lands in Cashell (Cashel), Co. Armagh and refers to an earlier lease made in 1783.
Sharon Oddie Brown. June 29, 2006


1792 Indenture between Richard JOHNSTON [1] & David JACKSON [2]


This indenture made the Twenty-first day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety two between Richard Johnston of Shanrue [3] in the County of Armagh Farmer of the one part and David Jackson Liscalgot [4] in the said County of Armagh farmer of the other part WHEREAS Thomas Ball [5] Esquire by Indenture of Lease bearing date  the first day of August One thousand seven hundred and Eighty three for the consideration therein mentioned did demise & Lett unto the said Richard Johnston All that parcel of Land in Cashell [6] in the said County (Except as in the said Lease Excepted) To Hold to the said Richard Johnston his heirs and assigns for the three lives in said Lease named or Thirty one years At and under the yearly rent and Covenants in the said lease Contained As by the said Deed of lease relation being thereunto had may more or less appear. Now this Indenture Witnesseth that the said Richard Johnston for an in consideration of the Sum of Eighty Pounds Sterling to him in hand paid by the said David Jackson at or before the ensealing and Delivery of these presents the Receipt whereof He the said Richard Johnston doth hereby acknowledge and therof and every part thereof Doth hereby Acquit Exonerate Release and discharge the said David Jackson his executor Administrators and Assigns Hath granted Bargained Sold Assigned transfer and made over and by these presents doth Grant Bargain Sell Assign transfer and make our Release and Confirm unto the said David Jackson (in his actual possession now being by virtue of a Bargain and Sale to him thereof made by the said Richard Johnston for one whole yearly Indenture bearing date the day next before the day of the Date of these presents made in Consideration of five shillings Sterl and by force of the Statute for transferring uses unto possession/ his heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns All that the said parcell of Land in Cashell herin before in part recited containing by Estimation Forty four acres three rods and thirty nine perches be the same more or less  T o have and to Hold the said granted and Assigned Lands and premises and all the Estate Right Title Interest Term of Lives and Years property Claim and demand whatsoever of him the said Richard Johnston his Heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns  unto him the said David Jackson his Heirs Executors Administrators and Assigns for and during all the rest residue and remainder of the Terms for Lives and years in the said receipted Lease Contained to Come and unexpired together with the said Receipted Indenture of a Lease and all other [?] relating thereto Subject to the several rents and Covenants in the said receipted Indenture of Lease Contained. And the said Richard Johnston doth hereby ... [more legal language]

Signed sealed and delivered in presence of

Thomas Shea [7]

Thomas Smythe [8]


Richard Johnston

David Jackson


₤ 24.0.0

[1] Richard JOHNSTON – likely the brother-in-law of David JACKSON since we know from the will of George JACKSON that a Richard JOHNSTON married Anne JACKSON (David JACKSON’s sister). Shanrue aka Shanroe, Parish of Forkhill, Co. Armagh is just to the east of Creggan Parish.

[2] David JACKSON (he died in 1796) son of George JACKSON of Liscalgot & Urker. He married Margaret BRADFORD. They are my 4th great grandparents.

[3] Probably Shanroe, a townland in the parish of Forkhill, Barony Orior Upper, Co. Armagh.

[4] Liscalgot is a townland in Southern Armagh in Creggan Parish, a couple of miles out of Crossmaglen.

[5] Thomas BALL, the landlord, held many properties in the area.

[6] Cashel is a townland in Co. Armagh. Whether this one is the one in the parish of Lisnadill or the other one in the parish of Forkhill, I do not know. I would need to check in the Deeds Registry. My hunch would lean towards Lisnadill.

[7] Thomas SHEA quite possibly the SHEA who married Elizabeth JACKSON - a sister of David JACKSON. Earlier family trees had his siter Margaret as the wife of SHEA, but the 1782 will of his father does not support this. But then again, he may be the father of George SHEA who may be a more likely candidate (he is referred to in a letter 1798 Nov 27 from Gerge JACKSON to John JACKSON.

[8] Thomas SMYTHE? I do not know who this may be, but I find it intriguing that in later generations there is a Rev. Jackson SMYTHE who performed Mary MENARY’s marriage (amongst others). There is also a SMITH who is involved in court actions mentioned in a ltter of Nov 27, 1798 from George JACKSON to John JACKSON.



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