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NAMES: John JOHNSTON of Ballyhain aka Ballytain, Co. Monaghan; Robert JACKSON of Woodvale, Co. Armagh; Richard SEAVER of Bellaghy, Co. Armagh; John JOHNSTON of Armaghgore, Co. Monaghan; Leslie KIRK of Monaghan; Edward CARROLL; Hugh HOFSOM; John HOFSOM. OTHER PLACES: Ballynahonebeg.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 7, 2011


1793 June 17

Book 474, page 171 #299443

Transcribed by Dawn Lowe. Footnotes by Sharon Oddie Brown


Deed of Assignment


NOTE: This deed raises some questions for me. The 1st husband of Mary SWANZY was supposedly Edward JOHNSTON, by whom she had a son John JOHNSTON. The curious thing is that there is a John JOHNSTON (1729-1816) “of Woodvale” whose family came from Roxborrow, Co. Monaghan. At present, there are no known connections to the Robert JACKSON of Woodvale – just curious convergences. I am hoping that readers of this deed can help me out here.


Between John Johnston[1] of Ballyhain[2], County Monaghan, Esq

And Robert Jackson[3] of Woodvale[4], County Armagh, Esq

Reciting by Indre dated 4 April 1761 between Richard Seaver[5] late of Bellaghy[6], County Armagh, Gent of the first part


And Richard Seaver and John Johnston[7] late of Armaghgore[8] in County Monaghan, Gent.


Said Richard Seaver was entitled to and possessed of the Town and lands of Ballynahonebegg[9] and Bellaghy otherwise Bellaghey, Parish and County of Armagh by virtue of a lease form and under the See of Armagh said Richard Seaver having a mind to give said John Johnston[10]  his grandson at his death the full one-fifth part of said Town and lands of Ballynahonebegg and Bellaghy otherwise Bellaghey.


Said Indre witnessed that Richard Seaver in consideration of love and affection for his grandson did grant to John Johnston, his heirs and assigns, one-fifth part of said Town and lands with rents and profits to be paid after Richard Seavers’ death by the several tenants and continued to his Death and by the Last Will and Testament of John Johnston of Ballytrain, County Monaghan, his son became entitled to a mile and 20 acres 28 perches of land in said Townland of Ballaghy together with one-fifth part of said lands of Ballyhonebegg as and for his full fifth part now said Deed of Assignment witnesseth that said John Johnston did grant to Robert Jackson, his heirs and assigns all his John Johnston’s right to said one-fifth part of Ballynahonebegg and Bellaghy otherwise Bellaghey with the Corn Mill in Bellaghy with appurtenances which the original Deed executed by said Richard Seaver in consideration of the sum of 300 pounds sterling paid by said Robert Jackson to said John Johnston which said Deed is witnessed by


Leslie Kirk[11], Town of Monaghan, Gent

Edward Carroll[12], City of Armagh, Merchant


This Memorial is witnessed by Edward Carroll and Hugh Hofsom[13] of Armagh, Gent

Robert Jackson: Seal

Jon Hofsom[14], Commissioned for taking affidavits by the High Court Chancery in Ireland

Registered 28 June 1793



[1] John JOHNSTON of Ballyhain aka Ballytain, Co. Monaghan

[2] Ballyhain aka Ballytrain, Co. Monaghan

[3] Robert JACKSON of Woodvale, Co. Armagh

[4] Woodvale, Co. Armagh. This is the Woodvale that is in the parish of Mullaghbrack, possibly the townland of Corry, or Ballynewry.

[5] Richard SEAVER (1682-1767), Gent, late of Bellaghy, Co. Armagh. He was of Heath Hall, son of Nicholas SEAVER and Elinor SYMONDS. I do not know the name of his wife. The 1st husband of his daughter, Mary SEAVER, was Edward JOHNSTON of Killaneal, Co. Monaghan.

·        1713 SEAVER, Richard, Gent. Navan, Ballinahonebeg, Bellaghy als Bellihaghy. To commence 1st May 1711 for 21 years. Obs: Parish & Co. Armagh. SOURCE: Church of England, Archdiocese of Armagh, Archbishop, Abstracts from the Rentals of the Archbishops of Armagh 1615-1746,

[6] Bellaghy akak Bellaghey, Co. Armagh

[7] John JOHNSTON, Gent, late of Armaghgore, Co, Monaghan

[8] Armaghgore, Co, Monaghan

[9] Ballynahonebeg, Co. Armagh

[10] John JOHNSTON His mother Mary SEAVER married 1st  Edward JOHNSTON. SOURCE: Rev. Henry Biddall Swanzy, M.A, The Families: French Of Belturbet and Nixon Of Fermanagh and their Descendants, Printed For Private Circulation. 1908. Dublin : Printed By Alex. Thom & Co. Limited. http://www.archive.org/stream/familiesoffrench00swan/familiesoffrench00swan_djvu.txt

[11] Leslie KIRK, Town of Monaghan, Co. Monaghan

[12] Edward CARROLL, City of Armagh, merchant

[13] Hugh HOFSOM, of Armagh, Gent

[14] John HOFSOM



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