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NAMES: Christina BARTLEY nèe METGE, widow; George BARTLEY late of Monaghan; John ROGERS late of Monaghan 1st husband of Christina METGE; Peter METGE; Sir Marcus SOMERVILLE.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 15, 2009



DEED 576 570 395687

1793 June 31



  • The BARTLEY family (subject to several variant spellings) was a family that generated a significant number of business and family connections with the core family tree that I am pursuing (relations of Sir Thomas JACKSON).SEE: file:///C:/Users/Sharon/Documents/Webstuff/theSilverBowl2/familytree/BartleyTree_1-4.htm
  • This is just a rough transcription – parts of the margins were missing on the copy of the document that I was working from. The question marks indicate text that is either missing off the edges or that I can’t read.


To the registry of appointed by act of Parliament for registering deeds and so forth. A Memorial of an indented deed of judgment dated the 20th day of June made between Christiana BARTLEY[1] of Monaghan in the County of Monaghan widow and [?] [?] goods chattels rights and credits which were of George BARTLEY[2] late of Monaghan gent deceased and also administrator of all and singular the goods and chattels rights and contacts [?] of John ROGERS[3] late of Monaghan Esq. her former husband deceased [?] [?] ROGER[4] John ROGERS and John OWEN the executors named in the last will and testament of John ROGERS both of the first part Peter METGE[5] of [?] in the County of Meath Esquire and lately one of the barons of her Majesty's Court of Exchequer in Ireland of the second party and Sir Marcus SOMERVILLE[6] [?] in County Meath Bart of the third part [?] that the late Peter METGE[7] of [?] deceased by the [?] dated 27 June 1772 bequeath to his daughter said Christiana METGE[8] the sum of £1200 and charged the [?] upon his legal and [?] estate and to be paid upon her marriage. And also thereby bequeathed to her the sum of £20 for [?] and that she intermarried with said John ROGERS deceased and that therefore certain [?] dated [?] June 1777 were entered into whereby it was agreed that the said £1200 should become property of the said John METGE and said John [?] [?] [?] to the said £20 [?] [?] [?] and that John ROGERS died about October 1776 and previously made his will thereby [?] [?] of said £1200 the interest thereof to said Christiana in dated 21st of June 1793.

[1] Christiana BARTLEY of Monaghan in the County of Monaghan widow. She died 18 Jun 1818 at 31 Blessington St., Dublin. She was the daughter of Peter METGE and Sophia Jane CROFTON. She married first John ROGERS who died October 1776 with whom she had one daughter (Elizabeth) and then secondly George BARTLEY with whom she had 6 subsequent children.

[2] George BARTLEY 1753-1800)  late of Monaghan gent deceased. His wife was Christina METGE aka ROGERS.

[3] John ROGERS late of Monaghan Esq. Deceased husband of Christina METGE.

[4] ?

[5] Peter METGE is the son of Peter METGE (see beneath). He married Sophia Jane CROFTON. He held the office of Baron of the Exchequer [Ireland]. He held the office of Member of Parliament (M.P.) for Boyle. SOURCE: www.thepeerage.com

[6] Sir Marcus SOMERVILLE, died 11th Jul 1831, son of Sir James SOMERVILLE. Sir Marcus Somerville, 4th Bt. succeeded to the title of 4th Baronet Somerville, of Somerville, co. Meath [I., 1748] circa 1800. He held the office of Member of Parliament (M.P.) between 1800 and 1831. SOURCE: www.thepeerage.com

[7] Peter METGE. NOTE an alternative death date is given: October 29, 1774. SOURCE: www.thepeerage.com The source used there was Bernard, Sir Burke, editor, Burke's genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Ireland, 3rd ed. (London, U.K.: Burkes Peerage Ltd, 1912), page 477. Hereinafter cited as Landed Gentry of Ireland.  Peter Metge (or de la METGEE) of Navan had escaped from Brittany where at the time of the revocation of the treaty of Nantes he had held large estates. He married Joyce HATCH and had 4 daughters who married into Irish families and a son Peter. SOURCE: The Huguenot Settlements in Ireland. Grace Lawless Lee p 199. I am guessing that one of the daughters was the Joyce METGE who married Mark FOSTER (SEE: DEED 373 090 384305 1802 April 12

[8] Christiana METGE wife of both ROGERS and BARTLEY. (see above)



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