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NAMES: William OLIVER of Ennislare; William OLIVER jr. of Ennislare; Robert MAXWELL of Fellows Hall; Elizabeth CLOGHER of Brootely AKA Brootally; Andrew OLIVER of City of Armagh, soap chandler; John Kerr of CIty of Armagh, Merchant.OTHER TOWNLANDS: Cormeen, Parish of Derrynoose; Tullycallidy, same; Lisdrumbrughas, same.
Sharon Oddie Brown. April 12, 2008

1793  June 20

DEED 474-175-299375

William OLIVER sr.-William OLIVER jr.

NOTE: See also 1781, November 7th deed 370-333-251896 for an earlier lease covering the same lands and interests. I plan to revisit the Names Registry 1786-1793 to make sure I have everything.


To the register appointed for the registry all deeds conveyances and so forth


A Memorial of a deed of Assignment bearing date the twentieth of June one thousand seven hundred ninety three between William OLIVER Sr.[1] of Ennislare[2] in the parish in County Armagh of the one part and William OLIVER Jr[3]. of Ennislare in said Parrish and County of Armagh of the other part wherein is recited that whereas Robert MAXWELL[4] of Fellows Hall in said County of Armagh Esq. did by indenture of lease bearing date the seventh day of November one thousand seven hundred eighty one[5] demise unto the said William OLIVER Senior all that and those that part of the town lands of Brootely[6] late in the possession of Elizabeth CLOGHER[7] and then in possession of the said William OLIVER Sr. containing by estimation fifty three acres English statute measure be the same more or less together with an Irish rood of turf bog the whole situate lying and being in the Manor of Belleagh Parish of Derrynoose Barony and County of Armagh and meared and bounded on the north by part of the town lands of Cormeen[8] Tullacallidy[9] and Brootely on the East by Lisdrumbrughees[10] on the south and west by Brootely aforesaid and occupied and enjoyed by said Elizabeth CLOGHER with the appurtenances to hold onto the said William OLIVER Sr. his executors administrators and assigns from the first of November 10 last for the term of nineteen years with a covenant of renewal toties quoties under the rent fees and finis therein mentioned line said indenture witnesseth that said William OLIVER Sr. in consideration of the sum of forty five pounds ten shillings sterling to him paid by the said William OLIVER Jr. did grant bargain sell assign convey and make over unto the said William OLIVER Jr. all that and those the said lands and premises in the above recited indenture of lease granted with the appurtenances land and all the estate right title Interest Term for years Covenant of Renewal claim and demand of him the said William OLIVER Sr. to the same and every part thereof to have and to hold the said assigned premises with the appurtenances from the first day of November at last part unto the said William OLIVER Jr. his executors administrators and assigns for the remainder of said term granted in all renewals to be obtained thereof subject to the rents fees and fines therein mentioned which said deed of assignment and this memorial are witnessed by Andrew OLIVER[11] of the City of Armagh Chandler[12] and John KERR[13] of the same Merchant.






William Oliver


Signed and sealed in the presence of us

Andw Oliver

John Kerr


The above named John KERR make the oath that he saw the said William OLIVER Sr. and William OLIVER Jr. duly execute the said Deed of Assignment whereof the above writing is a Memorial and saw this said William OLIVER Sr. sign and seal this Memorial and saith he is a subscribing witness to said Deed and Memorial and that the named John Kerr to said Deed of Assignment and Memorial severally subscribed is this deponent's name and is his own proper handwriting


Sworn before me at Armagh in the County of Armagh the 20th day of June 1793 by virtue of a Common to be directed for taking affidavits in said county and I know the deponent.

Jon Mosson

[1] William OLIVER of Ennislare – I am assuming this is William OLIVER (1730-1816) who married Elizabeth STEEL in 1757 and was the father of the Francis & William jr. mentioned in this deed. He would probably have been the son of another William OLIVER – the one who shows up in Parish Registers as the father of David OLIVER of Ballyrea.

[2] Ennislare, Parish of Lisnadill, Co. Armagh is on the southern border of Farmacaffley. It is 262 acres.

[3] William OLIVER jr, linen draper of Ennislare is a son of William OLIVER & Elizabeth STEEL of Ennislare. I believe he married Elizabeth BALLANTYNE before 1828 and died in 1854 in Brootally, Parish of Eglish, Co. Armagh. SOURCE: Armagh Will Probates for the date. They had two known sons: William OLIVER & Andrew OLIVER.

[4] Robert MAXWELL of Fellows Hall. NOTE: November 7, 1781, DEED: 370-333-251896 Robert MAXWELL Esq. of Fellows Hall, Parish of Tynan, Co. Armagh leased to William OLIVER of Ennislare, Parish of Lisnadill, Co. Armagh 53 acres in the Townland of Brootely, Parish of Derrynoose, Co. Armagh for 19 years at a yearly rent of ₤30.9.6 annually. He was a younger son of Rev. Henry MAXWELL, also of Fellows Hall. His older brother John MAXWELL figures in other OLIVER leases.

[5] November 7, 1781, DEED: 370-333-251896

[6] Brootely, AKA “Brootally”, Parish of Derrynoose, Co. Armagh . Derrynoose is a parish between Lisnadill & Tynan. In 1706, a William OLIVER may have had a lease here. In 1781, it was still held by a William OLIVER (presumably another generation). In 1804 an Andrew OLIVER of Brootally may have married an Anne HANNA. In 1853 James OLIVER (farmer) and in 1854 William OLIVER of “Brootally” had wills probated (SOURCE: CD 132 LDS All Ireland Probates”). This could mean at least 150 years of a continued OLIVER family presence in this townland. By 1832, the lands were leased by ARMSTRONG and owned by Maxwell Close, Esq. NOTE: Look for an ARMSTRONG-OLIVER marriage. A will of Benjamin OLIVER (1765-1831) mentions a brother called “James”.

[7] Elizabeth CLOGHER. See also: Deed 713-514-488249 Brootely & Bog Deeds Registry Townland Index: 1811-1820 CLOGHER-O’HEAR. NOTE: There was a will probate for a William CLOGHER of Brootelly in 1776.

[8] Cormeen, Parish of Derrynoose

[9] Tullacallidy AKA Tullycallidy

[10] Lisdrumbrughees AKA Lisdrumbrughas

[11] Andrew OLIVER of the City of Armagh Chandler. Interestingly, there was a William OLIVER described as a soap boiler and chandler in the City of Armagh. DEED: 543-185-357805 dated July 1, 1801. I had guessed him to be a son of Benjamin, but possibly not. This same William is also mentioned in another deed, SEE: 1804 Jan 14 DEED: 501-156-376345. I am starting to wonder if the William OLIVER, farmer of Ennislare, William OLIVER, farmer of Thomas Street and William OLIVER chandler are one and the same. I do not know how these two chandlers ,William & Andrew, tie in here, although they may also be the father and uncle of the William of Ennislare.

[12] Chandler: From the Old French word 'chandelier,' this referred to a person who made candles - and extended to chandlers who fashioned wax items that were used in church offerings, to ones who made soap, and to ship's chandlers who made and sold candles, as well as other items, to ships (in this context, chandler can also mean merchant). In this instance, he may also have operated what would now be called a rendering plant, boiling down animal bones and fat.

[13] John KERR. A John KERR shows up as a witness in another OLIVER deed along with a William OLIVER, chandler (SEE: DEED: 543-185-357805 dated July 1, 1801).



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