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NAMES: Mary BARTLEY widow of Joseph BARTLEY of Town of Monaghan; Dacre HAMILTON; Lindsay HALE; Samuel SMYTH; Earl of Clermount; Lady BLANEY; John RILEY of Town of Monaghan; John SMITH of Rafeenan; John McMORAN.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 15, 2009


DEED 485 527 315246

1795 June 18


To the register appointed by act of Parliament for registering of deeds conveyances wills and so forth. Amendment of an indenture deed of assignment bearing date the 18th day of June 1795 made between Mary BARTLEY[1] widow of Joseph BARTLEY[2] late of the town and County of Monaghan deceased of the one part. Reciting as therein is recited and said Mary BALLE[3] for all of the considerations of therein mentioned did sell assign to said Dacre HAMILTON[4] all that tenement house and garden lately in possession of said Joseph BARTLEY and then in the possession of said Dacre HAMILTON situate lying and being in the town and County of Monaghan. To hold the said Dacre HAMILTON his heirs and assigns from the 29th day of September last past for and during the term of four years and for and during the natural life and lives of Lindsay HALE[5] and Samuel SMYTH[6] of the surviving lives in the original lease of the premises at and under the yearly rent of 10 shillings and sixpence payable to the Earl of Clermont[7] successor of the right honorable Lady BLANEY[8] and in and which deed and this Memorial are witnessed by John RILEY[9] of the town and County of Monaghan and John SMITH[10] of Rathfeenan[11] in the County of Monaghan. Mary BARTLEY. [SEAL] Signed and sealed in presence of John RILEY. John SMITH. John RILEY of the town and County of Monaghan .... sworn before me at Monaghan in the County of Monaghan the 25th day of June 1795 by virtue of a commission to me direct it and I know the deponent. John McMORAN[12].

[1] Mary BARTLEY widow of Joseph BARTLEY

[2] Joseph BARTLEY. NOTE: I have no other record of a Joseph Bartley.

[3] Mary BALLE I suspect this is Mary BARTLEY. They are other instances in this Memorial of uncrossed Ts and dropped letters.

[4] Dacre HAMILTON. I am unsure which one this might be. I suspect he was the Dacre HAMILTON (d 1837) who was dreaded land agent who built Cornacassa in about 1800.  He was a son of James HAMILTON (1718-1792) and Catherine HAMILTON (his cousin)

·         SOURCE: Mary Maclin, The Hamiltons in Cornacassa, an essay in Monaghan: Studies in Local History.

·         SOURCE: Clogher Record 1990 pp 119-124. Notes on Some Families of the Clones Area. Pilip O Mordha.

·         SOURCE: Burkes – various.

[5] Lindsay HALE

[6] Samuel SMYTH

[7] Earl of Clermont

[8] Lady BLANEY. I wonder if this might be Elizabeth TIPPING (d 1775), wife of Cadwaller BLAYNEY (1720-1775)

[9] John RILEY

[10] John SMITH

[11] Rathfeenan  aka Rafeenan, Parish of Tedavnet, Co. Monaghan.

[12] John McMORAN



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