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NAMES: Samuel BRADFORD; Margaret HENRY; Mary HENRY; John HENRY; David JACKSON; James TAYLOR; William HUNTER. PLACES: Knockreaghs, Co. Monaghan; Annavackey, Co. Louth.
Sharon Oddie Brown. June 18, 2009
NOTE: This is intriguing because of the evident links between Louth & Monaghan.


ROD Reference:  Book 509, Page 321, No. 332389

Saml. Bradfords Mar. Arts to Henry

Transcribed by Wendy Jack & Annoted by Sharon Oddie Brown. June 2009


To the Regr. appd. by act of Parlt. for Regg. Wills Conveyances and so forth –

A Meml. of a Deed Poll or Marriage Contract or articles bearg. date the thirteenth day of January One thoud. Seven hundd. and Ninety Six made between Sam Bradford[1] of Cavenmore[2] in the Parish Cranggan and Co. of louth farmer and Margt. Henry[3] of Knockreaghs[4] in the Parish of Donamine and Co. of Monaghan and Daughter of Mary Henry[5] of sd place whereby after recitg that a Marriage was intendd to take place between the sd. Saml. Bradford and the sd. Margt. Henry then the sd. Deed in Considn. thereof Witnesses that the sd Saml. Bradford did thereby Settle and make over unto sd. Margt. Henry in case she became his Wife or Widow after his death in Case she survived him the Sum of fifty pounds Sterg per annum and in Case of any livg. Issue by him or Married another Man after his death the sd. Sum of fifty pounds Ster per Annum was thereby to be reduced to the Sum of thirty pounds Sterg. durg. her life to be recovered and Issuing out of the sd. lands of Anevackey[6] with power of distress and late of sd. lands for paymt of the same which sd. Deed was duly Executd. by the sd. Saml. Bradford and Margt. Henry in presence of Jno. Henry[7] of Knockreas Co. of Monaghan  David Jackson[8] of in the Co. of Armagh and Jas. Taylor[9] of Ballybay and Co. of Monaghan aforesd.  Gent  and this Meml. was duly Executd. by the sd.  Margt. Bradford and in presence of the sd. Jno. Henry and Jas. Taylor subg. Witnesses thereto respectively Margaret Bradford (Seal). Signed and Sealed beg. first duly Stamped in presence of Jas. Taylor Jno. Henry. Jas. Taylor of Ballybay in the Co. of Monaghan Gent Maketh Oath and Sayth he this Dept saw the above named Saml. Bradford and Mary Henry duly Sign Seal and Execute the Deed whereof the above Writg. is a Meml. and Sayth he also saw the sd. Margt. Henry orwise Bradford duly Sign and Seal the above Meml. and saith the Name Jas. Taylor Subd. as a Witness to the Executn. of sd. Deed and the sd. Meml. is this Depts. name and proper handwritg. Jas Taylor Sworn before me at Castle Blaney in the Co. of Monaghan this 10 day of February 1787 by Virtue of a Commission Out of his Majesty's Court of Exchequer in Ireland for takg. affidts. in sd. Co. and I known the Dept  Wm. Hunter[10]


[1] Sam Bradford (Abt 1739-1818) son of John BRADFORD & Barbara COULTER of Cavananore.

[2] Cavenmore Parish Cranggan and Co. of  Louth. Aka Cavananore, Parish of Creggan, Co. Louth, a townland that had connections to BRADFORDs & COULTERs from at least the 1690s through to the early 1900s.

[3] Margt. Henry (1774-1846),  mother of 5 children

[4] Knockreaghs in the Parish of Donamine and Co. of Monaghan Aka Knockreagh Upper & Lower, Donaghmoyne, Barony of Farney, Co. Monaghan

[5] Mary Henry

[6] Anevackey aka Annavackey, Parish of Creggan, Barony of Upper Dundalk, Co. Louth -  a townland that shows up with frequent DICKIE, COULTER BRADFORD connections.

[7] Jno. Henry of Knockreas Co. of Monaghan – presumably a relation, possibly a brother of Margaret HENRY.

[8] David Jackson of Liscalgot, Co. Armagh (Aft 1755-1796), husband of Margaret BRADFORD who was a sister of Samuel BRADFORD.

[9] Jas. Taylor of Ballybay and Co. of Monaghan aforesd.  Gent

[10] Wm. Hunter



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