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I regret now that I did not copy this entire document, but time was limited and I managed what there was time for. Unfortunately, it was not possible to scan this document (I suspect it was too fragile - although I don't recall). It seems that David JACKSON had come some way up in the world from his father's ruputedly meagre beginnings and was a maltster as well as man with many leases on diverse properties. I have annotated the will (which is also copied beneath) and have posted that version separately.
Sharon Oddie Brown, June 30, 2006.

COPY Case with advice and opinion of Wm Saurin Esq

David Jackson late of Liscalgot in the County of Armagh Maltster was in his lifetime seized and possessed of the lands of Liscalgot where he resided by virtue of a lease for one life or 31 years on which farm there was at the time of his death a number of Cows and Horses with farming utensils and there was also on said farm near his Dwelling House a Malt and Store House in which there was a quantity of Malt and Oats to the value of about [pounds] 400.

He was also seized and possessed of the lands of Urcher by virtue of a lease for three lives or thirty one years on which there was at the time of his death a quantity of hay and oats and also a number of young cows to the value of about [pounds] 150.

He was also seized and possessed of the lands of Tullygallogham by virtue of a lease for three lives or thirty one years and the lands of Cashell by virtue of a lease for three lives or 31 years and also a rent charge of [pounds] 9 a year out of the Mill of Cashill and lands of Aniverinmore for one life.

And the said David Jackson was also possessed of ready money Bankers note Bonds and other securities for money to a considerable amount.

The said David Jackson before his death made a will all in his own handwriting and dated the 23rd of January last which is in the words and figures following but did not execute the same or sign his name thereto and died suddenly the 13th of February inst leaving Margt Jackson his widow John Jackson now of the age of 15 years his only son and heir at law and two daughters who are also minors.


In the Name of God Amen In the first place I recommend my soul to Almighty God in hopes to attain everlasting Bliss and my Body to be buried in Creggan Church yard. I David Jackson of Liscalgot in the Parish of Creggan and County of Armagh farmer & Maltster living in perfect health and sound mind and memory do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following. That is I leave and Bequeath to my wife Margaret Jackson the leave of the place where I now live with its stock furniture of any kind whatsoever and also [pounds] 9 per annum out of Cahill Mill and Amverinmore for the life of Richard Johnston. I also leave to my son John Jackson the lease of Tullyagallaghan and Urker with all its profits and stocks after he arrives to the age of 19 years and to my daughter Margaret Jackson I leave the lease of ___ Cashill that is the one I purchased from Richard Johnston last, and to my daughter Barbara Jackson I leave the lease of Cullyhanna with my brother’s Bond of any kind whatsoever and it is my advise to my wife to put what money can be gathered to interest until her son arrives to the age of 20 years and at that time to be distributes share and share alike  between herself and children that is to each an equal share nd I make my wife and her brother Samuel Bradford and George Jackson my Executors of this my last Will and Testament Given under my hand and seal this 23rd day of January in the year of our Lord 1796.
QUERE Is not said will a nullity as to the freeholds and good as to the personal fortune and if so is not John Jackson the only son of said David (notwithstanding the will) now entitled to all the said freeholds & interests together with the said Rent charge as if the said David had died in testate and is he not also entitled to the stock and the lands of Urcher and Tullyagallaghan as bequeathed by said will or what part thereof.
OPINION The leases ought to be inspected in order to see whether the lands demised are limited to David Jackson and his heirs and also whether the life in each of them be of some person still in being, for in case there be no limitation to the heirs or the lives be dropped - the leases would not belong to the heir, but would vest in the Executors - and should conceive after debts paid would go agreeably to the disposition of them in the Will.

[More questions and answers follow, but I have not transcribed them. They shed no further on the family story]


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