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It seems that David JACKSON had come some way up in the world from his father's ruputedly meagre beginnings and was a maltster as well as man with many leases on diverse properties. Unfortunately, as he died a mere three weeks after writing this will and there were complications for his wife and children (who were all minors). Legal suits ensued and I have posted part of a lawyer's opinion that had been sought at the time (1796). Many subsequent letters from his brother George JACKSON also shed light on these events.
Sharon Oddie Brown, June 30, 2006

1796 Jan 23 Will of David Jackson [1]

In the Name of God Amen In the first place I recommend my soul to Almighty God in hopes to attain everlasting Bliss and my Body to be buried in Creggan Church yard. I David Jackson of Liscalgot [2] in the Parish of Creggan and County of Armagh farmer & Maltster living in perfect health and sound mind and memory do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following. That is I leave and Bequeath to my wife Margaret Jackson [3] the leave of the place where I now live with its stock furniture of any kind whatsoever and also [pounds] 9 per annum out of Cashill Mill [4] and Amverinmore [5] for the life of Richard Johnston [6] . I also leave to my son John Jackson the lease of Tullyagallaghan [7] and Urker [8] with all its profits and stocks after he arrives to the age of 19 years [9] and to my daughter Margaret Jackson [10] I leave the lease of ___ Cashill that is the one I purchased from Richard Johnston last, and to my daughter Barbara Jackson [11] I leave the lease of Cullyhanna [12] with my brother’s [13] Bond of any kind whatsoever and it is my advise to my wife to put what money can be gathered to interest until her son arrives to the age of 20 years and at that time to be distributes share and share alike  between herself and children that is to each an equal share and I make my wife and her brother Samuel Bradford and George Jackson my Executors of this my last Will and Testament Given under my hand and seal this 23rd day of January in the year of our Lord 1796.

[1] David JACKSON married Margaret BRADFORD (abt 1739-1820). He died suddenly on February 13, 1796 –21 days after the will was written. There is a pattern of JACKSON men dying suddenly in their forties of heart ailments, although I do not know his age and what he died of.

[2] See map of Liscalgot, a townland in Creggan Parish, Co. Armagh beside Urcher’s eastern border.

[3] Born Margaret BRADFORD Abt 1739, daughter of John BRADFORD & Barbara COULTER and sister of Samuel & Thomas BRADFORD.

[4] Cashill Mill? I do not know whether this is the one in the parish of Lisnadill or Forkhill. I would suspect that there would need to be a running water course through it which might settle the question.

[5] Amverinmore. This is a long shot – but perhaps the townland in question is Aughrim More, in the Parish of Donaghmoyne, Co Monaghan.

[6] Richard JOHNSTON is in all likelihood his brother-in-law, husband of Anne JACKSON.

[7] Tullyagallaghan? I do not have a scan of this document and so do not know if this is a transcription error (which it may be). Anyway, I can’t find a townland with a name close enough to make a call on it. One strong possibility is that it is Tullyvallen, There was a Richard JACKSON of Tullyvallen,Parish of Newtownhamilton, Co. Armagh in the 1776 religious census, and these two JACKSON lines seem related - although I still do not have a slam dunk.

[8] Urker townland is just west of Liscalgot and is where the JACKSON family lived at Urker Lodge on the southern part of the townland.

[9] He turned 19 some three to four years after his father’s death.

[10] Margaret JACKSON (1783-1810) married a Thomas McKEE who died early in their marriage. Their son Sam was born some months after his death. She then remarried to a Mr. SEAWRIGHT and died in childbirth aged 27.According to a fragment found at Gilford Castle, as the wife of John SEAWRIGHT, Margaret had one child who died "imbecile at 9 years old”.

[11] Barbara JACKSON (1783-?) She married a Tom STEPHENS and died young leaving three children.

[12] Cullyhanna, Parish of Creggan, Co. Armagh (whether it is Cullyhanna Big or Cullyhanna Little – I do not know).

[13] Although the brother isn’t named, I would guess it to be George JACKSON as we do not hear much of John JACKSON (the only other brother).



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