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NAMES: William ROWLEY of City of Dublin; Brabazon NOBLE of Donamaine & City of Dublin; George BARTLEY of town of Monaghan; Margaret CLEMENT; William Owen MITCHELL; Henry ELLIS; George OGLE. OTHER PLACES: Braddocks.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 15, 2009


DEED 521 011 338172

1797 January 17


To the registry of appointed by act of Parliament for registering deeds and of memorials et cetera. A Memorial of an indenture deed of release bearing date the 17th day of January 1797 between William ROWLEY[1] of the city of Dublin Esq. Sole assignee of the estate and effects of Brabazon NOBLE[2] late of said city of Dublin merchant against whom a common of bankruptcy had been awarded and something of the one part and George BARTLEY[3] of the town and County of Monaghan Esq. of the third part. Whereas after reciting [?] the [?][?][?]William ROWLEY in consideration of £1150 to him then in hand paid by the said George BARTLEY did grant bargain sell assign transfer release and confirm unto the said George BARTLEY his heirs and assigns all that and the town and lands of Bradogs[4] otherwise Bradogan otherwise Braogeother wise Nabradoge situate lying and being in the County of Monaghan by whatsoever the name or names this town and lands has been called known ... and the town land the town land and town lands together with all the deeds leases and [?][?]for concerning said lands then in possession of said William ROWLEY subject to payment of an annuity of £50 to Margaret CLEMENT[5] or her assigns during her life to hold said town and lands hereby granted and released unto the said George BARTLEY his heirs and assigns to the something of her use be who and two see fit of the said George BARTLEY his heirs and assigns forever which said deed contained other clauses and covenants to which said deed and this Memorial as to the exon thereof by this said William ROWLEY are witnessed by William Owen MITCHELL[6] and Henry ELLIS[7] both of the city of Dublin attorneys at law and William ROWLEY. [Seal] Signed sealed in presence of Henry ELLIS William Owen MITCHELL the above Memorial said William Owen MITCHELL maketh oath that this that he is a subscribing witness to the deed and to the above Memorial .... 11th day of February 1799 or thereabouts the hour of 12 o'clock in the afternoon. William Owen MITCHELL and sworn before me on this day 11 February 1799 George OGLE [8]A.R.

[1] William ROWLEY

[2] Brabazon NOBLE of Donamine, Co. Monaghan.

·         He married Sophia BURROWNS. SOURCE: www.thepeerage.com

·         A notice in The Gentlemans and London Magazine  in 1764 mentions the passing of his daughter, Isabel of Dunamine, Co. Monaghan.

·         He was one of the founders of the Associated Irish Mining Company in 1787 that undertook mining in the Wicklow Hills. Their office was at 184 Great Britain Street, Dublin.

·         He was appointed High Sherriff of Monaghan in 1767.

·         In 1742, he was recorded as an Ensign in 27th Enniskillen Regiment of Foot. SOURCE: Harts Annual Army List, Militia List, and Imperial Yeomany List.

·         A Brabazon NOBLE was also a wine Merchant at 96 Britain Street. SOURCE: Wilsons Dublin Directory for the Year 1787.  

·         SEE also: DEED: 324-263-214753-1777 Dec 1 Francis NOBLE of Donamine, Co. Monaghan Esq. Acting for last will and testament of Brabazon NOBLE of Donamire Esq. Deceased of 1 part. William DALY of Ballybay of 2nd part. 

[3] George BARTLEY (1753-1800) Surgeon of Monaghan Infirmary for 50 years. Husband of Christina METGE.  PRONI D991/6/1/2

[4] Braddocks is a townland of 183 acres  the Parish of Tullycorbet, Co. Monaghan (as if there were not enough variant names already!)

[5] Margaret CLEMENT I believe there is some tie in to Thomas CLEMENTS and Brabazon NOBLE.

[6] William Owen MITCHELL. I suspect that he was related to Blaney Owen MITCHELL.

[7] Henry ELLIS

[8] George OGLE



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