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NAMES: John SHEARER of Ballybay; Barbara SHEARER otherwise Barbara WILLIAMSON of Ballybay; John BARTLEY of Ballybay; RALSTONs of Ballybay; William CAMPBELL of Carrowbarragh; John RUTHERFORD of Caddagh; John GILLESPIE of Ballybay; John McMORRAN.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 23, 2009


DEED 594 54 401826

1798 February 24


To the Registry of appointed by act of Parliament for registering deeds wills conveyances and such.


A Memorial of an indentured deed of assignment and sale bearing date the 24th day of February 1798 and made between John SHEARER [1]and Barbara SHEARER[2] otherwise WILLIAMSON both of the town of Ballybay[3] in the County of Monaghan of the one part and John BARTLEY[4] of Ballybay aforesaid of the other part whereby after reciting as therein is recited the said John SHEARER and Barbara SHEARER did in consideration of the sum of £90 to them paid by the said John BARTLEY give grant bargain and sale unto the said John BARTLEY his heirs exors admons and assigns [?] therein to be in his actual possession by virtue of a lease for one year therein recited all that the messuage dwelling house and premises adjoining the RALSTON's[5] gateway together with the house rack houses [?] and garden as then in the possession of Barbara SHEARER and John SHEARER with liberty to pass and re-pass through the South gateway. To hold with the appurtenances unto the said John BARTLEY his heirs and assigns for and during the life and lives mentioned in the original indenture of lease in said deed which said and named and for and during all and every of their life and lives as shall be added thereto by virtue of the covenant for perpetual tenure in said original indenture [?] and to the said John BARTLEY's use and behoof and his heirs and assigns forever which said deed was duly executed by the said John SHEARER Barbara SHEARER his wife and said John BARTLEY consenting parties thereto in presence of William CAMPBELL[6] of Carrabarragh[7] in the County of Monaghan attorney at law and John RUTHERFORD[8] of Cadagh[9] said County farmer and this Memorial is duly seen by the said John BARTLEY in presence of the said John RUTHERFORD and John GILLESPIE[10] of Ballybay and in the County of Monaghan aforesaid attorney at law [?] witnessed thereunto [?] John BARTLEY. [Seal] Signed and sealed in presence of John RUTHERFORD John GILLESPIE the above named John RUTHERFORD of Cadagh in the County of Monaghan [?] maketh oath and says he saw the deed whereas the above writing is a true Memorial duly signed sealed and delivered by John SHEARER Barbara SHEARER and John BARTLEY executing parties thereunto and says he also saw the said John BARTLEY duly sign and seal the above Memorial and saith the name John Rutherford signed and sealed as a witness to said deed a Memorial is this deponent's name and proper handwriting John RUTHERFORD [?] before me at Monaghan in the County of Monaghan this 26th day of June 1807 by virtue of a commission for taking affidavits in said County and I know the deponent. John McMORRAN[11].

[1] John SHEARER of Ballybay. NOTE: I know nothing about the SHEARER family.

[2] Barbara SHEARER otherwise WILLIAMSON of Ballybay. NOTE: I know nothing about the WILLIAMSONs of Ballybay, save that a Dr. WILLIAMSON is mentioned as a property holder in a pre-1829 map of Ballybay, but his property looks to be on the Castleblayney Road, not on Main Street. SOURCE: At the Ford of the Birches p495 & 497. A Susanna WILLIAMSON shows up in the 1837-1839 map. Also, a David WILLIAMSON of Lisgillan is mentioned in connection with BREAKEYs in DEED: 250-613-166160. He is possibly the Dr. David WILLIAMSON mentioned in The Breakey Memoirs p46. A Mary WILLIAMSON of Lisnaveane married Samuel OLIVER at 1st Ballybay Presbyterian.

[3] Ballybay – the location of the property may be on Main Street as there was a James BARTLEY recorded there in Griffiths. NOTE: I could find no mention of SHEARER, WILLIAMSON, BARTLEY or RALSON in the 1796 map of Ballybay Town. SOURCE: At the Ford of the Birches p490

[4] John BARTLEY of Ballybay. It is possible that this is the John BARTLEY who was the son of William BARTLEY and grandson of George BARTLEY & Margaret ORR. NOTE: I know nothing more about him. Of interest is a mention in an 1829 map of “Widow Barkagh” SOURCE: At the Ford of the Birches p495. There was also a James BARKELY included as a town Tenant in 1837-1839. His property was just across the street on Main street from the Market House. Otherwise, there are no BARTLEY mentions

[5] RALSTON's NOTE: I do not know who they were, but possibly one of the descendants of John RALSTON one of the Scottish undertakers of 1609.

[6] William CAMPBELL of Carrabarragh

[7] Carrabarragh. This is probably Carrowbarra, a townland of 78 acres in the Parish of Clones, Co. Monaghan.

[8] John RUTHERFORD of Cadagh

[9] Cadagh, a townland of 296 acres in Tullycorbet, Co. Monaghan.

[10] John GILLESPIE of Ballybay NOTE: There was a GLASSBY aka GILLESPIE of Derryvalley recorded in 1796. SOURCE: At the Ford of the Birches p492.  In the 1829 map, there was a Patrick GILLESPIE, but no further mentions.

[11] John McMORRAN



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