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NAMES: George BARTLEY of town of Monaghan; Blaney Owen MITCHELL of City of Dublin; Walter Mitchell ROTHSCHILD Esq.; Weldon MITCHELL; Walter LYLE; John HUMPHRIES. OTHER PLACES: Braddocks
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 15, 2009


DEED 519 94 338222

1799 January 14


A Memorial of a deed bearing date the 14th day of January 1799 between George BARTLEY[1] of the town and County of Monaghan Esq. of the one part and Blaney Owen  MITCHELL[2] of the city of Dublin attorney at law of the other part hereby after reciting as therein recited that the said George BARTLEY did by this said deed of release of which this is a Memorial and for the considerations therein mentioned grant bargain sell assign transfer release and confirm unto the said Blayney Owen  MITCHELL all that and those the town and lands of Bradog[3] otherwise Bradogans otherwise Bradoge otherwise Brabadog situate in the County of Monaghan to hold the said lands with the appurtenances unto the said Blaney Owen  MITCHELL his heirs and assigns forever and such deed of release containing the covenants and the same as also this Memorial also this Memorial also [?] [?] of by the said George BARTLEY are witnessed by Walter  Mitchell ROTHSCHILD[4] Esq. Weldon  MITCHELL[5] the town of Monaghan both in the County of Monaghan gent George BARTLEY. Seal. Signed sealed in presence of Walter LYLE[6] William MITCHELL. The above named William MITCHELL maketh oath he is a subscribing witness to the deed of release of which the above is a Memorial and also to the above Memorial and saw the said deed and memorial duly executed by the above named George BARTLEY and the name William MITCHELL subscribed to said deed and memorial as witnessed is deponent’s name and hand writing of William MITCHELL. Sworn before me at Monaghan in the County of Monaghan on this 13th day of January 1799 by virtue of a commission to me directed and I know the deponent. John HUMPHREYS[7].

[1] George BARTLEY (1753-1800) Surgeon of Monaghan Infirmary for 50 years. Husband of Christina METGE.  PRONI D991/6/1/2

[2] Blaney Owen  MITCHELL aka Blayney-Owen MITCHELL b.Jan1751; d.23Feb1817 Well known Dublin attorney. His ancestry traces back to Sir Edward BLAYNEY SOURCE: http://keithblayney.com/Blayney/Edward1.html In a Belfast Newsletter article August 1792, his Dublin address is given as: 5, Dominick St., Dublin

[3] Braddocks is a townland of 183 acres  the Parish of Tullycorbet, Co. Monaghan (as if there were not enough variant names already!)

[4] Walter  Mitchell ROTHSCHILD Esq.

[5] Weldon  MITCHELL

[6] Walter LYLE




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