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This brief snippet ties into a map that then sheds light on future land holdings at Cavananore, and the events that lead to its purchase in the late 1890s by Sir Thomas JACKSON. This agreement may have been triggered by the death of “Mrs. COULTER”, who I suspect was the elderly Martha COULTER.
Sharon Oddie Brown. May 2, 2012


1799 Agreement BRADFORD
NOTE: This map is from a sale in 1900. The portion that went to Mrs. Eliza BRADFORD in 1799 is the part of Cavananore and Annaghavackey to the east of the defined section of these two townlands that went to Samuel BRADFORD in 1799.



February 5, 1799 It was agreed before the undersigned Gentlemen that Mrs. Eliza Bradford[1] is to have the field next the Cattlefield which comes to the forth – and Mr. Sam Bradford[2] is to have the Part of Mrs. Coulter[3] he now occupies, and he is to pay for whatever his part measures more than Mrs. Bradford a rent to be fixed by ____(?) R. Dickie[4] & JnO Bailey[5] and the whole Concern to be divided at November by Said Messrs Dickie & Bailie ~

Samuel Bradford

Eliza Bradford


Agreed to by the Parties

In the presence of us ~

E.B. Gilmer[6]

James Birch[7]

Robert Dickie

John Bailie

[1] Elizabeth BRADFORD née BREAKEY(1758-1844), daughter of William BREAKEY (1712-bef 1760) and Elizabeth BIRCH (1733-1812). Her husband  Thomas BRADFORD (abt 1739-1790) was a son of John BRADFORD (1705-1789) and Barbara COULTER (1721-1795), a daughter of Samuel COULTER b 1bt 1690 of Cavananore. Her only son, Andrew Coulter BRADFORD (1788-1847) was key in the improvements to the lands and buildings of Cavananore. He was a great-uncle of Sir Thomas JACKSON.

[2] Samuel BRADFORD (1739-1818), husband of Margaret HENRY, and the twin brother of Thomas BRADFORD (abt 1739-1790). He was a son of John BRADFORD (1705-1789) and Barbara COULTER (1721-1795). His sons, Thomas & Samuel figure in future land agreements concerning Cavananore.

[3] Mrs. COULTER. Presumably, she would be a relation of Barbara COULTER (1721-1795). My guess is that this was Martha COULTER, née COWAN, the widow of John COULTER, a brother of Barbara BRADFORD née COULTER. She was living at Cavananore in 1791 when a robbery was reported, and a codicil in her will places her there.

[4] Robert DICKIE. This is probably Robert DICKIE (1740-1825) husband of Mary REID (1744-1827). They lived at Clonaleenan, Co. Louth

[5] John BAILIE. Given the inter-relationships, this is most likely John BAILIE (1730-1810) of Clonaleenan. His wife was Ann, but we do not know her maiden name.

[6] Capt. Eliezer Birch GILLMER (1762-1834), half brother of Elizabeth BRADFORD née BREAKEY, and son of Alexander GILMORE (1735-1773) and Elizabeth BIRCH (1733-1812).

[7] James BIRCH. Given the context, this is probably James Birch GILMORE (1772-1804), a brother of Capt. Eliezer Birch GILLMER (1762-1834).



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