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This Memorial concerns properties relating to Anne OLIVER’s marriage to Samuel ELGEE of Rochvale, Co. Monaghan. At present I believe she is the daughter of David OLIVER & Susannah WALKER of Ballyrea, Co. Armagh. The marriage settlement is with her brothers Joseph & Benjamin OLIVER. The William OLIVER of Laragh who witnesses the agreement is also likely her brother. Samuel ELGEE was a son of William ELGEE, a brother of the Charles ELGEE who was the g-g-grandfather of Oscar WILDE.,
December 8, 2007. Thanks to the research of Theo McMAHON of Monaghan, I can shed a little more light. "Rochvale" (mentioned beneath as the residence of Samuel ELGEE) is quite likely the result of a bit of a mistransciption on my part and is more likely to be "Rock Vale", a house in the townland of Corcreeghy, parish of Kilmore, Co. Monaghan. This townland is contiguous to Drummaconor townland, also in the parish of Kilmore, Co. Monaghan It was in Drummaconor house that the two sisters [of Oscar WILDE] perished in a fire and their grave is located in Drumnat Church of Ireland graveyard. This church is located in Mullanacross townland and is adjacent to Corcreeghy & Drummaconor. [SOURCE: email Nov 21, 2007 - digital copy lost in computer crash].
Update: Novermber 24, 2016 Edited footnotes


1801 Sept 25

DEED: 539-293-355212

NOTE: I need to order this deed.

NOTE: County Louth Graveyard inscriptions include several ELGEE names but the only OLIVER name is Mary Jane OLIVER (a couple of centuries later):

ELGEE Agnes, Dundalk, St. Nicholas, Typescript
ELGEE Agnes, Dundalk, St. Nicholas, JAPMD 1916
ELGEE Anne, Dundalk, St. Nicholas, Typescript
ELGEE Anne, Dundalk, St. Nicholas, JAPMD 1916
ELGEE Charles, Dundalk, St. Nicholas, JAPMD 1916


These names are likely all included in the following flat limestone slab:


Beneath this Stone are deposited

the mortal remains of Anne Elgee who

departed this life the 12th of March 1826

Aged 70 years Also the remains of   her

Sister Agnes Elgee who departed this life

the 27th of Jan 1838 Aged 75  years the

last Surviving Children of the late Mr

Charles Elgee of Dundalk.


JAPMD: Journal of the Association for the Preservation of Memorials of the Dead

Another useful source may be: County Louth Archaeological and Historical Journal volume XXII number 1 (1989) Wilson, Maureen: Shewell’s Lane, Lord Limerick’s demesne wall and the ELGEE Family, p. 49-53.



A Memorial of an [marriage?] deed bearing date of 22nd day of April 1801 and made between Samuel ELGEE [1] of Rochvale, Co Monaghan of the one part, Anne OLIVER [2] of Ballyrea [3] in the County of Armagh spinster of the second part and Joseph OLIVER and Benjamin OLIVER both of Ballyrea aforesaid Gent of the third part. Whereby after recits as therein it is receipted that a marriage is to be had and solemnized between the said Samuel ELGEE And Anne OLIVER sister of the said Joseph OLIVER [4] and Benjamin OLIVER [5] . The said Samuel ELGEE For the consideration [....] and for settling a competent portion of jointure for the said Anne OLIVER in case she shall survive him did grant [___] convey and confirm unto the said Joseph OLIVER and Benjamin OLIVER all that and those tenants in the Upper Ward in the town of Dundalk [____] part 82 feet in depth from the street to the Mill Race 260 feet [?] 63 feet situate lying and being in the town of Dundalk then or late in the Tenure or Occupation of Michael [Callair]? And .... to hold to the said Joseph OLIVER & Benjamin OLIVER their heirs assigns ... during the continuance of the Lease of said premises for all rentals to be had gotten or obtained thereof .... Witnessed by William HUTCHINSON [6] of Ballyrats [7] in the County of Armagh, William OLIVER [8] of Laragh in the Co. of Monaghan farmer and memorial is also witnessed by the said William HUTCHISON. William OLIVER [SEAL] Samuel ELGEE [SEAL] Joseph OLIVER [SEAL]


[1] Samuel Elgee of Rochvale, Co Monaghan. was baptised at Dundalk January 17, 1759. SOURCE: Sperenza’s Ancestry: Elgee – The Maternal Lineage of Oscar Wilde.  Brian de Breffny. Volume 4:2, 1972 The Irish Ancestor. NOTE: Oscar WILDE’s mother, Lady Jane Frances WILDE was an ELGEE with Monaghan connections. Her father Charles ELGEE (1783-1821) left Ireland for India shortly after 1821 and died there in 1821. Her great-grandfather Charles ELGEE (1714-1787) as well as his eldest brother William (b. 1705) emigrated to Ireland in the 1730s and became prosperous builders in Dundalk. Coupled with the fact that another branch of the OLIVER family had a slight WILDE connection (William OLIVER married Mary Anne HYDE, widow of Clarendon HYDE whose mother was a WILDE), and that Drumaconnor House where Oscar’s two half sisters died in a petticoat fire also has family connections, this may prove interesting.

[2] Anne OLIVER of Ballyrea in the County of Armagh. She was a daughter of David OLIVER (1725-1806) and Susannah WALKER (d. 1808).  Her siblings were: Benjamin OLIVER, Martha OLIVER (married Nathaniel LESLIE), Joseph OLIVER (1764-1837) married 1stly Jane HAMILTON & then Catherine [?], William OLIVER (1764-1844) married Mary Anne HYDE (a widow of Clarendon HYDE whose mother was Mary WILDE) & Margaret OLIVER who married Patrick McCLELLAND of Ballybay, Co. Monaghan.

[3] Ballyrea in the County of Armagh. This was one of the townlands that the OLIVER family had long term connections to (documented through various leases).

[4] Joseph OLIVER (1764-1837) married 1stly Jane HAMILTON & then Catherine [?],

[5] Benjamin OLIVER died between 1837-1840 at Ballyrea. Likely he married, although I have no record.

[6] Rev. William HUTCHINSON (1758-1827) SOURCE: 1828 Jan 4 The Newry Commercial Telegraph In Ballyrath, near Armagh, on the 27th ult., in the 69th year of his age, the Rev. WILLIAM HUTCHINSON, a gentleman who signalized himself at an early period of his life in Trinity College, Dublin, as an accomplished scholar. He was a man of extensive information--whose mind was stored with interesting anecdotes, which he related with great candour, energy, and humour. He was a fond husband--a kind and affectionate father--a steady friend--and a man who wished well to the whole human race. He was the survivor of three brothers, who in the prime of their youth attracted universal attention at the general reviews of Volunteer Corps in Belfast and Newry, for their remarkable elegance and symmetry of features and of form. In activity -- in muscular power, they could not have been excelled by any three men in Ulster. Mr. Hutchinson, prior to his entering into the Church, was a member of the Second Armagh Corps of Volunteers, raised in the year 1789, in which he was a very active and useful member.
He married an unnamed ARBUTHNOTE (SEE: KIDD-OSBORNE tree on my computer. I will post that tree when I have time to source more material).
He was also likely the father of William Scott HUTCHISON (1800-1839) who married a Mary Anne WALKER and they had children at Ballyrea (SEE: HUTCHINSON tree on my computer constructed from notes shared by Linda EDWARDS. I will post that tree when I have time to source more material.).

There seems to be a close connection to the OLIVER family. See also Deed 539-293- 3555212 where a William HUTCHINSON is a witness to the OLIVER-ELGEE marriage document. SEE: http://www.thesilverbowl.com/documents/1801Sept25-OLIVER-ELGEE-Marriage.html

[7] Ballyrats is probably Ballyrath, Parish of Armagh, Co. Armagh. It is close to Ballyrea.

[8] William OLIVER (1764-1844) of Laragh was a son of David OLIVER. His wife was Mary Anne - widow of Clarendon HYDE. He was a brother of Anne OLIVER.



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