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NAMES: William Owen MITCHELL of Dublin; Jane BARTLEY of town of Monaghan; Jane FOSTER otherwise Joyce METGE of the town of Monaghan; Mark FOSTER; Walter TYLER of Rosefield; Henry MITCHELL of Town of Monaghan; Walter YOUNG of Town of Monaghan; Joyce FOSTER nèe METGE; W. WILSON.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 15, 2009
Update: footnote additions. April 11, 2021. NOTE: Book number of deed corrected Sept 20,2021 Thanks to Nick Reddan.


DEED 573 090 384305

1802 April 12


A Memorial of an indenture deed of settlement bearing date the 12th day of April 1802 and made between William Owen MITCHELL[1] of the city of Dublin attorney at law of the first part Jane BARTLEY[2] of the town of Monaghan spinster of the second part Jane FOSTER[3] otherwise METGE of the town of Monaghan widow and relic of Mark FOSTER[4] deceased of the third part and Walter TYLER[5] of Rosefield[6] and Henry MITCHELL[7] of the town of Monaghan both in the County of Monaghan Esq.'s of the fourth part. Reciting amongst other things that a marriage was intended to be had between said William Owen MITCHELL and Jane BARTLEY and witnessing that said Jane FOSTER for the considerations therein mentioned did bargain assign transfer and such over to said Walter TYLER and Henry MITCHELL and their survivors of them and the exors admons and assigns of each of such survivor's all her interest in and to the sum of £1000 part of the sum of the £1200 due and payable to her out of the estate of Peter METGE Esq. there in named and all rights and advantage thereof with such power to call in transfer or assign same and to use it in any other security as therein mentioned and said Walter TYLER and Henry MITCHELL and the survivor of them or his exors admons or assigns were thereby to be possessed and interested in said £1000 and the security in which same then was or thereafter shall be invested upon trust to suffer said Jane FOSTER and her assigns to receive the interest thereof for her life and after her death to permit said William Owen MITCHELL and his assigns to receive the interest thereof for his life and after his death to permit the said Jane and her assigns to receive interest. Whereof for her life in lieu of Jointure and if there should be no child or children of said intended marriage and the said William Owen MITCHELL survived and Jane BARTLEY thereupon trust that said Walter TYLER and Henry MITCHELL and the survivor of them their exors admons and assigns of each of such survivor shall assign said £1000 sixpence to William Owen MITCHELL his exors admons or assigns subject to the amount interest to said Jane FOSTER during her life for his and their own sole use and benefit whatever whichever deed is witnessed by Christina BARTLEY[8] and Robert MITCHELL of the town of Monaghan and this Memorial is witnessed by the said Christina BARTLEY widow and Walter YOUNG[9] Esq. both of the town and County of Monaghan Joyce FOSTER[10] [SEAL]. Signed and dated in presence of C. BARTLEY  Walter YOUNG. The above named Christina BARTLEY maketh oath that she is a subscribing witness to the deed whereof the above writing is a Memorial and also to the said Memorial and that she saw the said deed duly executed by the parties thereto and also saw said Memorial Julie executed by the above named Jane FOSTER and saith the name Christiana BARTLEY subscribed as a witness to said deed and Memorial is this deponent's name and hand writing C. BARTLEY sworn before me on this 21st day of March 1805 of Monaghan in the County of Monaghan by virtue of a Commission to me directed for taking affidavits. W. WILSON.




[1] William Owen MITCHELLwas a son of Blayney Owen MITCHELL. SOURCE: ROD: 494-443-332743. He was likely born in 1775 and was reportedly killed in riots in Dublin. See Family tree at Keith BLAYNEY's site.

[2] Jane BARTLEY of the town of Monaghan spinster. NOTE: I am not totally sure who she may have been. Perhaps she was a child of George BARTLEY who married Christina METGE in 1781. Their 2nd daughter was named Jessie BARTLEY (1785-1876). SOURCE: BARTLEY - December 8, at Salem Place, Adelaide Road, Dublin, Jessy,second daughter of the late George Bartley, M.D., Monaghan, in the 91st year of her age.

[3] Jane FOSTER perhaps Joyce FOSTER. See footnote beneath.

[4] Mark FOSTER. See entry under Joyce FOSTER beneath.

[5] Walter TYLER of Rosefield was the son-in-law of Christina METGE. He married her daughter, Elizabeth ROGERS (daughter of Christina’s 1st husband, John ROGERS).

[6] Rosefield 178 acres in the Parish of Kilmore, Co. Monaghan.

[7] Henry MITCHELL Esq., of Drumreaske b.1766 d.26Jul1830 married Mary JOHNSTONE in 1787. She was the daughter and heiress of John JOHNSTONE Esq., of Killabeel, Monaghan SOURCE: http://keithblayney.com/Blayney/Edward1.html

[8] Christina BARTLEYnèe METGE (d. 1818), wife of George BARTLEY (1753-1800).

[9] Walter YOUNG Esq.

[10] Joyce FOSTER nèe METDGE SOURCE: Clogher Clergy & Parishes. Rev. James B. Leslie p 87: 1773. Mark Foster (or Forster), coll Feb. 8 (D.R.) His name does not appear in the Matric. Lists of T.C.D., but he was M.A. of Lambeth, conferred in 1772 (Public Monitor of 13 Oct. 1772)., ord. D. 24 Sept., 1763, P. 22July, 1764 (S.R.) He was C. Tyholland in 1764, V. Donagh 1766-73, He m. Joyce Metge, of St. Thomas's Parish, Dub. [M.I. 8 Dec., 1774], Seems to have vacated this Preb. in 1777, and perhaps is Mark Foster, whose (Clogher) Will was proved in 1805. The Christian name Mark appears in 2 entries of the Foster family in Alum. Dublin, viz., Marcus Patterson F., son of Patrick, Generosus [==gent.], b. in Co. Clare 1776, and Mark F., son of Thomas, Vitrarius [= glazier or glassmaker], b. in Dublin 1794. There was a Forster family settled at Enniskillen.




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