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NAMES: James BREAKEY of Cormeen, Co. Monaghan; James NIXON, Esq. Capt.; John BRADSHAW; Josiah RUTHERFORD.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 4, 2009.

DEED 583 198 396071

1802 Dec 9[1]


NOTE: This is just a fast crack at this transcription & annotation. I will await input from Wendy JACK before spending more time on it. She will likely have the whole story.


A Memorial of an Indented Deed bearing date the 9th day of December in the year of our Lord God 1802 Between James BREAKEY[2] of Cormeen[3] in the Co of Monaghan Linen Merchant of the one part,  and James NIXON[4] Esq. Capt. Of the Monaghan Regiment of Militia of the other part. Whereby after reciting as therein is recited and part only that the said James BREAKY was then and by a Bond bearing Equal date therewith indebted unto the said James NIXON in the final sum of £400 [consideration?] payment of £200 he the said James BREAKY for the better securing said sum of £200 and interest as also for the Consideration herein mentioned did grant bargain sell assign and make over unto the said James NIXON his exhors admons and assigns all that and those part of Cormeen containing 35 acres three roods and four perches Irish plantation measure be the same more or less situate in the County of Monaghan to hold unto the said James NIXON his exhors and admons and assigns from the date of day of the date thereof for the term of [?] years from thence forth fully to be Completed and ended in case any renewal to be made in pursuance of the Considerations Contained in the indenture therein recited shall continue so long in which there is contained a provision or condition of redemption on payment said £200 and interest on a Certain day therein mentioned which said Deed and this Memorial are witnessed by John BRADSHAW [5] and Josiah RUTHERFORD[6] both of Clones in the County of Monaghan gent James BREAKEY. [SEAL]. Signed sealed and delivered in presence of John BRADSHAW, & Joseph RUTHERFORD the above named John BRADSHAW maketh oath that he was present and did see the above named James BREAKY duly sign seal and execute the deed whereof the foregoing writing was a true Memorial and also saw said Memorial and saith he is subscribing witness to the said deed and Memorial respectively and that the name John BRADSHAW also to each of them as a witness is this deponent's proper name and handwriting and says that on the 3rd day of November 1806 did witness the said deed and Memorial to John GRIFFIN Esq. Deputy and the Registry Office at or about the hour of one o'clock afternoon of said John BRADSHAW. Sworn before me the 3rd day of November 1806 James GRIFFIN deputy. --



[1] A transcription done by Marilyn BREAKY on her excellent website on the BREAKEYs of Monaghan sheds light on some of the connections relating to this Memorial. SEE:  http://homepages.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~BREAKEY/HTB2.htm

[2] James BREAKEY (1760-1835) married Sarah NIXON. She was the stepdaughter of Humphry Thomson of Bushford, in the County of Monaghan SOURCE: Edward BREAKEY

[3] Cormeen, Parish of Augnamullen, CO. Monaghan.

[4] James NIXON Esq. Capt. He was the agent for the Leslies.





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