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NAMES: Charles COULTER of Annaghvacky; Owen ROONEY of Carrickastuck; William COULTER; Charles COULTER; Ralph COULTER of Carrickastuck; Henry COULTER of Carrickastuck; James COULTER sr.; Patrick CONNOLLY of Cavananore; Edward GREGORY of Dundalk; Mary PAGE & Stephen PAGE of Dundalk.
Sharon Oddie Brown. August 30, 2009


1803 Dec 5

DEED: 583 237 396572


NOTES from my 2009 diary.


Charles COULTER[1] of Annavacky[2], Co. Louth, Gent 1st part Owen ROONEY[3] of Carrickistook[4], farmer of the other part. COULTER demised to ROONEY part of lands of Carrickistook 2 Acres during natural lives of William COULTER[5] & Charles COULTER[6] sons to the Lessor and Ralph COULTER[7] son of Henry COULTER[8] of Carrickistuck, farmers … term of 41 years after the death of James COULTER[9] the elder mentioned in a lease perfected to Charles COULTER. WITNESS: Patrick CONNOLLY[10] of Cavanamore[11] and Edward GREGORY[12] of Dundalk, both farmers of Co. Louth & Mary PAGE[13], wife to Stephen PAGE[14] of Dundalk, Gent.


[1] Charles COULTER of Annavacky, Co. Louth, Gent. I suspect this is the Charles COULTER, son of James COULTER (b bef 1734) and grandson of Charles COULTER (?-bef 1776) and Mary McEVERS. He had two children, William COULTER and Charles COULTER as well as a brother, Henry COULTER.

[2] Annavacky a townland of 369 Acres in the Civil Parish of Creggan, Barony of Upper Dundalk, Co. Louth.

[3] Owen ROONEY of Carrickistook, farmer

[4] Carrickistook aka Carrickastuck, a townland of 229 acres in the Parish of Phillipstown, Co. Louth.

[5] William COULTER son of Charles COULTER of Annaghvacky.

[6] Charles COULTER son of Charles COULTER of Annaghvacky.

[7] Ralph COULTER son of Henry COULTER of Carrickistuck, farmers and grandson of James COULTER and great-grandson of Charles COULTER (?-bef 1776) and Mary McEVERS.

[8] Henry COULTER of Carrickistuck, farmer, son of James COULTER and grandson of Charles COULTER (?-bef 1776) and Mary McEVERS.

[9] James COULTER the elder, son of Charles COULTER (?-bef 1776) and Mary McEVERS. Of Carrickastuck, Co. Louth.

[10] Patrick CONNOLLY of Cavanamore, farmer. There was a  P. CONNOLLY who was a magistrate, but I don’t know if this was him.

[11] Cavanamore aka Cavananore. – a townland of 219 acres in Upper Dundalk, Co. Louth

[12] Edward GREGORY of Dundalk, farmer

[13] Mary PAGE, wife to Stephen PAGE of Dundalk, Gent.

[14] Stephen PAGE of Dundalk, Gent. Attorney. In 1834, he was listed as a Commissioner of affidavits. There was a PAGE family, well known in Dundalk. A Mr. Peter RUSSELL who was a corn merchant and rectifying distiller in those large buildings and stores adjoining St. Nicholas' Church, once belonging to the famous Page family. SOURCE: Tempests Jubilee 1909 p104. In the 1842 Voters list, a William PAGE was listed as a leaseholder at Silverbridge.In 1834, he was listed as a Commissioner of affidavits. NOTE: In the Louth County Archives are some documents that would seem to indicate more of a COULTER-PAGE connection. I should possibly have paid a little more attention (when I wasn’t freaking out about my computer overheating and locking up!!!)



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