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This relates to a marriage settlement between Martha OLIVER, daughter of David OLIVER of Ballyrea, Co. Armagh and Nathaniel LESLIE of Drumcanner, Co. Armagh. Joseph OLIVER & Benjamin OLIVER are Martha's brothers and William LESLIE is Nathaniel's father. The lands granted are about 35 acres in the "Manor of Toaghy and Barony of Armagh" [NOTE: I don't know what the "Manor of Toaghy" is - Does it refer to Magherkilcranny, in the parish of Derrynoose? - See mention in 1840 April 6 1845-14-26]. WITNESSES: Samuel LESLIE (brother of Nathaniel) and Nathaniel LESLIE & William OLIVER both of Laragh, Co. Monaghan. William was Martha's brother.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 27, 2006
Updated March 19, 2007 The full text of the will was transcribed. I have a photocopy
Update: November 24, 2016. Significant editing of footnotes.

1803 September 1
DEED: 558-208-370880
Martha OLIVER - Nathaniel LESLIE Marriage settlement

To the register appointed by Act of Parliament for the Public Registry of all Deeds Leases etc. etc


A Memorial of an Indented Deed of Marriage Settlement bearing date of the first day of September one thousand eight hundred and three made between Nathaniel Leslie [1] of Drumacanver [2] in the county of Armagh in the first part, Martha Oliver [3] spinster third daughter of Mr. David Oliver [4] of Ballyrea [5] in the said County of Armagh of the second part and Joseph and Benjamin Oliver [6] both of Ballyrea aforesaid Gentleman of the third part. Whereby the said Nathaniel Leslie for the considerations therein mentioned, granted to the said Joseph Oliver and Benjamin Oliver their executors administrators and assigns all that and those that part of the town land of Drumacanver formally in the possession of William Leslie [7] deceased and then in the possession of the said Nathaniel Leslie situate lying and being in the Manor of Toaghy and Barony and County of Armagh aforesaid containing by estimation 35 acres two roods and thirty perches be the same more or less and also all that and those not part of the said lands of Drumacanver and Tamlet [8] aforesaid in the possession of Carnack and Henry Mulholland [9] containing by survey thereof seven acres one rude and 20 purchase Irish measure.  To hold onto the said Joseph and Benjamin Oliver their executors and administrators upon the following trusts, to the use of the said Nathaniel Leslie for life, and subject to a jointure of Twenty Pounds Stg annually for said Martha Oliver in case she survived said Nathaniel Leslie, to the use of the Issue of said intended marriage as they are in mentioned which Deed is Witnessed by Samuel Leslie Brother to the said Nathaniel Leslie and William Oliver [10] of Laragh [11] in the County of Monahan gentlemen and this memorial is witnessed by the said William Oliver and Thomas Appleby [12] of the city of Armagh Scrivener

Signed and Sealed in presence of

William Oliver                558-208

Thomas Appleby


Joseph Oliver [SEAL]

The above named William OLIVER maketh oath and said he is a Subscribing Witness to the Deed whereof the above Writing is a Memorial and that he same the same duly executed by all the parties therein there too, and that Dept. is also a subscribing witness to said Memorial and saw the same duly executed by the above named Joseph Oliver one of the parties to said Deed, and that the named William Oliver's described as a witness to said Deed and Memorial is this Dept. proper name and handwriting

Sworn before me at Armagh in the County of Armagh this 19th day of September 1803 by virtue of a commission to me directed for taking affidavits in said county and I know the Dept.

Michael Magee

[1] Nathaniel LESLIE. Descendants may have lived at Keady as a Nathanial Leslie b. Jan 13 1866 was the son of a Nathaniel LESLIE and Alice Farley. He married Martha OLIVER on Sept. 2, 1803 at First Presbyterian, City Of Armagh

[2] Drumacanver is a townland in the southernmost part of the Parish of Derrynoose – somewhat south east of Derryhaw.

[3] Martha OLIVE was a daughter of David OLIVER, probably born at Ballyrea, and died after 1845. She married Nathaniel LESLIE on Sept. 2, 1803 at First Presbyterian, City of Armagh

[4] David OLIVER (1725-1806). Judging from the evidence in other deeds, I am supposing this to be the David OLIVER son of William OLIVER and Elizabeth HARDY, and father of Martha OLIVER..

[5] Ballyrea, a townland in Parish of Armagh, County Armagh.

[6] Joseph & Benjamin OLIVER. Although these may be brothers of David OLIVER of Ballyrea, it is more likely that they are brothers of the bride. The signature of Joseph OLIVER in this deed looks to be the same hand that signed the Deed  414259  1807, Nov 13 for the marriage of a sister Margaret OLIVER to Patrick McCLELAND..

[7] William LESLIE (?-bef 1803) He was the father-in-law of Martha OLIVER who married Nathaniel LESLIE.

[8] Tamlet AKA Tamlaght. There are two such townlands, on in the Parish of Derryvalley and one in the Parish of Eglish. The one in the Parish of Derryvally is on the northern border of Drumacanver and hence the more likely land in question.

[9] Carnack and Henry MULHOLLAND? The 1823-28 Tithe Appointment Books have a record of a Henry MULHOLLAND at Eglish, Eglish Parish along with a couple of dozen other MULHOLLAND names. There is also a death notice in the Belfast Weekly News for February 28, 1857: February 22, at his residence, Seymour Street, Lisburn, Mr Henry Mulholland, aged 86 years, having been upwards of sixty years connected with the linen trade. This is a likely person to associate with this entry. There was also a timber merchant who erected a dock at Lisburn. Given Lisburn’s connection to the linen trades, this could be a relative or the same person.

As you can see, I know next to nothing, but here is a snippet with family names that may or may not connect: The last execution of a woman at Armagh jail took place on Wednesday 19th July 1815. On that occasion Mrs Jane Mulholland was hanged in front of the jail alongside Robert Edgar. Both had been convicted of murdering Mrs Mulhollands husband after the two of them began a clandestine love affair. Mr Reid Mulholland was beaten to death with a hatchet as he lay sleeping in his bed at his home, near the village of Hamiltonsbawn, outside Armagh, Northern Ireland.

[10] William OLIVER (abt 1764-1844). Based on information in other leases, I deduce that he is the son of David OLIVER (1725-1806) and hence the brother of Martha OLIVER.

[11] Laragh is a townland in County Monaghan associated with the OLIVERs until some heated legal battles in the mid-1800s when they seemingly lost it all (and some of them did jail time). SEE: Map

[12] Thomas APPLEBY is often the scrivener for OLIVER leases at this time.



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