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This is one of a series of letters from George JACKSON, a solicitor in Dublin. He is writing to his nephew John JACKSON who is now 25 years old, but was only sixteen years old when David JACKSON, his father, died.
Sharon Oddie Brown July 19, 2006

Dr John [1]


            In your last letter you mentd that you wd want the ₤100 w:ch Lord Roden [2] owes you next May. Mr. Bowen has nothing to do with that business now. Captain Metge [3] is to pay it [small hole in letter – one word missing] had therefore better apply to Mr Jocelyn [4] to write to Captt Metge to know when he will pay you & if Mr Jocelyn w:d make it a request – probably you will be paid in May. Althoh your Mothers Name is certainly one of the Last in the List of debts to be paid. I wrote to Hanratty’s [5] Attey by this night’s Post to know if you were settled with yet & that if a settlement was not made I wd proceed after the 20th of this Month. I understand Hanratty says you can make no hand of him but before the end of next Term he shall know the difference in case he does not settle and pay you. You need not be at all uneasy on Acct of any thing he says & if he serves you or your Mother [6] with any Law Papers instantly send them up to me & I shall take care of them. all friends here are – well w:ch I hope is the case with you & all friends at Creggane. My love to your Mother & all friends, I am

                        Dr John

                        Yrs Very Sincerely [?]

                                    Geo Jackson [7]

44 Great Strand St.,

10th Apl 1805

[1] John JACKSON (1780-1817). His father had died when he was about 15 years old and he has been managing (with his Mother’s help) the affairs of their farms and such.

[2] Lord RODEN – a substantial Landlord of the region. from late in the 17th century with an estate in Dundalk.

[3] Captain METGE? Interestingly, a Christina METGE married a BARTLEY of this generation.

[4] Mr. JOCELYN?

[5] See letter of March 3, 1804 for mention of HANRATTY. I do not know which one he is.

[6] Margaret BRADFORD (1739-1820)

[7] George JACKSON, son of George JACKSON & Margaret O’Laughlin & uncle of John JACKSON, recipient of the letter


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