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This Deed is mentioned in HENRY WILLIAM OLIVER 1807-1888:His Descendants by Henry Oliver Rea. James OLIVER Sr. was born in 1750 and had three sons: Stephen, James & William (all mentioned in the deed). On 31 December 1790, James OLIVER Sr. had leased this land from William IRVINE and apparently transferred it to his son William OLIVER (b. abt 1780) who was farming at "Six Mile Cross" - about six miles from Tattykeel, Co. Tyrone. At the time, both Stephen OLIVER and his father James OLIVER were resident at Corchoney.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 29, 2006
Update: footnotes added. September 27, 2015

1805 August 21
DEED: 631-268-433242
James OLIVER to  William OLIVER

Deed of conveyance by James OLIVER[1] of Corconny[2] [Corchoney], Parish of Kildeep? [Kildress], Co. Tyrone of the one part and William OLIVER[3] of Lisnae Cross[4], Co [illegible] and of the said James OLIVER ... that William Junior?[5] Esq. Due by fiduciary? Legacy date the 31st day of Dec 1790 did demure and sell unto the said James OLIVER  all the holding occupied by the said James OLIVER in Tullykeel [Tattykeel?][6] in the Parish of Killduffs [Kildress?][7] in the Parish of Tyrone containing 13 acres 3.10 perches with the same more or less [?] two days labour of a man yearly.  To hold to the said James Olliver  his heirs  {/, ?, } from the first day of November then last for the lives of Stephen OLIVER[8], James OLIVER[9],  and Wm OLIVER[10] sons of the  of the aforesaid James Olliver party thereto at the yearly rent  of sixteen shillings per acre and one shilling per pound [?] fees. He the Said James OLIVER  in conferring the sum of [pounds]60  to him paid by the said William OLIVER  did thereby sell  {?] transfer and make over to the said William OLIVER his heirs and assign all  [?] property  and Claim whatever to the said part of Tullykist [Tullykeel] containing 13 acres 3.10 perches [?] with the Dwelling House & offices and Houses & appurtenances then in the actual possession of Stephen OLIVER to hold to the said Wm OLIVER ... Witnessed by Bernard M’Glane[11] [M’Glone?] & by Andrew Newton[12] of Creagh[13]?

[1] James OLIVER Presumably Rev. James OLIVER (1750-1824)

[2] Corconny aka Corchoney, a townland on the northern border of Tattykeel, Parish of Kildress, Co. Tyrone

[3] William OLIVER I am unsure whether this was the William OLIVER (abt 1776-aft 1842) who emigrated to America in 1842 with his wife and children. It could be the William OLIVER who was a businessman in Dublin, and a brother of Re, James OLIVER.

·        HENRY WILLIAM OLIVER 1807-1888: His Descendantsby Henry Oliver Rea. Privately published in Tyrone, 1959. WILLIAM OLIVER, SON OF JAMES, was born about 1780 [NOTE: Census indicates 1776], probably at Moneymore, County Tyrone, when his father was curate. Nothing is known of his childhood. In 1805 he was engaged in farming at Six Mile Cross, about six miles from Tattykeel About this time he married Ann Jane Mann, daughter of Henry Mann of Termon Rock (Tironney) and later of " Dunmoyle," Six, Mile Cross, both in the parish of Termonamaguirk. The Mann family was originally from County Cork. On August 21, 1805, James Oliver, his father, conveyed to William his property rights to a tract of land in Tattykeel “containing thirteen acres three roods and ten perches ... with the dwelling house and office houses on said premises then in the actual possession of Stephen Oliver”, brother of William. The deed was registered on January 12, 1811. Shortly after his marriage, William returned to Corchoney where his father was living. He did not take possession of the tract in Tattykeel until after 1812. William and Ann Jane had at least four children. Henry was baptized, April 10, 1808; Maria Anna, June 2, 1810; Thomas, December 27, 1812; and Eliza, October 13, 1816. When the first three children were baptized, their parents were living in Corchoney ; when Eliza was baptized, in Tattykeel. Undoubtedly, Henry was named for his grandfather Henry Mann, and Thomas for his uncle Thomas Mann. Eliza was a traditional Christian name in the Oliver family. Her baptismal record is the last record of the Olivers found in the registers of Kildress. When William died is not known, but is known that Ann Jane survived him by many years. There is circumstantial evidence that the family moved to Castle Caulfield, Donaghmore Parish. Henry Oliver who was baptized in St. Patrick Church, the parish church of Kildress, County Tyrone, Apri110, 1808, emigrated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in 1842.

[4] Lisnae Cross. NOTE: I suspect this may be known as Six Mile Cross, where a William OLIVER farmed. SIX-MILE-CROSS, a village, in the parish of TERMONMAGUIRK, barony of OMAGH, county of TYRONE, and province of ULSTER, 8 miles (S.E.) from Omagh, on the road to Dungannon; containing 275 inhabitants. The parish church of Termon was erected here on establishing the village in 1634; it remained until the parish was divided, and the two churches of Termon and Clogherney were built. The village contains 65 meanly built houses, mostly thatched, in one small street, though some good houses have been lately built: it has a penny post to Omagh and Dungannon. A court for the manor of Fena is held here once a month, for the recovery of debts under 40s. The village, manor, and lands around are the property of the Earl of Belmore.

[5] William OLIVER jr.

[6] Tullykeel. Probably the townland of “Tattykeel”.

[7] Killduffs. Probably the Parish of Kildress.

[8] Stephen OLIVER

[9] James OLIVER

[10] William OLIVER

[11] Bernard M’GLONE

[12] Andrew NEWTON

[13] Creagh



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