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NAMES: John TUCKER of Dublin; Elizabeth TUCKER als ALYBYRNE; William JACKSON; Henry BALL; Mary NEWLAND; George BLAKE of Drury Lane; James DILLON, Dr.; Robert BLAKE; John BALL; Robert BALL; John AYLBURNE of Stillorgan;John GRIFFIN.
Sharon Oddie Brown. December 16, 2011


Book 566, page 471, #384784

Transcribed by Dawn Lowe


Indented Deed of Release

Dated 3 June 1805


Between John Tucker[1], County Dublin, Gent, and

Elizabeth Tucker[2] otherwise Alybyrne his wife, of the first part

William Jackson[3], City of Dublin, Gent, of the second part

Henry Ball[4], Camden Street, County Dublin, Gent, of the third part


Whereby said John Tucker, Elizabeth Tucker and William Jackson did for considerations mentioned release and confirm to Henry Ball all that house messuage or tenement formerly in possession of a Mary Newland[5] and late in possession of George Blake[6] situate on the east side of Little Butter Lane[7] now called Drury Lane in the City and County of Dublin as demised by James Dillon[8] of the City of Dublin, Doctor of Physic, unto Robert Blake[9], City of Dublin, Shoemaker, by Indenture of Lease dated 25 Sept 1782 by the description of (this is a repetition of information given before …) containing with the front to the said Lane 57 feet … same more or less to the rear in feet … and in depth from front to rear 32 feet with appurtenances to hold to Henry Ball acknowledged by said Deed that same was executed to him and his name made use as Trustee for John Ball[10] of Camden Street, County Dublin, Co-signer (Csgr) Father of said Henry Ball and that the money mentioned in said Deed paid to John Tucker was the proper money of said John Ball and no part of said money  of said Henry Ball which said Deed and this Memorial are witnessed by:


Robert Ball[11], City of Dublin, Gent, Attorney

John Aylbyrne[12], Stillorgan, County Dublin, Gent


John Tucker: Seal     Elizabeth Tucker: Seal

William Jackson: Seal    Henry Ball: Seal


Signed and sealed in presence of Robert Ball, subscribing witness, and delivered to John Griffin[13], Gent, Deputy Register, Thursday, 6 June 1805



[1] John TUCKER, Gent, City of Dublin

[2] Elizabeth TUCKER otherwise ALYBYRNE

[3] William JACKSON Gent, of City of Dublin

[4] Henry BALL, Gent, of Camden St., Co. Dublin

[5] Mary NEWLAND

[6] George BLAKE of Drury Lane, City of Dublin

[7] Little Butter Lane now called Drury Lane, City of Dublin

[8] James DILLON, City of Dublin, Dr. of Physic

[9] Robert BLAKE, Shoemaker, City of Dublin

[10] John BALL of Camden St., Co. Dublin, father of Henry BALL. NOTE: The dates here may not match, but it may be significant that there was a John BALL (1702-1764) husband of Dorothy JACKSON (deceased. 1760). She was a daughter of William JACKSON (1668-1712)  and Elizabeth GORGES.

[11] Robert BALL, Attorney, Gent, City of Dublin

[12] John AYLBURNE, Gent of Stillorgan, Co. Dublin. NOTE: I would suspect he was related to Elizabeth TUCKER.

[13] John GRIFFIN, Gent, Deputy register



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