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This is one of a series of letters from George JACKSON, a solicitor in Dublin. He is writing to his nephew John JACKSON who is now 26 years old, but was only sixteen years old when David JACKSON, his father, died.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 19, 2006

Dr John [1]


            I have called at Mr Glenny’s [2] who is Attey for Mr. Seawright [3] , he has not come ot town yet as soon as I see him I will consult & know whether you must come up or not, if I can prevent your coming, I will as I intend to be down at the Armagh Assizes with the Record agst Hanratty [4] for w:ch I have everything prepared. I am of Opinion you wont lose any part of that Money however you shd have no dealings with Hanratty for you must plainly see he wd cheat you if he could therefore if you have any dealings with such a Man if he wrongs you no person shd pity you. My love to all friends


            Dr John

                        Yrs Truly [?]

                        Geo Jackson [5]

44 Great Strand St.,

16th July 1806.

[1] John JACKSON (1780-1817). His father had died when he was about 15 years old and he has been managing (with his Mother’s help) the affairs of their farms and such.

[2] Mr. GLENNY?

[3] Mr. SEAWRIGHT may be John SEAWRIGHT - the uncle of John JACKSON by his marriage to Margaret JACKSON (1783-1810)

[4] HANRATTY – see earlier letters about him – I do not know which HANRATTY he may be.

[5] George JACKSON solicitor in Dublin & uncle of John JACKSON


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