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NAMES: William OLIVER of Laragh, Mary Anne HYDE widow of Clarendon HYDE, George ROCHE of Warrenpoint, David TOMB of Dublin, William FORREST of Warrenpoint, Robert TURNER of Warrenpoint. OTHER TOWNLANDS: Laragh & Cornacarrow, Parish of Augnamullen, Co. Monaghan; Derryhaw, Parish of Tynan, Co. Armagh, Ballyrea, Co. Armagh.
Sharon Oddie Brown. November 10, 2007
Updated November 24, 2016 Footnoted edited.

1809 Nov 20 DEED: 653-598-454000

The WILDE family connection (see footnotes) is intriguing.

Deed of Marriage Settlement. William OLIVER [1] of Laragh in Co. Monaghan Gent of the first part & Mary Anne HYDE [2] , widow relict of Clarendon HYDE [3] late of Liverpool – Surgeon decd of the 2nd part & George ROCHE [4] of Warrenpoint, Co. Down & David TOMB [5] of City of Dublin Gent of the 3rd part … an intended marriage between said William OLIVER & Mary Anne HYDE & that she was entitled to a fortune or portion of 500 Sterling also that the said Wm OLIVER was possessed of & intitled unto certain parts of the towns and lands of Laragh [6] & Coracarrow [7] in Co. Monaghan with certain mills theron & was also possessed of and entitled unto certain parts of the Town and Lands of Derryhaw [8] & Ballyrea [9] in the Co. of Armagh which lands and premises are by the deed of which this is a memorial vested by the said William OLIVER in the said Geo ROCHE & David TOMB in trust to secure an annuity or jointure of 50. Witness Wm. FORREST [10] & Robt TURNER [11] both of Warrenpoint, Co. Down Gent. Sworn 8 April 1813 at Newry, Co. Down.


[1] William OLIVER (1764-1844). Son of David OLIVER (1725-1806) and Susannah WALKER (?-1808)

[2] Mary Anne HYDE was the wife of Clarendon HYDE who was the son of John HYDE & Mary WILDE. Of interest is that although their marriage took place April 9, 1755 in Leicester, England both of his family names are ones that were also rooted in Monaghan. The profession of surgeon is interesting as Oscar WILDE’s father (Sir William WILDE of Co. Monaghan) was a medical doctor.I do not know her maiden name, although ROCHE is a possibility.

[3] PRO Will Probate Ref: Prob 11/1299

[4] George ROCHE of Warrenpoint, Co. Down

[5] David TOMB of City of Dublin Gent

[6] Laragh is a townland in the Parish of  Aghnamullen, Co. Monaghan. NOTE: There are other townlands named Laragh, but this one fits the description of being beside Cornacarrow, a townland in the earlier lease that this lease refers to. SEE: Map

[7]   Cornacarrow is at the point where the Owenagh River flows from the south into Lough Eglish. SEE: Map

[8] Derryhaw, Parish of Tynan, Co. Armagh is a townland that has other deeds relating to Joseph OLIVER, brother of William OLIVER (1764-1844). The property is referred to at the time of Joseph’s marriage to Jane HAMILTON in 1804 (DEED: 367-358-381119). At the time there was 87 acres, a farm and a bleaching mill. Joseph’s second wife Catherine also is mentioned in connection with Derryhaw in a deed.  A Joseph OLIVER had a flax mill there in the mid-1800s (Valuation Mill Books) – but I do not know how he fits in. SOURCE: The Millers and their Mills of Ireland of about 1850. A list compiled by William E. Hogg. 1997. Self published. Sandy Cove, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Also an Eliza Jane age 40 Armagh died 17 Aug 1864 at Derryhaw (therefore born abt 1824). She was described as a spinster and a labourer. Margaret OLIVER was present at her death and described as an occupier, of Derryhaw. It is not impossible that this was a line of the family that was brought low by the consequences of the mid-century famine.

[9] Ballyrea, Co. Armagh was the long time home of the OLIVERs.

[10] Wm. FORREST of Warrenpoint, Co. Down Gent.

[11] Robert TURNER of Warrenpoint, Co. Down Gent.


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