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This document reveals that the primary abode for John JACKSON (1780-1817) at this time was Liscalgot (at least as far as officialdom was concerned). At the time of his death, some 7 years later, it was Urker.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 20, 2006

7th April 1810

John Jackson Esq

Game Licence



Certificate for Killing Game


I  Robert Livingstone Esq Diftributor of Stamps

for the County of Armagh do hereby declare

that John Jackson of

Liscalgot in the Parish of Creggan

in the Barony of Upper Fews  and County  

of  Armagh Esqr  hath this Day delivered into my

Office a Paper-writing or Account containing his Name and

Place of Abode, which I do hereby certify, in perfuance of

an Act of Parliament paffed in the Forty-third Year of the

Reign of His Majefty, entitled, “An Act for granting to

His Majefty certain Duties upon Certificates with refpect to

the killing of Game in Ireland.” Dated the Seventh

Day of April One Thoufand Eigh Hundred

and Ten ---

                                    Robert Livingston

                                    Distributor of Stamps

                                    in the County of Armagh





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