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NAMES: William BARTLEY of Dublin; William CLENDINNING of Dunraymond; Thomas McCULLAGH of Derryvalley; Charles MEARS of Dublin; Thomas McCULLAGH jr. of Derryvalley.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 23, 2009


DEED 671 396 461934

1813 October 7


NOTE: This has not been transcribed in its entirety, but the notes capture all the salient parts.


Meml of Indentd deed of Rent Change dated 7 Oct 1813 

Between Wm BARTLEY [1]of the City of Dublin Gent of the 1st part; William CLENDINNING[2] & Frs McCLELLAND[3] farmers both of Donrymond[4], Co Monaghan of the 2nd part; Thos McCULLAGH[5] of Derryvalley[6] Esqre of the 3rd part

All that part of the lands of Doorymond[7] sit in the Parish of Kilmore contg 13-3-30 then in possession of Wm CLENDINNING & Frs McCLELLAND 

Wm BARTLEY in consid of £100 paid to him by Thos McCULLAGH assigns to Thos McCULLAGH an annuity of £18-16-11 payable out of part of lands of Dourymond in possession of William CLENDINNING & Frs McCLELLAND until £100 and all costs to Thos McCULLAGH by reason of Bond and Warrant for deed are paid

Witnesses: Chas MEARS[8] of the City of Dublin Atry at Law, Thos McCULLAGH[9] junr of Derryvalley

Regd 11 Feb 1814]

[1] Wm BARTLEY. My best guess is that he is the William BARTLEY, son of George BARTLEY & Margaret ORR.

[2] William CLENDINNING. He also appears a year later in DEED 675 108 464059. His is not a common surname. There was a William CLENDINNING of Derryhaw, Co. Derry whose will was probated at Armagh in 1790.

[3] Frs McCLELLAND Francis McCLELLAND. I don’t know how he fits in.

·         NOTE: In 1744, a Francis McCLELAN married a Grizel CAMPBELL. SOURCE: Clogher Marriage Bonds.

·         In 1716, a Robert BARTLEY married a Jane McCLELLAND. Clogher.

[4] Donrymond aka Dunraymond, Parish of Kilmore, Co. Monaghan.

[5] Thos McCULLAGH (1764-1848), linen draper of Derryvalley who married Elizabeth REED of Slieveroe. His father’s full name is unknown and his mother is known only as “Elizabeth” SOURCE: PRONI D1968-2  1801 Will of Elizabeth McCULLAGH. He would have been an uncle of the Elizabeth McCULLAGH who was the grandmother of Sir Thomas JACKSON.

[6] Derryvalley Parish of Ballybay, Co. Monaghan and long time home to McCULLAGHs. Interestingly, in the Ordnance Survey Memoirs of Ireland. Volume 40 Counties of South Ulster 1834-8  is the following entry: Mr. McCULLAGH's farm of Derryvolly [sic] is kept in superior order.

[7] Doorymond aka Dunraymond, Parish of Kilmore, Co. Monaghan.

[8] Charles MEARS

[9] Thos McCULLAGH junr of Derryvalley. This would be the Thomas McCULLAGH (1764-1848), son of Thomas McCULLAGH & Jane REED. He married his cousin, Sarah McCULLAGH.



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