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The ownership of a greyhound makes it likely that John JACKSON would had an interest in dog racing.
Sharon Oddie Brown. September 28, 2009
NOTE: The Statutes of the United Kingdom and Ireland, Volume 20, clause XXXI dated 1805 made provision for taxes on Carriages, Servants, Dogs, Horses, Mares, Geldings or Mules.



Take notice that I have on or before the ninth day of January last parted with my Greyhound and one Spaniel dog. I give you this notice that I may not be chargeable with the tax on the above named dogs in future. Given under my hand this 1st day of February 1814 fourteen

To Mr. J. Irwin[1] hearth money collector

John Jackson[2]


[1] J IRWIN. NOTE: I don’t know who he was.

[2] John JACKSON (1780-1817) husband of Elizabeth McCULLAGH. He was the only son of David JACKSON and Margaret BRADFORD. He lived at Urker and had 4 children, one of whom was the father of Sir Thomas JACKSON.




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