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This actually refers to a deed 1807, May 2. Names mentioned: John PRINGLE of Caledon, Co. Tyrone; Benjamin OLIVER of Ennislare; William CARSON; Leonard DOBBIN of the City of Armagh; Arthur HUGHES of Caledon; William OLIVER of the City of Armagh; Michael MAGEE. Concerns lands of Enagh & Killinure.
Sharon Oddie Brown. October 13, 2007
Update: footnotes. September 10, 2015


1815 Jan 16 DEED: 684-85-470424

Indenture of a Lease bearing date the 2nd  day of May in the year 1807 so made between John PRINGLE [1] of Caledon in the Co. of Tyrone Esq. Of the one part and Benjamin OLIVER [2] of Ennislare [3] in the Co. of Armagh farmer of the other part. Whereby the said John PRINGLE Demised to the said Benjamin OLIVER all that and those that part of the townlands of Enagh [4] & Killinure [5] situate lying & being in the tenure & occupation of the said Benjamin OLIVER containing of by estimation 58 acres & 5 perches English statute measure be the same more or less all which said there by Demised Lands & premises are meared & bounded as follows, that is to say on the East partly by a stream or rivulet on the West by William CARSON [6] farm on the north by the lands of Maghery [7] & on the South by the road leading from Armagh to Monaghan with all and singular  the rights, members & appurts thereunto belonging or in any wise appt.g a par of described in the Map thereof [  } said lease annexed to hold to the said Benjamin OLIVER his exec, admons & assigns from the first day of May then last for the term of 20 years at the yearly rent of [pounds] 43.10.2 payable quarterly in which said Lease there is contained a Toties quoties [8] Covenant for the Renewal there of upon Certain terms & Conditions therein mentioned which said Indenture of Lease is Witnessed by Leonard DOBBIN [9] of the City & County of Armagh Esq. & Arthur HUGHES [10] of Caledon in the County of Tyrone, Gent. & this memorial is witnessed by the said Leonard DOBBIN & William OLIVER [11] of the City of Armagh & Co. of Armagh Gent. Benjamin OLIVER [SEAL] ... Michael Magee [12] .


[1] John PRINGLE, a British landowner. Check PRINGLE-OLIVER will.

[2] Benjamin OLIVER (b. abt 1765 d. July 1, 1831, when his youngest children had yet to reach majority). NOTE: He moved from Ennislare, his parent's home, to Killynure.

[3] Ennislare, Parish of Lisnadill, Co. Armagh is on the southern border of Farmacaffley.

[4] Enagh, Parish of Lisnadill, Co. Armagh.

[5] Killinure, Parish of Lisnadill, Co. Armagh.

[6] William CARSON?

[7] Maghery is a townland of  324 acres in the Parish of Tartaraghan, Co. Armagh. It was also the home of the MENARY family.

[8] “Toties quoties” A legal term meaning: “As often as the thing shall happen”.

[9] Leonard DOBBIN. Possibly the Leonard DOBBIN (1762-1844), son of Leonard DOBBIN and Mary OATES. Her sister Jane OATES was the wife of Joseph OLIVER (1727-abt1795)

[10] Arthur HUGHES

[11] William OLIVER. This may be a brother or a father of Benjamin OLIVER, but is most likely his brother.

[12] Michael MAGEE?



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