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I am hoping that others may be able to verify links of some of the DONALDSONs. It is still quite a muddle in my version of the family tree.
Sharon Oddie Brown, May 31, 2005

9 June 1817 Andrew Donnaldson [1]
NOTES from Deed book #716 p309 #489844

Deed of conveyance between Andrew Donnaldson of Cloghog Co Armagh & John Wallace [2] of Cloghog  £973 as well as part of the lands of Sytrim

.... Andrew Donnaldson and his brother William [3]

witnessed by John Donaldson [4] of Cloghog & Joseph Donaldson [5] of Sytrim

[1] Andrew DONALDSON. I don’t know which one this might be.

[2] I suspect that this refers to John WALLACE (1760-1827) who married Jane DONALDSON (1767-1823). More information on him can be gleaned from Creggan: Guide to Creggan Church & Graveyard: 'Here are deposited the remains of John Wallace, Cloghog Lodge, Attourney at Law who died 30th January 1827 aged 67 years and of Jane his wife who died 13th April 1823 aged 55 years; leaving behind them an unsullied character an example of honour integrity humanity and resignation to the will of Providence taking with them to this grave the sighs the tears and the prayers of the poor." And later, "This headstone is a memorial to John Wallace, Cloghog Lodge and his wife Jane. John Wallace was an attorney at law, was the owner by lease of Kilrockan Mill, on the borders of Annaghmare and Kiltybane, and was one of the few people in the district licensed to carry arms in 1816. Cloghog Lodge, the former home of the Lowe family, stands beside William Lowe's new bungalow.

[3] William DONALDSON

[4] This is possibly the John DONALDSON (1775-) son of Joseph DONALDSON & Anne HENRY  who was also the author of  A Statistical Account of the Barony of Upper Fews (just reissued by the Creggan Local History Society). Blin’s notes indicated he was “Of Tullyvalley”. He was a historian and was also in charge of the land and tax records for the area so probably knew the area better than anyone. He collected a vast amount of historical data. It may be that a JOHNSON ended up with his papers (according to Ron DONALDSON). In 1828 he owned 77 acres and 3 roods of land in Cloghoge. To the best of my knowledge, he never married.

[5] This may be the Joseph DONALDSON (1773-1837) who was the brother of John DONALDSON (see previous footnote). With his wife Mary (last name unknown) he had 11 children.


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