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NAMES: George BARTLEY, shopkeeper of Monaghan; Major George BARTLEY; George LITTLE; James NESBITT, shopkeeper, Monaghan; Richard [?]. OTHER PLACES: Dunraymond.
Sharon Oddie Brown. July 24, 2009


DEED 736 303 501838

1818 December 17th & 18th


Indentured deed of release and release dated the 17th and 18th day of December 1818 between George BARTLEY[1] Esq. In his Majesty's 50th Regiment of Foot of the one part and George BARTLEY[2] of the Town and County of Monaghan shopkeeper of the other part. Whereby the said George BARTLEY did for and in consideration of the sum of £50 to him in hand paid by the said George BARTLEY and also for and in consideration of the yearly rents and covenants therein contained demised grant set and [?] let unto the said George BARTLEY his heirs and assigns in his possession then being or all that and those that part of the lands of Dunrymond[3] and in the parish of Kilmore and County of Monaghan aforesaid containing 12 acres one rood and 31 perches plantation measure as the same is more partly set out and described by the map or Contract thereof thereunto annexed to have and to hold the said demised premises with the appurtenances unto the said George BARTLEY his heirs and assigns forever from the first day of November then last past yielding and paying thereof and thereout the yearly rent or sum of £24.10.9 to the said George BARTLEY his heirs and assigns by two even and equal payments on every first day of May and first day of November in every year the first payments to be made on the first day of May then next ensuing and in such deed are contained the usual clauses of distress and re-entry in lease in case of nonpayment of rent which said deed and this Memorial are witnessed by George LITTLE[4] Commissioner for taking affidavits and James NESBITT[5] shopkeeper for the said George BARTLEY both of the town and County of Monaghan - George BARTLEY Lieut. 50th Regiment. [SEAL] Signed sealed and delivered in presence of George LITTLE James NESBITT. The above named James NESBITT maketh oath and saith he is a subscribing witness to the deed whereof the above is a Memorial as also to the above Memorial and said he saw the said deed duly executed by the parties thereto and the above Memorial by the said Lieut. George BARTLEY and saith the name of James NESBITT subscribing as a witness thereto is the proper name and hand writing of this deponent.


Sworn before me the 13th day of January 1819 at Monaghan in the County of Monaghan by virtue of a commission to me directed for taking affidavits in the said County and I know the deponent. George LITTLE. A true copy Richard [?][6].

[1] George BARTLEY Esq. (?-1861) son of Dr. George BARTLEY & Christina METGE. He married Catherine FRERE and they had a son,. Walter Tyler BARTLEY.PRONI D/991/6/1/2 Major in 50th Regiment.

[2] George BARTLEY (1777-1839) son of Hugh BARTLEY and possibly Agnes WILSON. SOURCE:

·         PRONI D/991/6/1/2 "A merchant in Monaghan"

·         PRONI 991/7 Bartley, Thompson, McKean, Gardiner & Jackson papers. DEATH: May 1839 George Bartley d. age 62. Undersheriff of Monaghan. Merchant and distributor of stamps.

[3] Dunrymond aka Dunraymond, Parish of Kilmore, Co. Monaghan.

[4] George LITTLE

[5] James NESBITT, shopkeeper.

[6] Richard [?].



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